Slo ffa swine Showmanship Questions handout #1: Terminology: Boar

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SLO FFA Swine Showmanship Questions HANDOUT #1:


Boar: Adult male, uncastrated.

Sow: Adult female, has had piglets.

Barrow: Adult male, castrated.

Gilt: A female pig that has not had a litter yet.

Piglet: a newborn pig

Gestation Period: Time from conception to birth. 3 mo. 3 weeks. 3 days.

Weanling: Just removed from sow.

Parity: Number of times she has given birth.

Farrowing: Giving birth for swine.

Shoat: Young male feeder pig between the weight of 45 and 75 lbs.

Stag: a male pig castrated after maturity.

Herd: a group of pigs.

Prolific: has large numbers of babies in her litter.

Average Daily Gain: Average amount of gain per day based on amount of feed.

Parturition: Giving birth

Breeds: Be able to name all these

  1. Berkshire – Black with white feed, some white on face and white switch on tail. Erect ears.

  2. Chester White - White with short floppy ears.

  3. Duroc – Brown with droopy years.

  4. Hampshire - Black with white belt.

  5. Poland China – Black with 6 white points, blazed white face, and white tip of tail.

  6. Spotted Poland China - White with black spots / or vice versa. Droopy ears.

  7. Tamworth- Red with shades a varying from light to red

  8. Hereford – red body color with white face, underline of legs, and switch of tail.

  9. Landrace – white with very droopy ears to nose.

  10. OIC (Ohio Improved Chester) – white with slightly droopy ears

  11. Yorkshire – white with erect ears

*What is a ‘Blue Butt?’ A cross between a Hampshire and a Yorkshire pig

  1. What is the difference between the Starter, Grower, and Finisher feed? % Fat and % Protein

  2. How much $ does a bag of pig feed cost on average? $20 to $25

  3. How many pounds of feed to you feed to gain a pound? 3:1

  4. What do pigs gain on average per day? 2 lbs. Fed: 6 lbs.

  5. How often to you worm your pig? When you got them (March/April) and in the end of June

  6. When was your pig born? Most February

  7. How many days from birth to “Market Weight?” About 180 (6mo) depending on when they were b orn.

  8. What does “Market Ready” mean? That the animal has enough fat and meat on it to be harvested

  9. How many teats does a sow have? From 12-14 What is the average litter size? 8-12

  10. The pigs right ear tells you what? Litter Number

  11. The pig’s left ear tells you what? Individual Pig number What is your pig’s ear notch #?

  12. How many of the same notch can you have in the same section of an ear? 2

  13. Why do we dock tails? To prevent cannibalism in confinement

  14. What is the heat cycle of pigs? Sows come in to heat every 3 weeks.

  15. Why do we clip needle teeth? To decrease injuries due to fighting and to make nursing easier on the sow.

  16. What shot do piglets get when they have the above done? Iron

  17. What does NSR stand for? National Swine Registry

  18. What is your pig’s date of birth? Most should be in February

  19. What are the ingredients of your feed? Main = Corn

  20. What should backfat levels be? It is usually .5 to .8 inches of backfat. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see hogs with over an inch of backfat. Within the past few years, several fairs have instituted a .5 backfat rule in a carcass show; any hog that has lower than that is either disqualified or downgraded. There are TWO ways to measure back fat. Ultrasound and cuts. Ultrasound is the LIVE way to measure backfat. The most exact way is directly from the carcass at the 12th and 13th ribs.

  21. What does LEA stand for? Loin Eye Area

  22. What two things should you have in your back pocket during showmanship? A small brush and a rag to wipe poop.

  23. What should a loin eye be? Usually it is a minimum of 6 inches. Some of the heavier muscled pigs carry 8-10in loins. This is where pork chops come from.

  24. What kind of digestive system do pigs have? Monogastric

  25. When are most pigs weaned? Usually occurs at 18-28 days.

  26. What are some of the common antibiotics we give your pigs for pneumonia?

Nuflor Gold, Baytril 100, Lincomix, Draxin, Penicillin (for infection)

  1. What is a Withdrawel Time? It is the time it takes for a drug to be out of your pigs system before they can be butchered and the meat is safe to eat.

  2. Why do we give them shots in the neck? It provides a good place for muscle that is not in one of the prime cuts of meat.

  3. What gets rid of Mite rashes? Ivermectin shot and Permectin powder / spray.

  4. What is the ideal market weight for hogs? 250 to 300lbs.

  5. Are pigs ruminant or non-ruminant animals? NON ruminant animals. They have one stomach and are similar to humans. Ruminants are animals that are cud-chewing animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, deer, camels etc..

  6. What is the carcass length on a hog? (when on the carcass rail?) 30.5 to 33 inches

  7. What is the typical yield on a hog? 70-78% yield

  8. Where does bacon come from? The belly and ribs / side.

  9. Have hogs been cloned? Yes, boar studs have cloned boars.

  10. What are some GOOD and BAD points of your pig?

  11. How much $ did your pig cost? Where did it come from? What Breeder?

figure 1. universal ear notching system
Average Daily Gain Problem:

You weigh a pig on Sunday June 23rd and it weighs 193lbs. You weigh it again on Sunday June 30th and it weighs 206.3lbs. What is its average daily gain? _________________ What will it weigh at the fair (weigh in is July 22nd) if it continues to gain this average? ___________________________

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[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]

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