Site inspection report

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Site inspection report

The site inspection focuses on the implementation of risk controls used by contractors following the work health and safety (WHS) management plan assessment. The intent of the site inspection is to benchmark the safety practices observed on site against the criteria contained in the checklist. The Office of Industrial Relations understands that construction sites are continuously changing and vary greatly in size and complexity. For this reason, it may not be possible for the accredited auditor (construction) to examine all plant and work practices for a particular project. It is acceptable to review a sample of items and, based on the evidence that is available at the time, assess whether the undertaking conforms to the set criteria.

Principal contractor details

Trading name


Legal name

Business address

Contact person



Site representative(s) details (Duplicate this table if details are required of additional site representatives.)



Level of involvement in the project

Project details

Project name

Scope of work

Type of work

 Civil


 Commercial

 Other (specify)

Project reference #

Job #

Contract duration (in weeks)

Acceptance date

Site address

Date of inspection

Inspection #

Contract superintendent



Auditor details

Auditor name

Accreditation #





Assessment result

Total_demerits'>Overall result (Pass/Fail)

Total demerits

Non-compliance summary


 Conformance


U/V Unable to be verified

N/A Not applicable


, accredited auditor (construction), acknowledges the cooperation and assistance provided by the staff and employees of and thanks them for their contribution to this site inspection.


Information obtained from to assist in the development of this site inspection report will remain confidential and will only be used for purposes associated with the Prequalification (PQC) System.

Disclaimer and distribution

This report has been prepared by for the sole purpose of assessing the standard of the health and safety management of . While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report, will not be held liable for the content and the consequences of its use. This report has been provided to the following:

 The Contractor

 The Contract Superintendent/Principal’s representative (PQC only)

 The WHSQ safety program administrator (

 The PQC Registrar (



As part of the Queensland Government pre-qualification requirements for building and civil construction contractors, received a formal request by to undertake a site inspection. This inspection focused on verifying that the safety practices undertaken on site were consistent with those contained in the WHS management plan. The inspection was undertaken on at .

Inspection procedure

This inspection was conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in the document Guidelines for accredited auditors (construction). The criteria used to benchmark the site safety practices of are documented throughout the contents of this report. These criteria represent minimum occupational health and safety standards drawn from the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, Queensland codes of practice, and relevant standards.

Record of inspection

This report contains a summary of the inspection findings. Details of documentation reviewed, people interviewed and other observations are recorded in the auditor’s notes and on the site inspection documentation. The auditor notes have been filed by and will be made available upon request.


The key findings are summarised in the tables below.

Category 1: A hazard of workplace activity likely to cause death, serious injury or serious illness

Category 2: A hazard or workplace activity likely to cause other than death, serious injury or serious illness

Category 3: Contravention of administrative requirements e.g. work plans, inductions, record keeping systems

Risk category



Category 1

x 25 demerits

Category 2

x 2 demerit

Category 3

x 1 demerit


Refer to the attached corrective action notices for further details.


From the information made available during the site inspection, has been found to to the benchmarked OHS criteria, with XX demerit points issued.

A further site inspection required.
Note: Total demerit points ≥ 25 constitutes a major non-conformance and failed assessment.

Site inspection checklist index

1. Administrative requirements 5

2. Training, risk management, and general requirements 6

3. Consultation, cooperation, and coordination 7

4. Safe work method statements 7

5. The work environment 8

6. Confined spaces 12

7. Falling objects and public protection 14

8. Falls 17

9. Ladders and platforms supported by ladders 22

10. Scaffolding 24

11. Demolition 26

12. Welding and hot work 27

13. Essential underground services 29

14. Excavation 30

15. Electrical 30

16. Plant 31

17. Tilt-up and pre-cast concrete construction 37

18. Manual tasks 40

19. Hazardous substances and dangerous goods 41

20. Asbestos management 42

21. Noise 44

22. General traffic management 44

23. Hazardous atmosphere 44

25. Other hazards and risks 45

Site inspection checklist

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