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Erika G & Zaina A

Quick Septembers of Shiraz Studyguide
1. What does the term ‘Inshallah’ mean?

2. What does the art dealer, Shahriar Beheshti, lend Farnaz so that the Revolutionary Guards don’t become suspicious of her missing $10,000.

3. Who does Isaac’s mother see in young Shirin’s face? And why does this sadden her?

4. Does Leila suspect Shirin of taking the files, and why?

5. Why does Parviz realize that he has no hope in getting into a relationship w/ Rachel?

6. Why are Shahla and Keyvan fleeing their homes, and where to?

7. Issac Amin is arrested for?

8. What was Isaac Amin’s profession before his arrest?

9. Who is Habbibeh?

10. What is the Savak?

11. Why does Mr. Broukhim envy Parviz?

12. What does the cobbler have ready for Farnaz’s husband?

13. Why does Zalman value a groups’ happiness more than his own, and how is this shown in his life? What does he tell Parviz?

14. Why is Moshen astounded by Issac’s answer?

15. What did Issac give the guards in order to be realeased?

16. What did the way Issac was dressed once he was released remind him of?

17. What do they do as a tradition to thank God? Especially for Issac’s return?

18. Why did the mother not want to use the white candles during the blackout?

19. In the letter written by Zalamn’s father to him, why was his father disappointed?

20. Who is Morteza? What does Morteza have, that he can use against Issac?

21. What does Morteza want in exchange of the document?

22. What does Issac enjoy being called? what does it mean?

23. When does Issac’s family plan to flee?

24. What is considered bad luck on New Year?

25. Why does Issac feel sorry for his daughter and her ‘childhood’?

26. Why was Issac’s second home taken?

27. What was they key phrase Farnaz had to keep an eye out for in a letter from Javad? Where is Javad?

28. Why did Habbibeh come back? Why was Issac thankful for her?

29. Who is left in Tehran after Isaac’s father passes away?

30. What happened to Shahriar Beheshti, the antique shop owner? What happens to the painting?

31. How and why is Mr. Broukhim always comparing himself to Parviz?

32. What is the name of Shirin and Leila’s friend whose father is a high ranking guard?

33. What did Isaac have to do with his home and belongings in order to flee?

34. What significant piece of news did Parviz receive the night the twins were born?

35. Why do both Parviz & Mendelson agree that one cannot be religious for a girl, because that type of thing doesn’t last?

Quote Identification

1. “He says, why should some people live like kings and the rest like rats? And why should the wealthy, enamored with Europe and the West, dictate how the whole country should dress, talk, and live?” (Who is Habbibeh quoting?)
2. “What happens to a house full of nonbeings? What if [they] would one day dissapear also? The house, of course, would not know it. That would be the sad part. The house would continue to exist. It’s walls would remain in the same place, the doors ready to be opened and closed... and the clocks’ needles would continue moving forward, and at midnight starting all over again, as thought the day just ended had never been.”
3. “The cards - one depicting a stooped man draped in black, the other a skeletal figure in medieval armor on a white horse, terrified him.”

(Who showed Isaac the cards mentioned in this quote?)

4. “A person must always alternate his hours of sleep, his road to work, the place he visits, the food he eats, and even, perhaps, the people he loves.” (who is thinking this?)
5. “No whiteness lost is so white as the memory of whiteness” Where does this verse come from?
6. “A key to paradise. Because if you are killed in combat you are a martyr and you automatically go to paradise”
7. “I don’t know. Any poem. In those days you knew hundreds of them by heart. How you used to get on my nerves with your poems! Now i have time for a verse or two while I wait for God to come and take me.”
8. “You can. I am proof of it. I once almost renounced it all for a girl because I was young and was thinking only of my own happiness.” Who is the girl Zalman is referring to?
9. “Think about it, but don't think too much. If you think too much you'll end up doing nothing.”
10. “A man has a right to want to live.”
11. “My son and I are hardly speaking. For a while I admired him. I thought he understood more than I did. But in fact he knows nothing. I realized this after he turned in his own cousin to the revolutionaries, on account of her being a communist. Now the poor girl is in prison, no one knows where. This revolution is destroying families.”

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