The Law of Trusts

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The Law of Trusts

Browne C. Lewis

Associate Professor
Leon and Gloria Plevin Professor of Law & Director, Center for Health Law & Policy
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University

eLangdell® Press 2013

About the Author

Professor Lewis graduated number one in her class with a degree in Political Science from Grambling State University. Prior to attending law school, Professor Lewis received summer fellowships to study at Carnegie-Mellon University, the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Professor Lewis started her professional career as a statistician and ADR trainer at the Conflict and Change Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then, she clerked for the Honorable Daniel Wozniak, Chief Judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Professor Lewis practiced in the areas of environmental, elder, family, housing and probate law. Professor Lewis spent most of her career working as a legal services attorney.
Professor Lewis is the Leon & Gloria Plevin Professor of Law and the Director of the Center of Health Law & Policy at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Prior to joining the faculty at Cleveland-Marshall, Professor Lewis was an associate professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, a visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, a summer visiting professor at Seattle University School of Law and a legal writing instructor at Hamline University School of Law. Professor Lewis has also taught in the American Bar Association CLEO Summer Institute.
Lewis is a member of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, the Health Care Compliance Association, the Public Health Law Association and the American Health Lawyers' Association. Professor Lewis is also a public member of the Board of the Joint Commission and a member of Cleveland State University's Institutional Review Board (IRB).
Professor Lewis writes in the areas of environmental, family and reproductive law. Her next most recent article on surrogacy and maternity is forthcoming in the St. John’s Law Review. Professor Lewis has recently completed a book on paternity and artificial insemination for New York University Press. In 2010, Professor Lewis' casebook on the inheritance rights of children was published by Carolina Academic Press.


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