The Leibbrandt Family Tree

Cecil *1887 +1888 [11.225475] Leslie

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Cecil *1887 +1888

[11.225475] Leslie *1889 +1931 x Doris Ventone WRIGHT *.

[11.225476] Daphne Boraine *c1890 x Bertie Leonard TEAGUE.

[11.225477] Allen *1891 +1952

Allen was a wholesale stores manager and he died in Harrismith OFS

x Susan Muriel LOUW

Father Isaac Johannes Jacobus LOUW died at the age of 98 (a farmer). Mother was Sophia McLeish *1858 +1943.

[12.2254771] Muriel Joyce *1922 x Ronald James FIRBANK

[12.2254772] Allen Kenneth *1930

x Joan YUNNIE *1933 +1991

[13.22547721] Kevin John *1960

[13.22547722] Robyn Jane *1964

xx Brenda Valentine ARTHUR *1937

[12.2254773] Shirley Dawn *1936 x WOLF


* [11.225472] Vernon *1885 +1962

x1896. Emmerline HESKETH.

[12.2254721] Dennis Russel *c1920 +1981 *

[12.2254722] Daphne Margaret *1919 x George BRUYNS.

[12.2254723] Maureen Phyllis *1930

x Darroll SMITH *1926

Mentioned in the biography of V M P Leibbrandt, Pretoria archives. Darroll a man of many parts. A Major in the Police Reserve, skilled self trained artisan, inventor of diving apparatus.


* [11.225475] Leslie *1889 +1931

x Doris Ventone WRIGHT.

[12.2254751] Doris Boraine *c1919 x George McFALL

[12.2254752] Eric Leslie *1921 +11/11/1946

[12.2254753] Joan Nola *c1923 x Edwin GODDEN.


* [12.2254721] Dennis Russel *c1920 +1981

x Phyllis Ida JOHNSON *1922 +1962

Married in PMB to Dennis and died at Fairview Cottage 20 Oribi Rd PMB the residence of her parents, father GE, and mother M JOHNSON.

[13.22547211] Darrel Russel *7/10/1947

[13.22547212] Jeffrey Nigel *23/2/1951


* [11.225456] Roswald de Vaal *c1890


[12.2254561] Juiliana *c1914 x Willem KRUGER

From this union 2 children: Walda & Andries Hendrik.

* [10.22548] Pieter Ulrich *1864 +2/6/1934

A civil servant in the deeds office, and died in Pretoria, home 'Chantihly' 30 Minni Street Arcadia. Married anti-nuptial contract 661/1906 in Cape Town 26/9/1901. Applied for citizens papers of the Transvaal 20 Nov. 1894. Death notice signed by his daughter A C RUSH.

x Pearly Eugenie BATAILLOU

[11.225481] Lucelle Marais *c1890 +1932 x Ian Reginald VERMOTEN.

[11.225482] Anna Celeste *c1900

x James Duncan C ARCHIBALD +1927

xx William Rolande Gerrard RUSH

[11.225483] Valerie Marais *c1910 x Wilfred Couch BEALE

[11.225484] Bertie *c1915 x Rex BRINK

[11.225485] Pieter Ulrich *20/2/1918

x Elaine Louise BROLI

[12.2254851] Pieter Ulrich *c1944

[12.2254852] Bernhard Ulrich *c1946

[12.2254853] Pierre Ulrich *c1948


* [10.2254.11] Johannes Hendricus *1869 +1943

x Martha Elizabeth MINAAR *1868 +1942

[11.2254.11.1] Martha Elizabeth *c1891 x Jacob Casper SMIT

[11.2254.11.2] Anna Davina de Waal *c1895 x Henry SCHAPER.

[11.2254.11.3] Johannes Hendricus *2/2/1905 +24/2/1989

x Gertruida Sophia Johanna CARSTENS

Died at Parrow Cape Town and death notice signed by lawyers Smit Kruger and Potgieter.

[12.2254.11.31] Johannes Hendricus *c1917

[12.2254.11.32] Mathilda Johanna *c1919 x SCHULTZ

[12.2254.11.33] Jacobus Everhadus *c1921

[12.2254.11.34] Martha Jacoba Elizabeth *c1923 x MAIZE

[12.2254.11.35] Pieter Ulrich (Child deceased)

[12.2254.11.36] Dirk Jacobus (Child Deceased)


* [10.22581] Johann Sebastiaan * 1860

x1888 Sophia Maria SCHICKERLING

[11.225811] Hendrik Carel Vos *c1885

[12.2258111] Norman *c1908

[11.225812] John (Jacob ) Schickerling Vos *1890 +1951 *

[11.225813] Helina Hilda *1895 +1965 x WINDELBAUM

[11.225814] Alida Aletta Vos *25/5/1898 x MOMSEN

[11.225815] Johannes Sebastiaan Vos *7/6/1900 +4/11/1982

x Florence May OSLER formerly RHEEDERS *17/9/1907 +14/3/1963


* [8.241] Johan David *1778 +24/4/1845

Arrived at the Cape in 1799. A butcher in Cape Town. Born in Leonberg, Wurttemberg, Germany. He had a Grocery in cape Town. Lived and died in 14 Bloem Street, Cape Town. When he died he left stock in shop worth 30 pounds, and immoveable property

The 'father' of the second line of Leibbrandt in South Africa.

x Johanna Francina MULLER

Daughter of Johann George MULLER and Maria DE BEER

[9.2411] Dina Margaretha =1802 *1801 x Capt. J NASH

[9.2412] Johan Michael *c1802 +1/5/1854 *

[9.2413] Johan George *c1805

?? Johann David *c1807 +1807

[9.2414] Johan Sebastiaan *c1810

?? Johann Fredrick *c1811 +1811

[9.2415] Francicus Josephus *1816 +1846 *

[9.2416] Maria Francina *c1818 x Sievert KIRSTEN

[9.2417] Aletta Christina *1823 +16/8/1865 x Evert VAN DYK.

[9.2418] Johan Philip Joseph *c1825 *



* [9.2412] Johan Michael *c1802 +1/5/1854

A shopkeeper and when he died all children were minors. He died an uncertified insolvent, in his home at Waterkant Street Cape Town. His age was stated at about 44 years on the death notice. He had moveable and immovable property under sequestration. His wife Johanna BASSON must have been a lady of 'courage'; five children and no money!

x Johanna Catharina Esserina BASSON

[10.24121] Maria Francina *c1840

[10.24122] Hendrik Albertus *1841 +4/11/1891

x Maria Magdalena Anna BEYERS *1857 +1905

Was 14 years younger than husband Hendrik. Father: Martinus BEYERS, and her mother: Anna Carolina BEYERS born BRUIK. Magdalena (BEYERS) was described as a LADY on the death notice. Died 16 Jannusan St Gardens Cape Town. An educated person, signed Hendrik's death notice as 'Executrix'.

[11.241221] Maria Sophia Catharina *c1879 x DE WET

[11.241222] Johanna Catharina *c1881

[11.241223] Anna Marthena *c1883 x ANDVIS

[11.241224] Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer *1885 +1952 *

[11.241225] Adriana Helegonda *c1887

[10.24123] Johan David *1842 +1908 *

[10.24124] Johan Michael *1846 +1925

A retired gentleman, died at 12 Wigtown Rd, Green Point Cape Town. Left all his property to his sixth child Cathrine Susan, a sum of 633 pounds, in 1925. Son George signed the death note.

x Catharina Gertrude FISHER. +1921

[11.241241] Johann Michael Fischer *1870 +1943 *

[11.241242] Gertruida Wilhelmina *c1871 x George DELL

[11.241243] Christoffel Coenraad *1874 +1909

x Winifred Kate RITCHIE (No issue)

[11.241244] Hendrik Albertus *1876 +1897  *

Member of the Staatsartillerie. Died just before the Anglo Boer War.

[11.241245] Johanna *c1878 x Martin TORSTENSEN

[11.241246] Catharina Susanna *1886 +1978

[11.241247] George *1888 +2/8/1970 (No issue)

[10.24125] Adriana Hildagonda *c1850 +1/5/1906


* [9.2415] Franciscus Josephus *1816 +16/9/1846

x Johanna Elizabeth Georgina SPENGLER

[10.24151] Johanna Elizabeth Agusta *c1839

[10.24152] Maria Francina *c1841 (Uncle JPJ a Tutor)


* [10.24123] Johann David *1842 +5/5/1908

Married twice. First wife was the daughter of Ignatius Theodorus MULLER and Hester Magdalena MULLER born KRITZINGER. Johan's wife Hester died in her son in laws house 39 Roeland Street Cape Town. Johan, a widower at the age of 43 years, married a second time to Maria Magdalena BEYERS. Evidence shows that this Maria Magdalena BEYERS is not the same person above (Hendrik 's wife) due to two reasons. Hendrik's wife was 'Anna ' and Johan David 's death notice signed M M Leibbrandt dated 1908. Anna died in 1905.

Remarkably the handwriting (signature ) looks identical and all other factors, age etc, would tie in with given data. Data such as two names the same and surname BEYERS the same.

The name De Leeu, given to Johan David 's last child suggests that Maria Magdalena 's mothers maiden name was DE LEEU.

x1864 Hester Magdalena MULLER. +1887.

xx Magdalena Maria BEYERS.

[11.241231] Sidney Albert Oliver *1868 +17/7/1942 *

[11.241232] John Percival Muller *1871 +6/11/1923 *

[11.241233] Herbert Leopold Marquard *1872 +1943 *

[11.241234] John David Fischer *1874 +1914 *

[11.241235] Blanche Maud Magdalene *1877 +1967 x A. VAN DER RIET.

[11.241236] Lavinia Agnes Emerton *1880 +1969 x A. HOWIE.

[11.241237] James Burchell *1884 +1966 *

[11.241238] Johanna De Leeu Beyers


* [11.241231] Sidney Albert Oliver *1868 +1942

A retired miner, and lived in Clackton Rd Kensington Johannesburg. Married in Christiana Transvaal. Although he had two sons the 'line' dies out; both sons childless.

x Johanna Magrietha NEL

[12.2412311] Johann David *1908 +1919

[12.2412312] John Abraham *1911 +13/11/1971

A race horse trainer, lived at 92 Ronald Rd Durban.

x Maureen WALBERGER (Divorced)

xx Petronella WESSELS.(No issue)


* [11.241232] John Percival Muller *1871 +1923  *

Worked a Okiep Copper mine northern Cape, where he met Jean Lily TOWNSEND. Moved to Cape Town where he was the manager of the South Arm Docks. Later moved to Johannesburg where he was a partner in Osch and Co. His wife, the 17th child of George Seaborn TOWNSEND, died in the 'flu' epidemic of 1917. Two years later he married Dorothea SCHEEPERS. His first family would not accept the second wife, and they believed 'Percy' committed suicide due to his wife running up bad debts.

Died in a house in Richmond Aye, Auckland Park. Earlier lived an a house in 153a Quartz Street, Hillbrow. Buried with his first wife in Auckland Park cemetery.

x Jean Lily TOWNSEND. *1875 +1917  *

[12.2412321] Percival Fred *1895 +1975 *

[12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982 *

[12.2412323] Sydney George David *1899 +1968 *

[12.2412324] Freda Magdalena *c1900 x Cyril GELDART*

[12.2412325] Audrey Blanche *1902 +1948  *

[12.2412326] Victor Muller Payne *1904 *

[12.2412327] Jean Hester *1906 +1956 x Ronald SUTHERLAND *

[12.2412328] Hugh Maxwell *1910 +1910

[12.2412329] Marie Maud (Billie) *1911 x Edward Vernon HULSE*

xx Dorothea Susanna SCHEEPERS *1888 +1981

[12.241232.10] John Meyer *1920 *

[12.241232.11] Evelyn Johanna *1922 +1944

(Jean daughter of George Seaborn, Sara Payne TOWNSEND.)


* [11.241233] Herbert Leopold Marquard *1872 +15/3/1943

A government Land Surveyor. Resided and married in Klerksdorp. A very hospitable man and also known as an educationalist. Had many land deals in partnership with his brother Sidney, and mostly to do with mining. Reputedly lost a fortune as a result of being cheated out of land rights by other parties. Much too kind-hearted, and his home was welcome to all friends and relations.

Daughter Tertia married to Patrick Dyer the deputy sheriff of Pretoria. Two children from this marriage, Joe and Tertia. Dorothy married Ferdie Berg a rugby Springbok.

x Blanche Adeline BANTJES *1877 +22/2/1952

[12.2412331] Adeline Elize Maud *c1896 x William Henry EVERARD *c1895

[12.2412332] Hester Magdalena *c1898 x John H MEE *c1897

[12.2412333] Blanche Tertia *c1900 x Patrick DYER *c1889

[12.2412334] Dorothy *c1902 x Ferdinand BERG *c1901


* [11.241234] John David Fischer *1874 +2/4/1914

A railway contractor. Died at 4 Wilhelmina St, Troyville Johannesburg.

x Verginia Gertrude STOREY

[12.2412341] Gertrude Magdalena Rebecca *1901

[12.2412342] Violet Eileen *1903

[12.2412343] Mabel Irene *1905

[12.2412344] Doris Blanche *1911 +1956


* [11.241237] James Burchell *1884 +24/4/1966

The youngest male son of Johann David *1842 +1908 Known as ' A gentleman and a very kind person'. Worked on the mines as a Reduction Works manager Geldenhuis deep and others. During the 1922 strike would not join the strikers, and was known as a 'scab', and when the violent mob came to look for him (probably to kill him), he hid under the bed with his son Gerald. Later in his declining years he assisted Gerald in the Durban View Hotel Durban as barman. He was a 'teetotaller'!

He married Ellen COETZEE in Pietermaritzburg. Ellen was born in Ceres Cape 11.6,1887 and died in Johannesburg +1976. Known as a kind and upright woman and a very good cook. Also helped in the Durban View Hotel as a Manager Housekeeper. The Hotel was known as a 'Family Hotel'.

x Ellen Johanna COETZEE *1887 +1976

[12.2412371] Arthur Henry *7/11/1913 +28/10/1975

Trained as an Electrician. Worked for the Rand Water Board, and later joined Henry LEPKE in a factory that became First Electric. He served for many years as Chief Inspector, and as First Electric was renowned for their products he must have been very efficient. During a visit to Cape Town he was set upon by some 'skollies' and injured badly. He never 'fully' recovered and died in 1975 probably as a result of his injuries

x1937 Ethel Victoria BARNET.

[13.24123711] Joan Louise *1944

[12.2412372] Ivan Alfred *31/3/1915 +24/8/1991 *

[12.2412373] Gerald Lawrence *10/5/1918 *

[12.2412374] Muriel Magdalene *1920 x1942 James Henderson FREW.


* [12.2412372] Ivan Alfred *31/3/1915. +24/8/1991

Ivan served in the mines as Chief Assayer and in fact it could be said he 'took over ' his fathers job' (James Burchell *1884 +1966 ). During the 1939-1945 war he served in the SAPPERS. Well renowned for bravery he was awarded the M.M. During the war he was seconded to Modderfontein Dynamite Works and was injured in an explosion. His right eye and face were injured, and the injury was repaired to some extent by the famous plastic surgeon Dr Jack Penn. He could still see to some degree from his injured eye.

x1939 Lilian SHORT

[13.24123721] Delyse Elaine *1941.x Rodney SHIPTON

[13.24123722] Ivan James *1943

[13.24123723] Alfred Charles *1943


* [12.2412373] Gerald Lawrence *10/5/1918

Born in Johannesburg at the Kensington Sanatorium. Educated at Malvern Inter High. A choir boy at the Anglican Church. First job obtained with the help of cousin George (12.2412323) who worked for the E.S.C. The next employment was also with cousin George's help and was with the S.A. Permanent Building Society The S.A. Perm was a place of work for Gerald on an on / off basis for many years. During the war years Gerald joined firstly the Transvaal Scottish, where he had an embarrassing moment. In 1939-1945 one had to volunteer for service outside S A (the Red Tab).Just prior to the call for volunteers he had an accident with a drunk driver and had to wait for the case to be called. This, unfairly as was later shown, was labelled by the C 0 as unpatriotic. The case was called, Gerald was paid damages, and then he joined the I.L.H. with a Red Tab. Gerald like many Leibbrandts was an excellent marksman. He came back from serving in Egypt to Wits Command and in 1945 after demobilization worked for S A Perm again.

In 1946 Gerald married Marjorie SURGEON. Gerald and Marjorie managed (took over) the running of Durban View Hotel, for two years. This was the Hotel 'stage' as Gerald worked at Umhlanga Rocks hotel, then Sea Sands and back to Durban View. Many building projects were completed by Gerald on the Durban View, with great skill and ingenuity. In 1967 Gerald again joined the Perm, built two houses and then retired in 1983, to his and Marjorie's home at 41 Chartwell Drive Umhlanga.

x26/1/1946. Marjorie SURGEON *1922

[13.24123731] Noel Burchell *6/12/1946

Obtained a B.Sc. Geology degree / Agronomist.

x1976 Penelope Isabel HOLFORD

[13.24123732] Christopher Lawrence *1949

Obtained a B.A. Industrial psychology degree.

x1991 Karyn WILLIAMS

[13.24123733] Margaret Beth *1955

x1976 James RALPH

xx1985 Gary David PEARSON


* [12.2412321] Percival Fred *1895 +1975  *

Mine Surveyor and very competent Mine Manager. Served in the Gunners 1914-1918 war, SW Africa and East Africa. Good musician with sometimes strange habits. Good marksman, Elephant hunter. Biography of ‘My Dad’ by [13.24123222] Douglas Paul (his nephew) gives a greater overview.

x Doris Pricilla REID (Divorced)

[13.24123211] Peter Val *1928 +1990 Electrician.

x1951 Lorna CARTER.

[14.241232111] Clifford Peter *1952 x1976 Christine VINJEVOLD.

[14.241232112] Glynnis *1954 x1987 John LIVERSAGE.

[14.241232113] Murray *1959 x1959 Shirley CREIGHTON.

[13.24123212] Robin Victor *1933 +1976 Died as a bachelor.

xx Mary Elizabeth BRERTON



* [12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982  *

A biography of Douglas is in the Pretoria Archives. An Electrical/Mechanical Engineer graduate of School of mines,( before Wits University established), Chief Electrical Engineer S.A.R. 1939, responsible for a large section of Electric Train system in S.A. Wife Violet Louisa (Vera) PATTERSON was the daughter of colonial James Joseph Benjamin Patterson and Winifred WOOD, born in Scotland. First husband, (divorced, a Mr. Jones ) had three daughters, Forna a Nursing Sister and matron Baragwanath Hospital, Verdell married Hans WECHSLER and Barbara married Hugh LITTLETON.

x30/6/1923. Violet Louisa (Vera) PATTERSON formerly JONES *1891 +1951  *

[13.24123221] Victor Sydney *1924 Doctor (M.B. B.Ch Wits)  *

[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927 *


* [12.2412326] Victor Muller Payne *1904  *

Biography Pretoria Archives. A Lawyer and Magistrate. Wife Constance of Welsh parents, a Lady of distinction.

Children: Owen a very successful businessman. Shirley married to Michael STILES immigrated to Canada where she is a prominent teacher and administrator in Schooling. Husband Michael Professor at Edmonton University.

x1933 Constance Grace DAVIES *1911  *

[13.24123261] Owen Victor *1934 *

[13.24123262] Shirley Jean *1936 x1959 Michael STILES (Prof.) Teacher, School administrator. Live in Edmonton, Canada with 5 children; Jeanie, Janet, Michael, Sally and Roland (adopted)  *


* [12.2412323] Sydney George David *1899 +1968  *

A CIS administrator of E.S.C.O.M. A very kind man, loved dogs; also attempted to trace the LEIBBRANDT family tree, with Agnes RISSIEK (BEWARE INCORRECT COPIES, not by Agnes). Troubled by and died of psychosomatic asthma. His wife ran the house (and George).

x Martha Eleanor GOULDIE

[13.24123231] Lorraine *1929 x Alexander Konstantin VON MEMERTY.

[13.24123232] Irving *1931 +1995 *


* [12.241232.10] John Meyer *1920

x1943 Nance Catherine JONES

[13.241232.10.1] Michelle *1943

[13.241232.10.2] Leslie John *1948

x1971 Susan HARDWICK

[14.241232.10.21] Dean Meyer *1971

xx1976 Margaret McKENDRICK

[14.241232.10.22] Kim *1979

[14.241232.10.23] Leigh Ann *1985.


* [13.24123232] Irving *1931 +1995

x Robin NORRIS

[14.241232321] Mandy *8/11/60

x1980. Terence Paul Denis EVERSON

[12/3/1987] David Paul

[13/11/1989] Sara Jayne

[14.241232322] Kirsty *11/3/63

x1983 Richard Jeremy THOMAS *1954 (divorced)

[12/4/1985] Steven

xx1991 Robert Gordon Alexander GARDINER

[12/8/1992] Duncan Gordon, and Jeremy Raymond. Twins.

[14.241232323] Lisa *7/1/1971 x Marc Rudolf KRUGER.

[2/7/1993] Heather-Rose.


* [10.22925] Sebastiaan Johannes *1859 +10/7/1930

An artist, painter. His second marriage to Cornelia VILJOEN was in Heilbron. Died at 78 Barnes road, Brixton Johannesburg. His first wife died in the Slagfontein district O F S, and was born at Heilbron.

x Johanna Hendrika Aderjana CILLIERS *1870 +1896

daughter of Pieter Abraham CILLIERS and Jacoba Catharina born ROETS

xx Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN *1871 +1945

[11.229251] Jacoba Catharina *c1890 x LANDMAN

[11.229252] Pieter Willem Heydeman *c1891

[11.229253] Pieter Abraham *1895 +1960 *

[11.229254] Johanna Maria *1893 +5/10/1919

x Pieter Hendrik KRITZINGER (Piet Retief District)

xx Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN

[11.229255] Susanna Johanna *c1898 x Dirk Cornelius SWART

[11.229256] Sebastiaan Johannes *1903 +1983 *

[11.229257] Woter Willem *1905

[11.229258] Cornelia Etrica *1907 x John Henry LANG

[11.229259] Sophia Johanna Maria *1909 x Christiaan Jacob LOWRENS.


* [10.2258.12] Albert Henry *7/7/1881 +30/6/1944

Died at Kenthurst, Banksia Rd. Rosebank Cape Town Attended school SACKS College Cape Town. A soldier in the Cape Town Highlanders, Anglo-Boer war. He played the bagpipes, and the Violin. He ran the Municipal Wash House in Hanover Street, district 6 Cape Town.

He and his wife were renowned for their kindness as they befriended many young people in all sorts of trouble and cared for them in their home.

x1903 Helena Cecilia VON DOMARUS

[10.2258.12.1] Cecil St Clair *1902 x Violet

[10.2258.12.2] William Albert *1904 +1994 *

[10.2258.12.3] Olga Marie *c1906 x BARNARD

[10.2258.12.4] Eileen Louise *c1908  *

x1931 Johann Christiaan PENTZ

xx1972 Andrew SMIT

[10.2258.12.5] Mary Ruth PONTER (adopted )*1920 x Bertram BERMAN


* [10.22914] Johann Sebastiaan *c1857 +1904

Admitted Law Agent, Auctioneer, Liquidator of Estates. Died Cloetes Boarding house Bethlehem.

This Free State family suffered as a result of the concentration camp policy in the Anglo-Boer war of 1900. Four of their children died in the camp and only two survived. Johann was in the Boer forces and when the war was over claimed compensation for the loss of his farm and livestock. He died not long after, and after his son was born. His wife a CLOETE had the trauma of signing all the children's death notices.

x Margaretha Elizabeth CLOETE. *1872 +1901

[11.229141] Henrietta *1893

[11.229142] Jan Sebastiaan Cloete *1895 +1918

This is the only son to survive the above and was killed on active service with the 2nd S A Infantry in the 1918 World War. His wife born a HAVENGA died in the Edenvale Hospital, lived at 11 Church Street Florida, Roodepoort and died destitute.

x Anna Maria HAVENGA

[12.2291421] John Sebastiaan (Cloete) *4/3/1916 +1/7/1977 *

[11.229143] Aletta Petronella Catharina *1895

[11.229144] Willem Karl von Gorkom *1897 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229145] John *1898 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229146] Cornelia Dorothea Cloete *1900 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229147] Christina Wilhelmina Davel *1900 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp


* [11.241224] Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer *1885 +1958

A manager of 'Stumets' a tobacco and snuff company in Cape Town. Was known as a very good generous man (one of his friends referred to him as a saint) His wife was one of the old Oudtshoorn family of DE WET.

x Maria Magdalena Elizabeth DE WET *12/7/1893 +15/9/1981

[12.2412241] Aubrey Fred *c1918

x Hazel SPINKS

[13.24122421] Derek Brian *1956 +1982 x Karen CROWLEY

[13.24122422] Linda *1958 +1994

[12.2412242] Victor *1921 +1992

All the above information gained from a letter from Kathleen Victor 's wife, in a letter.

Mentioned that Linda *1925 +1994 suffered from Downs syndrome.

x1948 Kathleen Margaret JENNINGS *2/12/1925

[13.24122411] Godfrey Ian *19/11/1961

x1993 Ann KARLSON.

[14.241224111] Alexander *29/7/1993


* [9.2523] Coenraad Hendrik *c1813

x Maria Magdalena LACOCK

[10.25231] Maria Magdalena *1835 +8/2/1904

x Jacobus Wilhelmus VAN NIEKERK

[10.25232] Maynard Lacock *1838 +5/7/1887

A Livery Stable owner in Grahamstown. Buried in Grahamstown Anglican cemetery No 31. The reason for stating that the first wife is unknown is that the death notice was signed by a stepson for the second wife Sara. Initials C H ( Coenraad Hendrik ) same as the grandfather!

x (Wife unknown)

[11.252321] Coenraad Hendrik *C1860 *

xx Sara CALVERT.


* [9.2525] Johan Christoffel Carel *1817 +1894

Born at Doom Hoogte (Wynberg Flats).This man was a grocer and a farmer. He died at Sir Lowry Road in Cape Town. This line dies out as he only had daughters.

x Maria Johanna STIGLINGH *1823 +1892

[10.25251] Carolina Petronella *1857 +3/1/1920

x John Christopher VON EDEN

xx William NISBET

[10.25252] Maria Johanna *c1860 x BEUKES

[10.25253] Elizabeth Charlotte *1863 +1903 x John William STEGMAN.

[10.25254] Christina Johanna *1865 +1914 x Daniel David VAN DER MERWE.


* [9.2526] Richard Joseph John *c1818

Lived in Clermont Cape. Wife died at the house of a VAN DER POLL in Clermont. Her father was Jacobus and her mother Johanna MOSTERT. Daughter Maria KORSTEN signed the death note.

x Maria Christina MOSTERT *1822 +24/4/1890

[10.25261] Maria *c1842 x KORSTEN

[10.25262] Jacobus *c1845 *

[10.25263] Didrik *c1855

[10.25264] Hendrik Johannes *5/11/1861 +9/8/1909 *

[10.25265] Johanna *c1862


* [9.2527] Johan David George *c1825

x Maria Carolina

[10.25271] Fredrick Coenraad *1851 +1922

This man was probably a farmer as died at 'the inloop district' of Bethlehem. Dated at Reitz 1922. The death notice is confusing as wife Francina was probably a SWARTZ.

x Francina Jacoba (Mostert) SWARTZ *1868 +16/2/1898

[10.25271] Fredrick Coenraad *1851 +1922

x Francina Jacoba SWARTZ *1868 +1898

xx Petronella Sebella VISSER.

[11.252711] Helena Johann Maria *c1889

x Hendrik Johannes VAN DER WATT.

[11.252712] Johan David *1893 *

[11.252713] Francois (Frank) Jacobus *c1895

[10.25272] Jacob Johann Hendrik *1868 +1942 *


* [10.25262] Jacobus *c1845


[11.252621] Jacobus *1865 +29/5/1918

Born in Malmesbury and died at Oakdale Bellvue. A strange entry on the death notice was, at the bottom of the note, under the signature was the name Jacob written. The note was signed by the wife Elizabeth.

x Elizabeth Margaret

[122526211].Jacobus (Jacob ) Cornelius *1893 +1942 *

[12.25262112] Stephanus *c1895

[12.25262113] Catrina Sophia *c1897

[12.25262114] John *c1899


* [11.252321] Coenraad Hendrik *c1860

Lived in Grahamstown. The tragic situation for his family is that two sons died young, see below.

x Agnes Ann JAQUES

[12.2523211] Maynard Lacock *12/11/1887 +23/10/1963 *

[12.2523212] Albert Arthur *1895 +1913

Died at 35 Richmond Hill Port Elizabeth. Born in Grahamstown and was an apprentice lithographer. Died 18 years old.

[12.2523213] William Graham *1907 +1914

Died in Port Elizabeth Hospital. Lived at 10 Currie Street, Grahamstown. From this can be assumed that he lived at his parents home, as he was only 7 years old when he died. The death notice was signed by, (can not read the signature ) and shown as BROTHER-IN-LAW. Somewhere is there a SISTER? Or does it mean the brother-in-law to the father.!


* [9.2418] Johan Philip Joseph *c1822

This information was gleaned from a Jacobus Andreas number [11.241814]. His letter gave only the date of the letter, and he also gave his age. Note how the 'family name' Johann Philip Joseph is used.

x Huibrecht BESTER

[10.24181] Johan Philip Joseph *c1863 (1870)

x Magdalena Johanna Catharina SLABBER.

[11.241811] Johann Philip Joseph *c1894 x Nellie BICCARD.

[11.241812] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *1896 +1983 *

[11.241813] Johann David *1901 +1982 *

[11.241814] Jacobus Andreas *1903 *

[11.241815] Maarten Slabber *1905 +1977 *

[11.241816] Theunis Gerhadus *1913 +1984 *

[11.241817] Maria *c1915 x Frans JOOSTE

[11.241818] Huibrecht *c1917 x Andrew SMIT

[11.241819] Jacomina *c1919 x Pieter PIENAAR

[11.24181.10] Magdalena (Died in infancy)


* [11.241812] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *3/11/1896 +13/5/1983

Born in Clanwilliam. Died at Robari old age home. Note the information in file EMF 1934, about the son Andries Michael 's wife, Elizabeth ROUX. File 5385/82 Pretoria, Elizabeth Maureen *1934 +1982.

x Anna Tobias BICCARD

[12.2418121] Johann Philip Joseph *c1921

[12.2418122] Andries Michael *c1926 *

[12.2418123] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *c1925

[12.2418124] Petronella Elizabeth *c1927 x PONTON


* [11.241813] Johann David *8/1/1901 +28/11/1982

Died at 14 Diana Crescent Sanddrift. Death notice signed by J (Johanna , nee ROSSOUW ?) Leibbrandt. 19 Cassula Pinelands.

x Johanna Jacoba ROSSOUW *30/6/1901 +5/8/1972

[12.2418131] Johann Philip Joseph *c1923

[12.2418132] Pieter Hendrik *c1925

[12.2418133] Cornelia Johanna *c1927 x DE GOEDE

[12.2418134] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1929 x NEWMAN.


* [11.241814] Jacobus Andreas *1903

Letter from Jacobus stated amongst many wrong 'word of mouth stories' some of the following. He worked for Nasionale Pers Bpk: for 50 years and retired at the age of 69. Competed in the 50 mile walk at the Cape,-5 times. Before the gathering of the prize giving committee he refused to accept his Gold medal as Leibbrandt was spelt with one 'B' !! ( True Leibbrandt tradition.) Lived at 42 Beaufort Street, Goodwood. Listed his family without any dates but from death notes dates were obtained. Wife Sophia AUSSERHOOFFER gave father and mother as Fredrik Albrecht, and Dirkje Catharina AUSSERHOFFER.

x Sophia Christina Jacoba AUSSERHOFFER *1910 +1/3/1967

[12.2418141] Magdelena Johanna Catharina *c1930

[12.2418142] Christo *c1932

[12.2418143] John Philip Joseph *c1934

[12.2418144] Fredrik Albrecht Sadie *c1936

[12.2418145] Andreas Jacobus *c1938

[12.2418146] Pieter Hendricus Jacobus *c1940

[12.2418147] Dirkje Catharina *c1942 x SWANEPOEL.

* [11.241815] Maarten Slabber *27/4/1905 +11/6/1977

The line ends for this person with 3 daughters. Wife Mathilda known as 'May'. Father and mother were William John Edward and Sophia Elizabeth Brink KINGON born LOUW. Sophia died in Huis de Kiulen, Kuilsrivier.

x Mathilda Meyer KINGON. *1906 +1983

[12.2418151] Helena Sophia Elizabeth *c1929 x DE VILLIERS.

[12.2418152] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1931 x ATKINSON.

[12.2418153] Philene Meyer *c1933 x BLOM


* [11.241816] Theunis Gerhadus *4/9/1913 +6/10/1984

This family is a continuation of the Leibbrandt Slabber family.

x Johanna Barbara SMIT.(divorced 1941.)

[12.2418161] Johann Philip Joseph *1935 +1972 *

[12.2418162] Janetta Jacoba *c1937 +1984 x VAN DER WESTHUIZEN.

[12.2418163] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1939 x PRETORIUS.

xx Maria Cornelia SMITH +4/10/1944

[12.2418164] Hester Anna Johanna *c1941 x TEUNISSEN.

[12.2418165] Theunis Gerhardus Slabber *c1943

[12.2418166] Johanna Barbara *c1944 x RAUBENHEIMER.


* [12.2418161] Johann Philip Joseph *1935 +1972

Was a clerk SAS and H Durban. Died at Oudtshoorn.

x Anna Maria Elizabeth Magdalena STEYN

[13.24181611] Anna Catharina *24/4/1960 x LE ROES.

[13.24181612] Theunis Gerhadus *20/11/1962

[13.24181613] Thomas Frederick *9/2/1963

[13.24181614] Maria Cornelia Barendina *19/4/1964


* [11.241241] Johann Michael Fischer *1870 +1943  *

This man was in De La Rey's commando in the Anglo Boer War of 1899. Died at 'Raymond ' Rosmead Aye, Kenilworth. Was an art collector and left valuable paintings in his will.

x Margaret Maria LE ROUX

[12.2412411] Margaretha Katharina Maria *c1892 x VON BONDE.

[12.2412412] Winifred Petronella *c1894 x ROUX


* [10.2258.12.2] William Albert *c1904  *

This is the grandson of H C V Leibbrandt.

Worked as a hospital pharmacist at AECI Cape. A Mason at the Somerset West Lodge, and was chairman twice. A committed Christian of the Strand Methodist Church, and sang in the Choir. A piper in the Cape Town Highlanders when he was young.

x Catharina Elizabeth FERREIRA *1906 +19/10/1959

Father was John (Johannes ) FERREIRA and her mother Embrenzie FERREIRA of Rooivlakte P 0 Hankey Cape Town. Born in Humansdorp.

[11.2258.12.21] Brenda-Mare *1939 x Antony Roy WOODWARD.

[11.2258.12.22] Ursula *22/6/1942 x Peter du Pre LE ROUX.

[11.2258.12.23] John Albert Henry *13/10/1945.

The Chief Marine Engineer on the Diamond dredgers, SAFMARINE.

xx Ephnie ALEXANDER formerly ROGERS


* [12.2526211] Jacobus (Jacob ) Cornelius *1893 +19/5/1942

This man married a REX (British royal family). Was Guard on the SAR. Resided 31 Church St Goodwood, and 9 Gordon Road Observatory

x Muriel Amelia REX

[13.25262111] Reginald Oseland *28/11/1923

Another line of Leibbrandts comes to an end.

x Johanna Susanna DE ROBAIX *1926 +1969

Mothers name was Martha Sophia DE ROBAIX.

[14.252621111] Carin Lyn *1957

[14.252621112] Noleen Glenda *1959

[13.25262112] Stanley Edgar *25/7/1925

[13.25262113] Cyril Stuart *23/11/1927

[13.25262114] Michael Leonard *30/10/1937


* [11.225812] John (Jacob ) Hendrik Schickerling Vos *1890 +1951

x Johanna Elizabeth *1891 +1930

[12.2258121] Reginald Kenneth *13/6/1918 +1/6/1990 *

[12.2258122] Fredrick Isaac *29/10/1919+18/1/1970 *


* [11.229262] Pieter Willem Haaike *1892 +27/7/1955

Farmed in the Annarust district of Harrismith

x Hester Jacoba RETIEF *26/6/1896 +23/7/1980

[12.2292621] Hendrik Albertus Jacobus *c1933

[12.2292622] Pieter Willem Haaike *10/3/1935 +6/2/1981 *

[12.2292623] Anna Leone *c1937 x Louis Antonie VAN REENEN

* [11.229243] Frans Johannes Jacobus *1891 +27/9/1956

A farmer

x Maria Magdalena Albertha MAREE *1898 +19/12/1963

[12.2292431] Pieter Willem Charles *18/3/1920 +2/11/1983


[12.22924311] Stella *c1942 x David Johannes BARNARD

[12.22924312] Frans Johannes Jacobus *c1946.

[12.22924313] Marie Margritha Albertha *1950 x Gideon Jacobus VAN WYK.

[12.22924314] Johannes Cornelius *16/10/1954

xx Cornelia Christina Elizabeth BOTHA born SMITH *6/2/1928


* [12.2292411] Pieter Willem Heideman *1909

The marriage date seems to be inconsistent with other dates as the death notice showed an impossible situation with birth and marriage dates.

x1937. Elizabeth Maria *28/11/1918 +9/7/1969

[13.22924111] Pieter Marius *c1949

[13.22924112] Elsabe Magrietha *c1951

xx1970 (remarried)


* [11.229253] Pieter Abraham *1895 +31/7/1960

This man was a teacher, and died in Bloemfontein.

x1921 Catharina Wilhelmina LE ROUX *1897 +1980

Father Stephanus Abraham and mother Maria Johanna LE ROUX

[12.2292531] Johannes Sebastiaan *6/8/1922

[12.2292532] Stephanus Abraham *6/5/1925

[12.2292533] Pieter Abraham *9/7/1926

[12.2292534] Maria Johanna *1928 +19/2/1952 x Jacobus Johannes LOOTS.*c1926


* [12.2292212] Jacob Phillipus *1907 +1974

x Engela Elizabeth born KRUGER previously ROSSITER *1910 +1974

She had 2 Rossiter children: Joan Estelle x VAN DER SPUY (divorced) and Joseph William

[13.22922121] Patrica Ann *c1936

[13.22922122] Judith Estelle *c1938


* [12.2291213] Sidney Robey *25/1/1913 +1/8/1966  *

This man was well known as the Nazi agent in S A during the 2nd world war. This part of the history can be read in Hans Strydom's book 'The Fourth Reich'. He went to school at Greys College where he for a dare jumped out of a second floor window for a 'tickey'. The second jump for a 'sixpence' ended in a broken leg. Never a man of learning but brave and strong beyond belief.

He won a silver medal for boxing at the Olympic Games of 1936 in the light-heavyweight division. In the bout for gold, he fought on fearlessly with a broken hand but lost the match. After returning to SA he turned professional and won the heavyweight division.

He was caught as a Nazi agent an sentenced to death subsequently to be commuted to life in prison with hard labour. He was released in 1948 when the Nationalist government came to power. Note his son Izan is Nazi spelt backwards. Robey's mother Susan Marguarite JOYCE was a cousin of William JOYCE (lord Haw-Haw) of Nazi radio fame during the 1939-1945 World War.

x c1949 Margaretha (Etha) Cornelia BOTHA

[13.22912131] Herman Robey *22/3/1950

[13.22912132] Izan Robey *10/3/1953

[13.22912133] Reyna *25/10/1958

Child with ? Schaefer: Bernd *1940 who has done some research on the Leibbrand family world-wide.



* [10.22587] Pieter Paul Willem Jacob *25.10 1871  *

This man was called, on his fathers death notice, Peter Paul William James, but in the family bible he is named as above. His grandson Antony Errol has the bible.

x Emily ZINN *c1873

[11.225871] Enid Eileen *1897

[11.225872] Roberts Baden *1900 +1982

Due to remarks on the wife's death notice, this family was traced to the H C V line.

x Catherine Elizabeth TRUTER *1905 +1982

Died in Pinelands and was born in Beaufort West.

[12.2258711] Ulric Bruce *c1922

[12.2258712] Patrica *1939 x ROSS

[12.2258713] Gerald Pierre *c1927

[11.225873] St Clair Royden *1903 +1975 *

[11.225874] Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph *1910

x Catharina Charlotte Alida MOSTERT.*1906 +1990

[12.2258741] Peter Christopher*17/7/1948

A training manager at Ford Motor Company.

x Jillian Anne STEAD *28/5/1952 +12/4/1983 (father Roland, mother Jessie)

[13.22587411] Karin Anne *10/6/1977

[13.22587412] Pamela Claire *7/1/1980

[12.2258742] Stephanie Anne *c1928

[11.225875] Lionel Herman Victor *1913 *


* [12.2258122] Frederick Isaac *29/10/1919 +18/1/1970

A commercial clerk.

x Hilda Maud BOOTH.

[13.22581221] Audrey Elanor *22/1/1946

[13.22581222] Reginald Dennis *5/11/1949

[13.22581223] Peter Frederick *6/10/1952

[13.22581224] Christopher Allan *18/7/1954


25 [12.2258121] Reginald Kenneth *13/6/1918 +1/6/1990

x Alma Elanor ROLFE +9/6/1945

[13.22581211] Graham John *c1936

[13.22581212] Lorna Ann *c1938 x GERBER


*[12.2292414] Abraham Johannes Ulrich *28/8/1922 +26/9/1983

Like his father a farmer.

x Anna Barbara Wilhelmina POTGIETER *1936

[13.22924141] Pieter Willem Heideman *1956

[13.22924142] Ester Johanna Beatrice *1958 x VERMAAK.


* [11.252712] Johann (John) David *1893

x Olive Mary BROOKS.

[12.2527122] Irad Brooks *1/5/1923 +24/5/1986

Retired Zimbabwean born at Wankie.

x Iris Joan LEDGERTON *4/12/1919

[13.25271221] Clive Victor *27/5/1945

[13.25271222] Lyneth Anne *3/1/1947 x GOOSEN

[13.25271223] Christopher David *4/5/1949


* [12.2291421] John Sebastiaan (Cloete) *4/3/1916 +1/7/1977

The death notice states that they (Lorna DUNMORE) and John were married in Southshields England. Possibly the first two children are from the first marriage and the other two, second marriage. What is notable is that this man’s grandfather was one of the children to survive the concentration camp of the Anglo Boer war of 1900. See [10.22914]

x Dorothy Patrica MITCHELL. (divorced)

xx Lorna Elizabeth DUNMORE

[13.22914211] Melody *c1938

[13.22914212] Laurence *c1945

[13.22914213] Christopher *16/12/1959

[13.22914214] Michael *27/1/1962


* [12.2418122] Andries Michael *c1926

x Elizabeth Maureen ROUX. *8/6/1934 +23/3/1982

She had written on her death notice that her father was John ROUX and her mother was Ann ROUX. Mother Ann was alive in 1982.

[13.24181221] Ann Louise *c1959

[13.24181222] Linda Jane *9/12/1961


* [12.2292622] Pieter Willem Haaike *10/3/1935 +6/2/1981

x1960 Jacoba Johanna Susanna GROBLER

[13.22926221] Irma Salome *c1962

[13.22926222] Pierre Willem *c1964

[13.22926223] Eben *c1966


* [11.229256] Sebastiaan Johannes *8/3/1903 +1/10/1983

This death notice was comprehensive but confusing.

Thus under PELSER was noted:

Markus Johannes

Lisette Gesena Catharina

Sophia Johanna Maria (sister) (of whom??)

Sebastiaan Johannes Lourens (child of above ??)

Maria Petronella Lourens.

The death notice was signed by next of kin, Jacob Lourens Jacobus.

x Magrieta Johanna Maria *c1905

[12.2292571] Sebastiaan Johannes *1935 +1989

x Magrieta Maria Johanna DE LANGE

[13.22925611] Fredrick *c1958

[13.22925612] Johanna Jacoba *c1960 x ENGELBRECHT

[13.22925613] Sebastiaan Johannes *21/1/1964

[13.22925614] Johann Bosch *19/3/1966

[13.22925615] Magrieta Johanna Maria *13/4/1969 x PELSER

xx Maria Elizabeth MAREE

[12.2292562] Jacob Lourens Jacobus *c1937


5 [12.2292413] Nicholaas Leonard *c1917

x Elizabeth *c1922

[13.22924131] Helena Susanna Christina (unmarried) *8/7/1947 +22/8/1972

This woman at the age of 25 died as a 'sendings werker' in the Grahamstown district. See was unmarried and must have died suddenly as her father signed the death notice 9 days later. Her grandmother was a LEONARD.


* [12.2523211] Mynard Lacock *12/11/1887 +23/10/1963

This man was a printer by trade. He died in Port Elizabeth of heart disease and diabetes.

x26/1/1921 Cornelia Petronella *c1890

[13.25232111] Ruth *c1914

[13.25232112] Harold Lacock *1916 +1982

This man lived in the Transvaal, probably Pretoria. See file 16118/82 Pretoria.

x Martha Maria VAN EYK

[14.252321121] Sandra Van Eyk *1948

[14.252321122] Charlene Fay *1949 x DHOOGE

[13.25232113]Lorraine *c1918

* [10.25264] Hendrik John (Johannes ) *5/11/1861 +9/8/1909

Died at 3 Hamman Road Clermont, Cape Town. All children of the first marriage.


[11.252641] Richard Joseph John *5/5/1889 +1944

x Maria Johanna Petronella *10/8/1901 +8/4/1984 File no: 3036/84 Cape.

[11.252642] Fanny *1884

[11.252643] John Henry Fredrick (Freddy) *1886 +13/9/1926

Lived at 6 Smith Square Woodstock. The executor of the will was Jacobus Cornelius LEIBBRANDT, number [12.2526211] John 's grandfather and Jacobus's great grandfather was Richard Joseph John , number [9.2526]. Jacobus stayed at 9 Gordon Rd Observatory.

x Ann Alice Maria McLEARY

[12.2526431] Frederick George Henry *c1911

[12.2526432] Kathleen *c1912 x VILJOEN.

[12.2526433] Doreen Thelma *c1914

[12.2526434] Terence Michael *c1916

[12.2526435] Maureen Bridget *c1918 x VAN NIEKERK.

[11.252644] Henry *1887

[11.252645] William Walter *1889

File number 4338/70. Cape.

x Maria Sophia *21/1/1895 +23/7/1970

[12.2526451] Albertus Christiaan *c1915

[12.2526452] Joyce Gwendoline *c1917

[12.2526453] Eric Harold *c1921

[12.2526411] Joseph Peter *c1920

[12.2526412] Richard Joseph John *3/2/1926 +25/12/1977

File 146/78 Cape.

x Lorraine Maud KIRSTEN

[13.25264121] Richard Peter *c1948

[13.25264122] Leigh Ann *c1950

[13.25264123] Beverley Gail *c1952

[11.252646] Jacobus Henry *1892

[11.252647] Peter George *1896




* [10.25272] Jacob Johann Hendrik *1868 +1942

Died at 17 De Mist Street Pretoria. Note when Jacob was 66 years old his last child was born. Similarly his father was 43 when Jacob was born.

x Anna Christina Elizabeth SCHNIJMANN.

[11.252721] Johann David Gottfreid *1923 +1990

The death notice 7213/90 Cape was confusing and the information may not be correct.

x Emma Susan Jane VAN LELYVELD *1920 +1974

[12.2527211] Anna Elizabeth *c1944 x COETZEE

xx Johanna Carolina DU TOIT

[11.252722] Susarah Susanna *1925.

[11.252723] Maria Elizabeth *1927 x MOSTERT

[11.252724] Johann Jacob Hendrik *1932

[11.252725] Cornelius Johannes *1934


* [13.24123261] Owen Victor *1934  *

x1960 Beryl BRADFIELD

[14.241232611] Desiree *1961

[14.241232612] Jacqueline *1962 x1982 Peter GRAHAM.

[14.241232613] Anthony *1964 x Lauren PECK.


* [11.225873] St Clair Royden *1903 +1975  *

Shared the same initials as [12.2291213] Sidney Robey, which was a burden during World War 2, since he as fighting for the Allies in the SA forces and Robey was a wanted Nazi spy. He denied any relationship, but perhaps he was unaware they share a common ancestor [7.22 Johann Sebastian] who arrived at the Cape in 1774, a great-great-grandfather.

x Myrtle Dorothy Florence McKAY *1910  *

[12.2258731] Anthony Errol *23/4/1940  *

x1/7/1967 Myra DONALDSON *18/5/1947 +18/5/1995 Tragically died on the 48th anniversary of her birthday of cancer. A traumatic loss to her husband and family.

[13.22587311] Gregory John and [13.22587312] Grant Robin *9/10/1068 (twins)

[13.22587313] Warren Errol *4/1/1971

[13.22587314] Lauren Anne and [13.22587315] Dale Lawrence *24/7/1974 (twins)

[13.22587316] Dean St Clair *24/8/1976

xx1995 Daphne Gwendoline (Wendy) PARK *C1947

[12.2258732] David Royden *9/3/1945


[13.22587321] Brian *c1965

[13.22587322] Craig *c1967

[13.22587323] Derek *1969

* [13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927  *, **

x9/7/1949 and xxx30/4/196 Yvonne Mabel KRUGER *1929 daughter of Daniel Francois KRUGER *1/11/1896 +21/4/1952 (son of Jacobus Alwyn KRUGER *1873 +1964) and Amy Louise Mabel VON ALBACH *1903 +1948.

[14.241232221] Bruce Douglas *17/7/1950  *

A Photo-lithographer, residing in Denver, Colorado, USA

x Maureen CUBITT *22/8/1952 (divorced)

[14.2412322211] Lauren Paula *29/5/1980

[14.2412322212] Stewart Douglas 25.5.1984

xx Barbara PADDON 1.6.1956 (divorced)

xxx Sally WILCOX *26/01/1961 (American)

[14.2412322213] Reid Paul *12/8/1997

[14.2412322214] Molly Yvonne *16/1/2000

[14.241232222] Steven Richard *2/2/1952  *

BSc., MSc. (University of Natal, Durban). Electrical Engineer, residing in Karlsruhe Germany, and Atlanta, GA., USA.

x Uli METZ *8/2/1954 (German)

[14.2412322221] Vincent Paul *11/6/1989

[14.2412322222] Raphael Tobias *14/6/1992

[14.241232223] David John *8/10/1953  *

Motor mechanic. Residing in Townsville, Australia.

x Valerie Cheryl WALTERS *8/4/1955

[14.2412322231] Nicholas Scott *17/6/1982

[14.2412322232] Christopher Ross *27/12/1984

[14.2412322233] Justin David *13/6/1990

[14.241232224] Gary Colin *8/11/1954  *

BSc. (University of Natal, Durban), MBA. Mechanical Engineer.

x Elize VAN HUYSSTEEN *9/6/1957

[14.2412322241] Esti Yvonne *30/11/1984

[14.2412322242] Johnathan Colin *16/12/1987

[14.2412322243] Amy Louise *11/01/1993

[14.241232225] Peter Allan *19/6/1956  *

B Comm. (University of Natal, Durban), Software Developer.

x Leonie STRYDOM *21/4/1949 (divorced)

[14.2412322251] Kari *30/8/1980 x2001 Gordon ROBERTS *

xx Madeleine WHEELER *1962 (divorced)

Residing in Hastings, New Zealand.

[14.2412322252] Stacey Bronwyn *02/09/1988

[14.2412322253] Daniel Paul *04/06/1988

xx1960 Pamela Phyllis HOPF (divorced)

[14.241232226] Shaun Philip *1961


* [11.225875] Lionel Herman Victor *1913

[12.2258751] Stephen Paul *06/05/1947

x Gertruida Jacoba Susanna STEENKAMP *01/02/1946

[13.22587511] Renée Alison *11/09/1973

[13.22587512] Linda Natalee *08/07/1975

[12.2258752] Ruth Magdalene *26/04/42

x Patrick ELLIS (divorced)

Two children: Leonie Renée *28/02/1970 and Herrmann Wilhelm *28/02/1972

xx John METCALF +c1995

xxx2001 William STEWART

[12.2258753] Priscilla Grace *12/06/1952

x Stephen Nicholas Johannes NOTHNAGEL

Children: Chantelle Dianne, Bianca Lizelle, Zénia, Monique

[12.2258754] Joy Elizabeth *25/08/1960

x Gerhardus Daniel FOURIE

Children: Jethro Paul, Natasha Diane



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