Setting Future Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets Ecovantage submission

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Setting Future Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets

Ecovantage submission

Ecovantage appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and decision making process and look forward to a stronger scheme and the ongoing engagement process.

The preferred level of the new VEET target;

Ecovantage supports the setting of targets for 5 years as it provides a greater sense of certainty than the current 3 year approach.

We believe that the VEET scheme is an excellent instrument for the government to undertake a significant transition within the Victorian economy. By supporting energy efficiency the government is helping households and organisations strip waste energy from the economy. We will be more efficient more quickly with a successful VEET scheme. The nett flow on effect of that through the entire economy should be very positive.

Ecovantage supports a large target to drive productivity and savings.

The modelling shows a nett benefit at 6.9 million and we would support this target in the absence of a larger one.

We believe that the modelling relies on the activities and these activities need to be adjusted. If these were adjusted the modelling could easily support a larger target. A bit of a catch 22 so in the absence of that, we will support the largest target modelled.

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