Song Lyric Speech

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Speech and Debate

Song Lyric Speech
Students will need to find lyrics from a song and play the piece of music for the class.  You will then need to give a speech about being that person in the song.  You will need to "tell us the story" behind the lyrics. 


If there is a duet with 2 stories going on simultaneously, you may then do this with a partner.  One example would be Summer Nights from Grease another example would be Don't You Want Me by the Human League.


Make sure that your speech tells us a complete story and not just reciting the lyrics, but expanding upon them and filling in the blanks if necessary.  Every song can have a different meaning, so it is more about your presentation than about having a correct or incorrect story. 


Have fun with this but remember:


Eye focus




voice speed

Yüklə 4,45 Kb.

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