Russia 110111 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 110111

Basic Political Developments

  • Andrey Nesterenko dismissed from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Information Department - Andrey Nesterenko was dismissed from information and press department of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alexander Lukashevich will replace Andrey Nesterenko, APA reports quoting Kommersant newspaper.

  • US-Russia civil nuclear deal comes into effect

    • U.S., Russia Enact Civilian Nuclear Accord, Promise Cooperation - U.S. Ambassador John Beyrle and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov today in Moscow exchanged diplomatic notes for the accord to enter into force.

  • The State Duma may ratify the START Treaty January 25 – Gryzlov: - State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov said that the second reading a bill on the ratification of the US-Russian START treaty could take place on Friday 14 January, and the third and final reading - to pass on Jan. 25.

  • Duma resumes work after Christmas & New Year holidays - Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the foreign affairs committee, believes that a law on ratification of START-3 together with all ‘Russian reservations’ could be adopted before the end of January.

  • Kosachyov Sees START Ratification This Month

  • PM Putin to visit Korolyov space centre

    • Priime Minister Putin to visit Mission Control Centre near Moscow

  • Russia to scrap outdated weapons - Within the next 10 years the Russian military will discard 8 million artillery shells and over 500,000 missiles of different types, as well as 50,000 old tanks and armored vehicles, all as part of a federal program adopted earlier.

  • Nezavisimaya: Ministry of personnel maneuvers - These events are associated with the final separation of functions between the Defense Ministry and the General Staff and further reduction of officer positions within the central apparatus of the Defense Ministry.  

  • Countering terrorism: Islamabad-Moscow talks on January 24 - Pakistan and Russia are likely to frame a joint mechanism to counter global terrorism during bilateral talks in Islamabad scheduled to be held on January 24 to 25, an official source told The Express Tribune, adding that the two countries have already agreed to work together in this regard.

  • Meeting on Russian loan to be held in Moscow on January 24 - Representatives of the Serbian and the Russian government will confer in Moscow on January 24 over the USD 800 million loan for the Serbian railways, the Serbian Ministry of Infrastructure announced yesterday.

  • Belarus repaid the loan to Russian Banks - Belarus repaid a syndicated loan banks in Russia amounting to 6 billion rubles. Which she received in December 2009 by placing in December 2010 in the Russian market sovereign bonds at 7 billion Russian rubles.

  • Miscues rife before Medvedev's trip to Kunashiri - While the formal replacement of Ambassador Masaharu Kono with Chikahito Harada will not likely occur until late spring, insiders view the decision as a virtual dismissal of Kono for his failure to provide adequate information about Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's trip to Kunashiri island on Nov. 1. The island is part of the disputed Northern Territories.

  • Japan to resume inquiry into bribes for Russian officials - The Japanese Government is resuming its inquiry into bribes that some Japanese fishing companies have given to Russian officials for increasing fishing quotas in Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

  • Russia and Kazakhstan Agree to a Joint Air Defense Shield - Russia and Kazakhstan have agreed to establish a joint regional air defense shield, with Moscow pledging to transfer several S-300 air defense systems to Astana. The S-300’s are designed to protect administrative, industrial, and military centers from tactical and strategic aviation attacks.

  • Icebreakers take icebound ships to open water

  • The dead man found off Sakhalin believed to be from Partner schooner

  • European Parliament pushes for sanctions against Russian officials in Khodorkovsky case

  • Dutch Release $1.2Bln Yukos Funds - The Dutch Supreme Court lifted the freeze on $1.2 billion of proceeds from the 2006 sale of a refinery by a former Dutch unit of Yukos Oil, once Russia’s largest oil producer.

  • Russia Lawyer Risks Jail in Investor Campaign Against Transneft - “Investors are definitely behind Navalny in his effort to shine some transparency on state-run companies,” said Michael Kart, a managing partner at Moscow-based Marshall Spectrum Ltd., which oversees about $100 million. “He has very good sources of information who bring things to light.”

  • Oppositionist Kosyakin was released

  • Gryzlov has declared its intention to United Russia's victory in the spring elections in 12 regions

  • BBC: Russian economy faces pre-election uncertainty - Serious concerns over the rule of law in Russia remain among many investors and entrepreneurs, and the figure of the next president could prove crucial to how Russia's investment climate is seen both inside the country and abroad.

  • Reforms Back to Square One - By James Beadle

  • Have Russia’s Rich-and-Powerful Become Tired of Mr. Putin? – by Pavel K. Baev

  • In Makhachkala a pub torched: two people injured

  • An Assessment of Events in Dagestan in 2010: The Year in Review – by Valery Dzutsev

  • WebMoney promises vigilance over new Russian investment pyramid - A spokesperson for the WebMoney online payment system said the company would keep an eye on a recently unveiled financial pyramid to be launched by Russia's notorious mastermind of the 1990s financial scheme Sergei Mavrodi.

  • Khimki boss vows to clear his name over assault - A city official implicated in the beating of environmental activist Konstantin Fetisov has pledged to use video evidence to clear his name.

  • Russian Press at a Glance, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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