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Song Descriptions

Ready Now
A song about a long lost love and obsession where the storyteller is singing with a very confident attitude and believes that the time has finally come for his object of desire to finally return the love he has held for them for so long. . .”I think you’re ready to love me.” In the first verse, he paints the picture of the history of the relationship. “I worked so hard for you but he’s all that you wanted / I grew so many little hearts for you but they died unattended.” But he has found out that his love is now single. “i’ve been talking to all your friends, they tell me that you broke up with him.” And he sings “ i think you’re ready now, I think you’re ready now, I think you’re ready to love me.” In the second verse, he talks about the “laws of attraction” and how he manifested this break-up and has drawn his love to him. “I built my vision boards as high as heaven, I stuck you all over them...” And then in the bridge he confesses that he has been working out so hard and getting himself ready (“you’re gonna die when you see me naked”)..he is really preparing himself for the destined meeting and is so pleased that his love is single and is “ready now.” The song is about another person but really also about oneself. When he sings “ I think you’re ready now, I think you’re ready to love me,” he may be singing about his future lover but he could also be singing to himself... because when you are ready to love yourself, only then can someone truly love you.

A song about breaking free of dogmatic beliefs and ideas that hold you back and suck you away from the present moment and living a full life as a human being. Many people live their entire life in preparation for what might come next; heaven, hell, etc... In doing so, they miss the entire experience of being human. In order to reach a ‘higher’ place, one must accept their present condition and enjoy all the things life has to offer. Before Buddha became enlightened, he had everything he desired int he world. So ‘Human’ is a song about letting go of religious beliefs and judgements and being free and loving freely and enjoying life.

Hit Me Up
A song about asking for what you want and not being bashful about it. It’s about taking action and not over-thinking matters of the heart >> “I know how you love to spin your mind before you let go.” He is courting this person and also being a assertive by singing “don’t think it over, just come on over, hit me up.” He describes a time when he was also shy and missed out on love and is pleading with this person to act so there are no regrets. “I know all your hesitations cause I’ve been before.” and “there was a time when I sat and waited, I took a simple matter and I complicated but love don’t wait so please don’t wait.” “You don’t wanna look back and say you lost me, baby I want you now like you want me.”

Something Real
This is a song about the desire to have REAL communication as opposed to meaningless communication. It has two levels: The first is the discernment between communicating face to face as opposed to communicating via social media and text messages. Eid sings “you love me so so good when you’re on facebook” or “you love me so so much with your itouch.” So there is that element of a satire on the age of technology and how it has disrupted more intimate communication. Another level of the song is that of communicating honestly and not just “spilling it all out like cheap wine”. . . many times in relationships, people can say a lot in the beginning but is it real?? Do they mean it. Eid sings “You say I don’t communicate, but I only like to speak from my soul.” “my words may be far between but baby I’m for real.” Eid is longing for a “something real” “this bird needs some face to face.” It’s a song about different generations. People in their 20s now don’t have a lot of experience actually talking on the phone. it’s all messages. “I like to use a phone sometimes, to make a voice call and I don’t want to spend my deepest moments alone with a screen just hitting ‘send’” Eid sings towards the end of the song.

The Rock
A song about a hypothetical situation where a meteor “the rock” is on it’s way to hit our planet and we know we only have 3 days left because we will not survive the impact. “they say the rock is as big as LA, it don’t look like we’ll make it.” But this is only the premise that gives birth to the emotions and confessions in the song. Joseph is saying some important things he maybe hasn’t said. In the end, the song is about regrets and hopes to inspire the listener to share how they feel because life is too short and you never know how much time you have left.

Take a breath
Just a simple song about focusing your attention on your breath and bringing yourself to the present moment. focusing on “the light” and the good things in life and bringing awareness to the breath. in the B part of the song, Joseph sings “I’ve been living long come from centuries ago, I’ve been trying to let go. I’ve been trying to let go.” He is saying that the purpose of us as human BEINGS is to just be and how for so long we have been trying to just to do that. . . to master that. for centuries. life is not a line. life is a continuous circle. When you meditate and are aware of the present moment and living in it, there is no past, no future, just now. and that’s living.

This is a song about falling in love with someone overseas, in another country. And upon returning home, singing this song to them and describing that the love transcends time and space. Joseph sings about being everywhere and the world being inside him. “in every corner of this world there is a piece of me.” and he sings about his love for travel and also that his soul is the universal soul and it is everywhere. ..”can you feel me passing through these lands? I’m coming down like Rain.” Verse 2 he describes the connection when he kissed his love “I felt a thousand lifetimes rushing through me.” and how he dreams of “just one nation, you and me.”

What Will You do?
This is simply about being yourself and coming out as who you are in every way and allowing all the people in your life to react as they please. Their reactions are not your business. Your business is to be you. Verse one Joseph talks about a relationship “i want to call you more than I should, I wanna say whatever is on my mind.” He confesses that he has dark and light sides and “i’m make you laugh but I might make you cry”.... and then in the chorus he talks about how “the truth has taken a stand and it placed my heart in your hands” and asks his love “what will you do now?” meaning will you accept me as I am? IN the second verse he talks in a more general sense about how he and his friends or a group of people different, “we don’t belong in any situation, old world, new world, any generation.” Maybe he is speaking about being gay. “trying to walk in your straight line but i would rather swing to the side. I ain’t gonna run and I am not gonna hide.” Again pushing the idea of ‘I am going to be me’ and ‘I have come out’ so “I wait for you now, what will you do now?”

Don’t Leave
A song about bouncing when things get tough. He is talking to a friend or lover who can’t seem to stick around. “when the weather gets a little stormy, you pack your bags and you leave.” and he is pleading with them to stay this time and that he understands that “this life” can “get so hard” but maybe this time “we’ll get together and it won’t be so hard.” He is saying, ‘I’m here for you’ and we will make it through the storm and how there can be great beauty in life is you stick it out. “i’ve seen the greatest beauty in the eye of the storm.” At the end of the song, Joseph is joined by country singer LC Jones who chimes in “I won’t pack my bags and I won’t leave.” he has convinced her to stay.

The Rock (Reprise)
A confessional about all the things I haven’t said....more of “the rock” but much more personal about times that I held back and how that destroys a relationship...any kind of relationship...and the hook reminds us “it don’t look like we’ll make it.” but this time that line is referring to a relationship, not the end of the world.

Greatest Lesson
A song about observing nature and how in nature there is no resistance but how in human life, there is so much. Joseph talks about leaves growing after the storm and trees getting stronger but “we keep holding, we keep holding on”. nature just flows, moves freely but “i keep holding on.” And “it’s funny how we make it so hard.” Do we have to? 2nd verse he talks about how his friend and him and in the race and the chase but “the more we run, the more we fall behind.” At the end of the song he describes being at the beach and just watching the birds fly so freely and how “they don’t ask how or why.” and how they teach him this greatest lesson of allowing, letting go, and accepting life as it comes, like nature does.

It’s Only Love
This is a song about how love is abundant. God and love are everywhere and that we are made of that love. So to search for it is ridiculous. And that all we have to do is look inside and we can find it and feel it. “love can never be found, it’s like the sun you see, it’s all around.” He describes two people in the verses that went chasing it and couldn’t find it or thought they lost it forever but how in the end the man who thought his one true love was everything ends up falling “in love with his best friend.” love was right under his nose. It’s no big deal....”It’s free, easy and it’s not some rare-occuring thing. It’s only love.”

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