The 16th Annual McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference: Researching New Frontiers

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The 16th Annual McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference: Researching New Frontiers

The Conference Program and Collection of Short Summaries

August 1st - 5th , 2013

McGill University

Montréal, Canada

Thursday, August 1st

Friday, August 2nd

The Doctoral Colloquium

sponsored by ie-Scholars and Mcgill University

Symposium on

“The Successful Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms”


Light Breakfast




Welcome and brief introduction to the field of International Entrepreneurship




Seminar on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), Part I

Professor Jamshid Etezadi (Concordia University)


How Does a so-called “Traditional Industry” Compete and Succeed in Today’s Changing Global Environment?

Mr. Elliot Lifson (Peerless Clothing)


Coffee Break


Coffee Break


Seminar on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), Part II

Professor Jamshid Etezadi (Concordia University)


SMEs and Entrepreneurs Going Global; a Canadian Perspective

Mr. Benoit Daignault (EDC)






Seminar on Academic and Formal Writing, Part I

Professor Doreen Starke-Meyerring (McGill University)


The Path of International Growth of iCongo and Hybris to Partnership with SAP

Mr. Steven Kramer (Hybris)


Coffee Break


Short Coffee Break


Seminar on Academic and Formal Writing, Part II

Professor Doreen Starke-Meyerring (McGill University)


We are smarter than me: QG 100 CEO’s Network

Mr. Alain Dudoit (QG 100 CEO’s Network)


Colloquium Dinner


Open discussion and closing remarks

Seven Round Table Discussion on Friday, August 2nd


Joining the Opening Reception of the Conference

Saturday, August 3rd

Light Breakfast 8:00-8:30am

Session 1 8:30-10:15am

Session 1A: The Role of Network as Social Capitol for International Entrepreneurship

  1. The Role of Business Incubators in International Entrepreneurship

Sören Kock

  1. Learning Orientation and Network Competence in Growth of International SMEs

Lasse Torkkeli, Olli Kuivalainen, Sami Saarenketo, Kaisu Puumalainen

  1. Born Globals, Networks and Management

Ingemar Wictor

Session 1B: The Role of ICT in Internationalisation and Creative Industries

  1. An Integrated Framework for Understanding the Phenomenon of eINVs

Becky Reuber, Eileen Fischer, Anna Morgan-Thomas

  1. The Internationalization of Creative Industries: The Experience of Cultural Festivals

Hamed Motaghi, Hamid Etemad

  1. Entrepreneurial Types and International Growth of Internet-based Creative Industry SMEs

M. Iivari-Sóna

Coffee Break 10:15-10:30am

Session 2 10:30am-12:15pm

Session 2A: Women in International Entrepreneurship

  1. International Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry: Women Perspective in Tanzania

Shogo Mlozi, Sören Kock

  1. Female Entrepreneurship, Internationalization and Trade Liberalization: The Case of Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey

Leyla Sarfaraz, Sarfraz Mian, Emine Esra Karadeniz

  1. Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East: A Multi-Level Institutional Lens

Rabia Naguib

Session 2B: Factors of Success and Failure in the Internationalization of Smaller Firms

  1. Regional Impacts and Alignment between Very Small Enterprises and Business Support Providers: An International Comparison between France and Quebec Using a Mixed Research Approach

L. Martin Cloutier, Sandrine Cueille, Gilles Recasens

  1. Resources and Capabilities in Rural Entrepreneurship: The Case of a Rural Microbusiness

Jose G. Vargas Hernández

  1. A Model for Identifying Critical Success Factors of Information Technology Outsourcing for the Internationalization of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

Maryam Khaleghy Baygy, Mohammad Ehsan HajSmadi

Lunch 12:15-1:30pm

Saturday, August 3rd (cont’d…)

Session 3 1:30-3:15pm

Session 3A: Internationalization in Emerging Markets

  1. Internationalization Strategies of SMEs from Emerging Countries: A Study of Market and Entry Strategies of Vietnamese SMEs

Huu Le Nguyen, Sören Kock

  1. International Entrepreneurs in the UAE-Decent Work and Multicultural Perspectives

Asadullah Khan, Maqsood Sandhu

  1. International Entrepreneurship in Latin-America: Analysis of the Country of Origin and its Effect on Internationalization Dynamics

Christian Felzensztein, Gabriel Parra

Session 3B: Dynamics of Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

  1. International Joint Venturing as a Process of Integrating Business Model

Maqsood Sandhu, Petri Ahokangas

  1. An Investigation into Novice and Serial Entrepreneurs’ Motives and Perceived Competitiveness in Overseas Markets

Dave Crick

  1. International Dynamics of Migrations and Entrepreneurship Development: A Comparative Analysis Between Canada, Switzerland and Senegal

Alpha Ayande

Coffee Break 3:15-3:30pm

Session 4 3:30-5:15pm

Session 4A: The Role of Resource Allocation in Internationalization

  1. Taking the Engineering Path to Business Leadership and Entrepreneurial Success in Canada and USA

Emeric Solymossy, Andrew Gross

  1. Resource Allocation Decisions for the Internationalization of Small-Sized Manufacturing Firms

Adeoye Adegorite

  1. Firms’ use of Networks to get Access to Resources for Internationalization

Svante Andersson, Janina Sundermeier

Session 4B: Innovation and Internationalization Strategies

  1. The First Export Order: A Marketing Innovation Revisited

Dave Crick

  1. Internationalization Strategy, Firm Resources and the Survival of SMEs in the Export Market

Sui Sui, Matthias Baum

  1. History Matters: The International Expansion of Mature Entrepreneurial Firms in the Brazilian Software Industry

Angela da Rocha, Sylvia Moraes, Renato Cotta de Mello

Sunday, August 4th

Light Breakfast 8:00-8:30am

Session 5 8:30-10:15am

Session 5A: Innovative Processes in Internationalization

  1. The Role of Openness in Internationalization

M. Iivari-Sóna

  1. Consumers as International Financiers: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouse is, the Case of Rapid Internationalization and Rewards Based Crowdfunding

Loane, S., Bradley, L.M., Ibbotsen, P.G & E. Ramsey

  1. Born Global’s use of Innovative Solutions to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantages as it Expands and Grows in Different International Markets

Svante Andersson, Gabriel Awuah, Ingemar Wictor

Session 5B: The Role of Knowledge in Internationalization

  1. Knowledge-Intensive High-Growth Firms

Adeoye Adegorite, Rod McNaughton, Hamid Etemad

  1. How Transnational Bioscience Entrepreneurs Create Born-Global Firms

Jonathan Ying

  1. How Does a Born Global Firm Transfer and Absorb Knowledge in its Internal Nexus of Relations?

Jan-Tore Oian, Olli Kuivalainen

Coffee Break 10:15-10:30am

Session 6 10:30am-12:15pm

Session 6A: Networking, Internationalization and Processes

  1. Regional Gradualism on Internationalization Process of INV: A Social Capital View

Luis Zárate

  1. The Role of Personal and Business Networks in the Context of Born Global Firms

Navid Ghannad, Sebastian Huber, Erik Kaplar, Sarah-Jane Schlegel & Kostantin Valassis

  1. Networking for Internationalization of Canadian Natural Health Products SMEs

Valerie A. Bell, Sarah Y. Cooper

  1. Relational Ties and SME Internationalization: Evidence from Russia

Natalya Totskaya

Session 6B: The Longer-Term Comparative and Integration Perspectives on Internationalization

  1. The Anatomy of a High-growth Life Cycle: The Case of TLC from Inception to Insolvency

Hamid Etemad

  1. Organizational Practices and Dynamic Capabilities of International New Ventures: Evidence from Sweden 2000-2009

Jan Abrahamsson, Håkan Boter, Vladimir Vanyushyn

  1. An Integrated Model for Identifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors of International Entrepreneurial Orientation

Maryam Khaleghy Baygy, Amir Reza Barjasteh

Lunch 12:15-1:30pm

Sunday, August 4th (cont’d…)

Session 7 1:30-3:15pm

Session 7A: Dynamic, Integrative and Managerial Aspects of Internationalization

  1. The Development of Dynamic Managerial Capabilities and their Influence of Rapid International Growth

Svante Andersson, Natasha Evers

  1. Integrating Entrepreneurial Values and Theory of Planned Behavior

Kim Hoe Looi

  1. Who Benefits from Investment in Universities? Institutions, University Spillovers, and Firm Performance

Kenny Ching

Session 7B: The Emerging Patterns of Internationalization

  1. The Patterns of Internationalization in Smaller Entrepreneurial Firms in Emerging Markets: The Case of Brazil, India and Russia

Edgar Bellow

  1. Migration and Social Capital: How do Diaspora Entrepreneurs Succeed when they Become “Returnees”?

N. Kweku Nduom

Coffee Break 3:15-3:30pm

Session 8 3:30-5:15pm

Session 8A and 8B: Closing Session

  1. Publications

  2. Future Directions of IE and MIE

  3. Collective Research Initiatives

  4. Open Agenda

Closing Reception of the Conference 5:30-9:00pm

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