Thanks for your support. Please use whatever information you like below in your bulletins and newsletters

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Thanks for your support. Please use whatever information you like below in your bulletins and newsletters.


The free wall calendar is ideal for your home, office, and shed. The calendar has;

  • inspirational pictures and bible verses

  • large open date boxes for you to write in

  • public holidays, moon cycles, and school terms

Order your free 2015 Scripture Calendar by following the links from or phone FREECALL 1800 353 350.

Join in the fun this Christmas at and click on the Advent Calendar link. Each day of advent a new star will be available to open with a new surprise behind it. There are videos, recipes, and activities. You can even follow the Christmas story of Jesus coming to us as a baby.

Order your free Happyland Christmas cards to give away to family, friends, and neighbours. You can order them at and follow the links.

Listen to FACE TO FACE and invite others to do the same. Download or listen online at, including on your mobile internet devices. Like, share or make a comment on Facebook at

30th Nov Fighting Fire (Interview)

What’s it like to fight a fire, leave your home and face the threat of the coming bushfire season? This week we’ll be talking with firefighters and landowners affected by fires in January 2013

7th Dec I Have a Disability (Rob Schubert)

How do you react to people with disabilities? Do you see them as people first, or do you struggle to see past the outward disability? This week Rob Schubert suggests we all have a disability of some kind, some are just more obvious than others.

14th Dec Spirit of Hope (Noel Due)

It’s really easy to be critical of another person’s mistakes, to humiliate and belittle them because they’ve been so stupid. But it’s deadly. Well thank God that’s not his message to us at Christmas!

For many people Christmas isn’t something to look forward to. Strained family relationships and the usual Christmas rush don’t inspire words like joy and peace. This week Noel Due will encourage you with a hopeful message for this Christmas season.
21st Dec What to Buy (Richard Fox)

The build up to Christmas can be really stressful and tiring. Buying gifts, planning holidays and family get togethers. Trying to get everything done before Christmas can be a nightmare. Join Richard Fox as he shares more about trying to find the perfect gift.

25th Dec A Christmas Cry (David Altus)

The well-known Christmas Carol “Away in a Manger” says “the cattle are lowing, the baby awakes, but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes” – but I’m not so sure.

The sound of the first Christmas was probably the sound of a baby crying as he came into the world. Now for most of us a crying baby is an uncomfortable sound but on this week’s Christmas Day Special, David Altus will show how it can also be a comforting sound.

28th Dec What the World Needs Now (Mark Doecke)

We are living in a world today where people long for hope yet many have no hope.

Christians – followers of Jesus Christ – talk a lot about hope. But hope in what?

As we move into a new year, we often hope for things to be better than last year. But where does your hope come from? Join Mark Doecke shares how hope in God can bring you a lasting hope as you live out this new year.

Colouring in pages are available for you at .
Happyland Stories DVDs are available for you for $10. 5 stories with cartoons.

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