Social Capital, Governance and Rural Institutional Innovations

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Social Capital, Governance and Rural Institutional Innovations

      • Workpackage 3

Research Group

  • Humboldt University team: Prof. Konrad Hagedorn Dr. Cathrine Murray Dr. Volker Beckmann Dr. Markus Hanisch

  • CIRAD team: Dr. Emmanuelle Cheyns 2 trainees

  • PhD students: Ilona Banaszak (PL) Violeta Dirimanova (BG)

Research Group II

  • Subcontractors: Dr. Frederic Morand Prof. A. Aleksiev and Dr. I. Penov (BG) Prof Csaba Forgacs (HU) Dr. Aija Zobena and Dr. Sandra Sumane (LV) Dr Romualdas Zemeckis (LT) Dr. Piotr Matczak (PL) Dr Tatiana Kulvankova-Oravska (SK)

Research Framework

PhD Projects

  • Land Fragmentation in Bulgaria: Research questions, hypotheses and empirical methodology

Case Study Projects

  • Cooperation for Rural Tourism Product - Comparative case study in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Cooperation for Environmental Protection- Comparative case study of collective action in Polish and Slovakian National Park.

  • Cooperation for Market Development - Comparative case study of land market in Bulgaria and Hungary

Factors affecting Cooperative Strategies

Core Readings

  • Elinor Ostrom (1998). A Behavioral Approach to the Rational Choice Theory of Collective Action. In: M.D. McGinnis (ed.), Polycentric Games and Institutions. Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press. 427-521.

  • Joel Sobel (2002). Can We Trust Social Capital? Journal of Economic Literature Vol. XL (March): 139-154.

  • Insa Theesfeld (2003). Constraints of Collective Action in a Transitional Economy: The Case of Bulgaria’s Irrigation Sector. World Development 32(2): 241-252.

  • Franz Gatzweiler (2003). Patterns of Institutional Change for Sustainability in Central and Eastern European Agriculture. Ceesa Discussion Paper No 16, Humboldt University Berlin, Chair of Resource Economics.


  • D1:3: Report on the finalisation of doctoral training programme

  • D2.3: Working papers on theoretical aspects of the theme

  • D3.3: Working papers on personal PhD projects

  • D4.3: Report on operational concepts translated for CEE case studies

  • D5.3: Report on the description of CEE case study design (including selection of study regions)

Deliverables II

  • D6.3: Finalisation of questionnaires and interview guidelines

  • D7.3: Report on Datasets

  • D8.3: Report on the methodology of implementation of CEE surveys

  • D9.3: Report on empirical work

  • D10.3: Reports on integrated results (options and policy recommendations)

  • D11.3: Reports on the progress of PhD thesis

Deliverables III

  • D12.3: Working papers, consequently submitted to academic conferences and refereed journals

  • D13.3: Report on knowledge intensive dissemination products based on empirical work

  • D14.3: Report on contribution to the formation of a research network


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