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Senate Notes

  1. Attendance

  2. Seating Chart

  3. Hikaru Kozuma

Hikaru Kozuma, Chief Student Affairs Officer, introduced himself to the AAS.

  1. Public Comment

  2. Induction

Kelley Baumann and Simone Hinson were inducted into the AAS as senators for the senior class.

Sun Ho Yoo (Derek), Andres De La Torre, Aniah Washington, Gabriel Echarte, Clinton Oshipitan, Eu Ji Han (Angelina), Brooke Harrington, and Jae Yun Ham were inducted into the AAS as senators for the freshmen class.

  1. Robert’s Rules of Order/Attendance Policy

Louis Briones presented the Robert’s Rules of Order and the attendance policy.

  1. Approve the Minutes

Isiaha Price motioned to approve the minutes from September 17, 2018.

Motion to approve the minutes from September 17, 2018.

Result: Passes

  1. Approve BC Recs

Natalia Khoudian presented the BC Recommendations for the week.
Fencing Club requested funding for various fencing equipment.
South Asian Students Association requested 3,000 dollars for Rajiv Satyal honorarium. The BC recommended funding 1,000 dollars based on attendance.
Amherst Men’s Frisbee requested funding for hotel.
Amherst Riding Club requested funding for financial aid, IHSA team fee, IHSA individual membership and IHSA horse show fees.
Lesli Patino requested funding for Bomba de Aqui honorarium.
Brian Zayatz requested funding for performers but he was unsure how many students would attend.

Paul Gallegos said that Student Activities funded 800 dollars.

Natalia said that the BC could fund max 2,000 dollars.
Women’s Club Soccer requested funding for additional cleats and shin guards.
La Causa requested funding for a dance team instructor.
Natalia said that the same instructor already teaches salsa classes 3 times a week that have low attendance. She said that La Causa wants to be more competitive. Natalia said that Salsa could give up one meeting a week for La Causa’s more competitive dance team.
Will Zaubler motioned to amend Amherst Men’s Frisbee funding to 756 dollars.

Motion to amend Amherst Men’s Frisbee funding to 756 dollars.

Result: Passes
There was a motion to approve the BC recommendations for the week.

Motion to approve the BC Recommendations for the week.

Result: Passes

  1. Committee Election

  1. Budgetary Committee (5 senators, at least 2 first-year senators)

Jae Yun, Clinton, Brooke, Aniah, Andy, Gabriel, Derek and John Ballard were nominated.
Jae Yun said that he was on a club funding committee and part of many clubs in high school. He understands both sides of BC from the club perspective and funding perspective. He said that he would be a voice of reason on the Committee.
Clinton said that he values student outreach and fiscal responsibility. He wants to foster relationships with the student body. He said that it is important to consider diversity in the groups to whom they are allocating funds.
Brooke said that she worked with an appropriations committee this past summer and thought about how they could allocate funds wisely. She said that she would make sure that the BC has all the details for the event in Marsh for example.
Aniah said that she was Class President in high school and she planned events and made sure resources were put in the right places. She said that she was able to fund a club that she started in high school.
Andres said that he loves money, thinks it holds a lot of power and needs it to be used wisely. He said that he prides himself in being impartial and desires to think objectively when handling other people’s money. He said that he thinks of himself as fiscally conservative.
Gabriel said that he wants to make sure that everyone gets the money that they need. He worked on a nonprofit organization for music so he has budgetary experience.
Derek said that he has always helped with budgeting since his parents do not speak English well. He said that he started clubs in his high school, so he has seen both sides of the BC.
John said that he thinks BC is unique because it is the most public facing committee. He wants to make sure that clubs get the money that they deserve and also get the word out that the BC is a resource that the clubs have.
Natalia asked the non-first-year candidates what their favorite or least favorite BC policy is.
Will asked the first-year candidates if they have read the BC guidelines.
John said that putting a cap on funding is somewhat limiting.
Derek said that he is not too familiar with the guidelines, but he would love to learn.
Gabriel said that he read both the BC guidelines and the AAS Constitution.
Andres said that he did not read the BC guidelines.
Aniah said that she did not read the BC guidelines.
Brooke said that she read the BC guidelines.
Clinton said that he read the BC guidelines.
Jae Yun said that he did not read the BC guidelines but he read the constitution.
Kaelan asked the candidates whether they would consider precedent or take a case-by-case basis for funding.
Jae Yun said that he would take everything case by case.
Clinton said that he would judge case by case. He said that precedence is an umbrella way to approach things and can neglect certain areas.
Brooke said that she would do a little of both.
Aniah said that it is necessary for first-years to understand precedent. She said that they must be reasonable and remember that things change.
Andres said that it is important to remember that interests and fads change.
Gabriel said that he would consider both.
Derek said that he would take a case-by-case basis. He said that some guidelines are important but they should make sure that clubs are well funded.
John said that he would use precedent. He said that he would not want to upset the club by cutting back on set funds that they have previously been receiving. He said that they should always look at precedent, but they can also look at each decision on a case-by-case basis to make the most educated decision.
Jae Yun, Brooke, Gabriel, Derek and John get the seats.
Kaelan McCone motioned to table Transportation Committee and Dining Services Committee elections to next week.

Motion to table Transportation Committee and Dining Services Committee elections to next week.

Result: Passes

  1. New Business

  1. Senate Project

Maeve McNamara said that “Everybody has a Story Week” is next week.

  1. Committee Reports

  2. Officer Reports

Silvia said that Chad LaDue, Director of the Student Affairs Budget, would come to Senate to talk about potentially putting laundry funding in tuition.

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