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Diana Swanson

Manager, Marketing & Fundraising
The My Eye Health Program is working towards eye health education for all South Australians with a focus on indigenous communities. Our goal is to ensure the world through your eyes remains clear, by taking the appropriate preventative measures and getting regular eye checks with the aim to decrease vision loss and blindness in South Australia.
Image: Small child from the APY Lands with an Adelaide Crows player.

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++Special Thanks
The RSB receives generous support from many caring individuals, organisations, Trusts and Foundations.
To all our donors and supporters, the RSB appreciates your generosity and acknowledges that without your care and support we could not achieve the level of service and support provided to our clients—more than 12,000 South Australians who are blind or vision impaired.
A special thank you is sincerely expressed to the following:
Foundations and Organisations

  • Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre

  • Annie Danks Trust

  • AYN Academy Pty Ltd

  • BankSA & Staff

  • Charitable Trust

  • BMD Brands

  • Channel 9 Adelaide

  • Chemist King

  • CMV Staff Charitable Foundation

  • CooperVision

  • Cupcake Treats

  • Diabetes SA

  • Fab Cleaning Services

  • Fay Fuller Foundation

  • FIVEaa

  • Foodland

  • Fox Creek Wines

  • g-thinkcreative

  • IDEXX Laboratories

  • In-business Magazine

  • IRIS – Office for Recreation and Sport

  • JMJ Printing

  • Kirsten Charity Trust

  • Lightly Salted Photography

  • Lions Club of Gilles Plains Inc

  • Marian & E H Flack Trust

  • Mt Gambier & Districts Club for Visually Impaired

  • NAB (National Australia Bank)

  • Nippy’s Fruit Juices

  • Nova 919

  • Order of the Eastern Star Adelaide Chapter 49

  • PETstock

  • ReGen – The Green Op Shop

  • Rex Airlines

  • Ross Divett Foundation

  • Rotary Club of Campbelltown

  • Royal Canin

  • Schild Estate

  • Sentinel Spectrum

  • St Lucia Association

  • St Lucy Festa Group

  • Smithfield Knitting Group

  • Studio Potters

  • Tea Tree Gully Lodge No 218

  • Telstra

  • Wallis Cinemas


  • Mr & Mrs B Batley

  • Mr M Beattie

  • Mr T Binks

  • Ms B Bolt

  • Ms L Branton

  • Mrs M Broad

  • Mrs M Buxton

  • Mrs M Carthew

  • Mr B Clarke

  • Mr M Cooper

  • Mr & Mrs G & M Dimmitt

  • Mr C Domaille

  • Mr J Ehmann

  • Mrs M Eldridge

  • Mr & Mrs E & A Fairbank

  • Mr M Fraser

  • Mr D George

  • Mr B Gillard

  • Mrs & Ms J & J Greenslade

  • Mr K Gramp

  • Mr G Grivell

  • Mr & Mrs P & M Gurner

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  • Mr & Mrs R Hazell

  • Mr J Hieng

  • Mr S Hugo

  • Mr & Mrs J & V Irish

  • Mr R Kenrick

  • Mr A Kress

  • Mr & Mrs J & A Krishnan

  • Ms W Laffer

  • Mrs E Le Messurier

  • Mr S Leschke

  • Miss L McMillan

  • Mr R McNeil

  • Mr & Mrs N & R McPherson

  • Mr A Marayan

  • Mr & Mrs R Mayo

  • Mr P Miller

  • Mr & Mrs N & A Ogier

  • Mr & Mrs G & E Palmer

  • Mr & Mrs D & C Peek

  • Miss B Pelton

  • Mr M Reece

  • Mr Reeve

  • Mr C Richardson

  • Mr I Robertson

  • Mr M Rose

  • Mr R Sexton

  • Miss C Tattershall

  • Mrs M Tattershall

  • Mrs D Tilby

  • Mrs C Van Hattum

  • Ms S Waterman

  • Mrs D Winter

  • Mr T Wollaston

  • Mrs R Wundersitz

We would also like to thank the media for the ongoing support of our promotions and services, namely: FIVEaa, Mix 102.3, Nova 919, Fresh FM, ABC 891, Channel 9, Channel 7, Network Ten, in-business Magazine, SA Life Magazine, The Advertiser and the Sunday Mail, Messenger Community News and InDaily.

Special mentions go to McClusky & Co for their professional public relations assistance and to South Australian regional radio stations and newspapers for their continued coverage of the My Eye Health Program.
The RSB would also like to acknowledge the many South Australian Service Clubs who offered their financial and volunteering support throughout the year.
Fundraising Auxiliaries
Volunteers are special and within the RSB play a significant role in our ability to provide quality driven services and support to our clients. Their extraordinary dedication, commitment and passion in raising vital funds for people who are blind or vision impaired is sincerely appreciated and acknowledged.
Their boundless energy, time and commitment is evident in their ability in raising awareness and organising fundraising events within their local communities through various activities including annual Badge Days, fairs, fashion shows, quiz days, merchandise sales and numerous other special functions. Our Murray Bridge and Gawler region have been delivering this commitment for more than 30 years—congratulations!
RSB Guide Dog Collection Units
A special thank you to South Australian businesses and organisations that support the RSB Guide Dog Service 365 days a year with an RSB coin collection unit. The funds contributed and awareness these units create about the RSB and the RSB Guide Dog Service are invaluable. Every coin counts towards the $25,000 needed to breed, raise and train an RSB Guide Dog.
Image: Two blonde RSB Guide Dog puppies sitting together

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Leaving a legacy that will continue to assist people who are blind or vision impaired is a wonderful gesture that ensures ongoing RSB services are available for generations to come. It is with great honour and gratitude that the RSB acknowledges people who have chosen the RSB as their preferred charity of choice in their Wills. This special and caring act of support allows the RSB to expand upon its many free services to clients.
The RSB honours the following who have generously contributed through their Bequest support during this past financial year:

  • PA Anthony

  • TA Ashton

  • E Beart

  • GA Carter

  • LAF Clarke

  • FM Colmer

  • J Curtis

  • DA Davies

  • AA Derks

  • ML Dodd

  • D Fiora

  • G Goodman

  • MJ Hayes

  • GA Heath

  • GM Hitchin

  • RM Hocking

  • ME Jacobs

  • T Jardine

  • J Kretowicz

  • G Lanes

  • RP Laughton

  • C Lumma

  • I Mather

  • VJ Maurice

  • DC McCracken

  • GM McKechnie

  • PM McLaren

  • JT Melrowe

  • B & E Miers

  • KF Moore

  • JN Pedler

  • KF Postler

  • & S Raymond

  • TM Ryan

  • AH Schlank

  • MH Schlodder

  • BE Svenson

  • FJ Temby

  • ER Tester

  • PJ Thomas

  • IG Van Amsterdam

  • HE Wells

Image: Three RSB Guide Dogs in harness one blonde, black and brown.

Page 45

++In Memory
Flowers have traditionally been the means by which people pay their respects to lost loved ones. Today, many people are choosing a more lasting tribute in the form of a charitable donation. This selfless choice is often a reflection of the loved one’s life, interest, values or simply as a thank you for the care and services your loved one received from the RSB.
The RSB acknowledges this gift of support and community spirit by celebrating the lives of the following:

  • Mr James Ronald Banks

  • Mrs B V Bennet

  • Mrs Margo Bentley

  • Ms Esterina Bergamasco

  • Mrs Doris Bonham

  • Mr Briar Cameron

  • Mrs Erica Cameron

  • Mrs Beryl J Casson

  • Mrs Mary Chatwood

  • Mrs Lois Coulter

  • Mrs Edna Cummings

  • Mrs Heather Dabinett

  • Mr Andreas Edmund Egert

  • Mr Benno Eggert

  • Mrs Betty Eldridge

  • Mr Norm Fisk

  • Mrs Betty Fullwood

  • Mrs Joan Gardner

  • Mr Glen Garrard

  • Mrs Elfrieda Margaret Goedecke

  • Mrs Mollie Greenfield

  • Mrs Lidia Groblicka

  • Mrs Gwenda Haniford

  • Mrs Joan Hastings

  • Mr William Hedger

  • Mrs Laurel Hill

  • Mrs Zora Hodak

  • Miss Eleanor Irwin

  • Mr Norman Johnson

  • Mrs Colleen Rosemary Kain

  • Mr Sydney Roy Kilsby

  • Ms Eveyln Kohlberger

  • Mrs Audrey Lane

  • Mrs Joan Langman

  • Mrs Mavis Liebich

  • Mr William Frank Lunt

  • Mr Alistair R McIntosh

  • Mrs Anna Maria Marafioti

  • Mrs O M Marshall

  • Mrs Betty Martin

  • Ms Elsie Maynard

  • Mrs Gladys Metcalf

  • Mr Reg Moxon

  • Mrs Joyce G Nethercott

  • Mr Donald Norris

  • Ms Adelaide Northey

  • Mrs Dulcie O’Brien

  • Mr Lance Pearson

  • Mrs Jaroslava Prokes

  • Mrs Betty Piper

  • Mr Kurt Postler

  • Ms Betty Rolla

  • Mr Josef Rosenblueh

  • Mr Dennis Schiller

  • Ms Darwiena Schultz

  • Mrs Hazel Sheehan

  • Mr Michael Shepherd

  • Mrs Fay Smith

  • Mrs Dorothy Smith

  • Mrs Alice Ruth Smith

  • Mrs Doris Hope Taylor

  • Mrs Annie Jean Terrell

  • Mr Richard Todd

  • Mr Mabs Toms

  • Mrs Audine Tyley

  • Mr John Bruce Vater

  • Mr Dick Ward

  • Mrs Amy Watts

  • Mrs Marion Williamson

Page 46

++Treasurer’s Report

Image: Corporate photo of Barry Clarke

The RSB’s financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Reduced Disclose Requirements under AASB1053. BDO have audited these statements and a full set of accounts including an unqualified audit report will be tabled at the RSB’s Annual General Meeting or made available on request.
This Treasurer’s Report has been prepared to provide a concise summary of the RSB’s financial results and to assist readers of the report to better understand the RSB’s financial position.
Operating Results
The underlying deficit from normal operations was $1.79 million compared to $1.17 million for the previous financial year. After adjustments for changes in the market value of investments and property, bequests, and other items, our Statement of Comprehensive Income shows a net deficit of $1.94 million compared to a net surplus of $2.95 million for the previous financial year.
Image: Pie chart showing distribution of RSB’s operating results; Government 44%, Fundraising / Bequests 26%, Sales 11%, Investments 11%, Other 8%.

Page 47

In the Statement of Comprehensive Income, the RSB has brought to account, impairment on its available for sale equity instruments and devaluation of its available for sale equity instruments with a combined total of $1,431,827. Since the preparation of these financial statements as at 30 September 2012 $378,222 of this impairment has been reduced. Over time it is expected that the value of equity investments will improve in line with a recovery in equity markets.

Net Assets
The Net Assets of the RSB now stand at $35.49 million compared to $37.58 million for the previous financial year. The RSB is in a sound financial position to meet future service requirements.
Over the last financial year, the level of core service hours provided to clients has increased by 23,055 to a record 286,541.
This result reflects our commitment to meet the increased demand for client services and support.
On behalf of the Board I would particularly like to highlight the importance of benefactors, supporters and the government in maintaining our relatively strong financial position.
The RSB now supports the needs of more than 12,000 South Australians who are blind or vision impaired. The incidence of vision loss in our community will continue to increase in proportion to the ageing of our population, and therefore it is vital that the RSB continues to attract bequests in order to fund future increases in demand for services.
As noted above, the RSB’s financial statements are audited each year. The Finance and Audit Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Management (Board), meets monthly to examine the RSB’s financial position in detail and, as Treasurer, I provide a monthly report of these meetings to the Board.
The Investment Sub Committee, a sub committee of the Board, three times a year to review the management of the investment portfolio, in order to optimise returns and minimise risk.
Through ongoing strong management practices, the RSB has placed itself in a sound financial position that will enable it to assist people in South Australia who are blind or vision impaired for many years to come.
Government 44%

Fundraising / Bequests 26%

Sales 11%

Investments 11%

Other 8%
Barry Clarke FIPA

Image: Two blonde RSB Guide Dog pups sitting next to RSB Dog Coin Collection units.

Page 48

++Offices of the RSB
Corporate Office

Marketing & Fundraising

254 Angas Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

GPO Box 1855,

Adelaide SA 5001

P (08) 8417 5555

F (08) 8223 7836

Donor Toll Free Number:

1800 644 577

Puppy Sponsorship:

(08) 8417 5555

Community Services

254 Angas Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

P (08) 8417 5555

F (08) 8232 2111
Low Vision, Adaptive Technology Centres, Employment Services & Volunteer Services

230 Pirie Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

P (08) 8417 5599

F (08) 8232 4807

Client Toll Free Number: 1800 675 554
RSB Guide Dog Service, Industrial Services & Administration

11 Blacks Road,

Gilles Plains SA 5086

P (08) 8417 5600

F (08) 8266 3310
Noarlunga Office

3rd Floor, Noarlunga House,

Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

P (08) 8326 1188

F (08) 8326 6288
Smithfield Office

27 Anderson Walk,

Smithfield SA 5114

PO Box 281,

Smithfield SA 5114

P (08) 8254 3011

F (08) 8254 3022
Northern Office

2 Mackay Street,

Port Augusta SA 5700

PO Box 2126,

Port Augusta SA 5700

P (08) 8641 1980

F (08) 8641 1686
South East Office

Mt Gambier Eye Clinic

Pinehall Avenue,

Mt Gambier SA 5290

PO Box 2739,

Mt Gambier SA 5290

P (08) 8725 1921

F (08) 8725 1707
Victor Harbor Office

South Coast Health Centre

14 Victoria Street,

Victor Harbor SA 5211

PO Box 681,

Victor Harbor SA 5211

P (08) 8552 9774

F (08) 8552 9775
Image: Quality Certified logo
This annual report is available in alternative formats.
Page 49

Caption: RSB Client, Miriam McCulley graduated with RSB Guide Dog Quill in May 2012. Volunteers who raised and trained Quill were also recognised at the graduation ceremony. Volunteer today! Visit, email or call (08) 8417 5656.

Image: RSB Client Miriam with RSB Guide Dog Quill and all of the volunteers involved with Quill’s Puppy Education

Page 50

Image: RSB Ambassador Rachael Leahcar with blonde RSB Guide Dog pup sitting in a park.

Caption: It costs in excess of $25,000 to breed, raise and train each RSB Guide Dog to become a life changing mobility aid. Please donate today. Call 1800 644 577 or visit our website

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