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REF: P&S/INS/GI/VALUER/15-16. Date: 08.10.2015




Dear Sir(s),
Re: Tender for appointment of a Valuer for valuation of SCI’s Assets

(other than ships), Due Date: 30.10.2015.

  1. Sealed tenders are invited by The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation”, for appointment of a Valuer to carry out valuation of the SCI’s assets (other than ships) in India on reinstatement value basis for the purpose of ascertaining sums insured in relation to the placement of the following various General Insurance covers for the period 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 (2016-17) and also for two subsequent years viz., 2017-18 and 2018-19.

  • Fire Insurance – Building.

  • Fire Insurance – Office Contents.

  • Money-in-transit.

  • Electronic equipments and Data Processing equipments (Computer Insurance).

  • Cost of reinstatement of data.

  • Machinery Break-down Insurance.

  • Burglary & House-keeping Insurance.

  • Workman Compensation Insurance.

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance

  • Public Liability (Premises Risk)

  • Special Contingency (all risks) Insurance (includes portable walkie-talkie, mobile phones, VHF, Communication systems, etc.)

  • Motor Car Insurance.

  1. SCI’s assets (other than ships) are located at various places like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Haldia, Tuticorin and Port Blair.

  1. The tenderer must have minimum three years of continuous experience of carrying out valuation jobs for insurance purposes. Tenderers must have a local office / representative at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi to carry out valuation activities at these places & their adjacent places (viz., Haldia from Kolkata; Tuticorin from Chennai). Valuation of assets at Port Blair can be done on the basis of existing valuation data and documents provided by SCI for addition / deletion of asset at Port Blair.


The contract will be awarded for a period of three years from the date of commencement of contract, as decided by SCI. However, either of the parties will have an option, after one year of award of contract, to terminate the contract, by giving a notice of 120 days prior to commencement of the second / third year of the contract.

  1. The Tenders should strictly be on the basis of "ALL INCLUSIVE RATES (EXCLUDING SERVICE TAX)" in respect of item indicated in the Price Offer part II.


Tenders in the enclosed form, duly completed and signed / stamped on each page, should be sent in sealed cover superscribed "Tender for Appointment of a Valuer for valuation of SCI’s assets (other than Ships), Due date : 30 /10 /2015 ” addressed to:

Sr. Vice President (Purchase & Services)

The Shipping Corporation of India Limited.

12th Floor, "Shipping House",

245, Madame Cama Road,

Nariman Point,

MUMBAI: 400 021.
Tenderers must ensure to deposit the aforesaid sealed tender in the Tender Box placed in the office of SVP (P&S)’s Secretariat before due date and time. However, if it is not convenient for the tenderer to visit SCI office in Mumbai, then the tenderer may send the tender by post/courier service at the above mentioned address so as to reach before the due date and time.

  1. DUE DATE:

Sealed tenders should reach Corporation's office latest by 17:00 Hrs. on 30.10.2015 at the above mentioned address. Tenders received after due date and time are liable to be rejected and decision of the Corporation in this regard shall be final and binding.

The tenderer is required to submit the tender form in accordance with the instructions given below:-
8.1 The tender forms are issued in two parts.
(i) Part - I (Technical Offer) includes General Terms & Conditions
(ii) Part - II (Price Offer) for submission of quotation.
8.2 Tenderers are requested to submit the Technical offer consisting of Part-I in one sealed cover and Price offer consisting of Part-II in another sealed cover. On both the sealed covers tenderer's name, address and contact number should be indicated on bottom left side of the cover. The first sealed envelope has to be superscribed on the envelope to read “Part I - TECHNICAL OFFER” and the second envelope “Part II - PRICE OFFER”. These two sealed covers should then be put in the third sealed cover and addressed to the Sr. Vice President (Purchase & Services) according to the instructions as per 6.0 above. All the sealed covers to be superscribed " "Tender for Appointment of a Valuer for valuation of SCI’s assets (other than Ships), Due date: 30 /10 /2015.

    1. All pages of the tender should be serially numbered. Total number of pages should be written on the first page of the tender document.

    1. Tender documents, if downloaded from the SCI/NIC website, shall be downloaded in toto and no change, whatsoever shall be made. If any alteration is made in the tender document submitted by the tenderer and if found out (be it at any stage of the tender processing and even after award of the contract), the tender / contract is liable to be rejected.


9.1 The Tender will be assessed first on the basis of the information furnished in Part-I of the tender comprising the “Technical Offer”. On the basis of such technical information, the Corporation will assess the capability of the tenderer to undertake the contract and, if found unsuitable shall reject the tender in which case his “Price Offer” will not be opened. Decision of the Corporation in this regard shall be final and binding. Incomplete tender is liable to be rejected.

9.2 Once a tender is accepted on technical grounds, then the selection among such technically qualified tenderers would normally be on the basis of Prices quoted. However, the Corporation reserves the right to reject all/any of the tenders and the decision of the Corporation in this regard shall be final and binding.
10.0 Tenderers are requested to quote their best and final offer. No revised offer shall be entertained.

Yours faithfully,

For The Shipping Corporation of India Limited.

Vice President (Services)
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