Time : Year 2265 Characters : The “mad” captain Luto of the Lacus, and his former “vice-commander” Kalir who now command the Lunatis. Mission 1

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Background :

You are a member of the Centauri rouge ship Lacus. It is a Primus class vessel. Your ship and her sister – the Vorchan-class cruiser Lunatis – deserted the Centauri royal army in 2262, after unexpectedly witness the communication between the Centauri Royal Army flagship and a Drakh ship and narrowly escaped the situation.

The Lacus and the Lunatis earn their daylife by raiding, although they never declare themselves Raider and have no connection or deals with other raiders. They do not obey to three rules of Raider. After a long journey in the “spinward”, they return to Centauri space and do some raids here.

Time : Year 2265

Characters : The “mad” captain Luto of the Lacus, and his former “vice-commander” Kalir who now command the Lunatis.

Mission 1:

There has been recently a big battle at a Raider Port near the Regula system. The ISA White Star fleet suddenly attacked the port while those raiders were doing their trade. Right before the capture of the port, a raider carrier departed and was covered by other raiders until it escaped. It must contain something so important that the raiders had to risk their life to protect.

Scouts of the Lacus have indicated that the carrier is heading to the beta4 system. To do so, it must pass the current position of the Lacus. So, the captain decided to attack this ship and discover the valuable things inside. The carrier has the name Caisse.


The Lacus opens a jump gate and Kamis wing come out. The wing quickly disables, disarms and eliminates all fighter escorts of the Caisse. After that, the Lacus jumps in and the mission ends.

Mission 2:

The carrier contains all contracts of the raiders’ trading operations. It also contains proofs of the Narn and Drazi supports to Raider. But the most important thing in its database is the list of Raiders’ identities. Hiding identity is very important to a raider if he wants to return to his world and enjoy his fortune. Being revealed to public means that he must spend his whole life in space. Here we have a list of hundreds of human, Vree and Narn raiders.

The Raiders have known about the activity of the Lacus. Some parties quickly allied with each other to track down the Lacus and take back their files. Although they can’t find the Lacus, they managed to know the position of the Lunatis, and came to attack it.

The Lucas decided to lend the Lunatis a hand.

Battle: (Bricarn system)

When the Lucas jump out, the Lunatis is being attacked by the (Xill) Koor, the (Raider Wagon) WallStreet, and the (T’loth) K’noor.

These ships are inferior to the Primus and finally the WallStreet and the K’noor are destroyed, the Koor surrenders.

Mission 3:

The Raiders change their mind and offers a payment for keeping their identities covered. Unwilling to be attacked again by the combined force of Raider, the captain accepts the offer.


The Primus jumps out and is greeted by Raiders. Lacus launches a transport ship with the data crystal and a contract inside. Signing the contract means that both parties will keep all information secret.

Suddenly, a Drakh ship jumps out, kill all the raiders and send a lot of fighters to destroy the Lucas. The Lucas barely escaped. The captain identifies the ship to be the same as the alien ship who communicated with the Centauri flagship before his desertion.

Mission 4:

The Lucas received a distress signal from the Lunatis.


When it jumps out, it finds out that the Lunatis is heavily damaged and demands evacuation. Later, a Primus from the Royal Army appeared and attacks the Lunatis.

The task is to protect the evacuation transport ship from enemy fighters. After that, a Drakh ship comes out and attack the Lunatis. The Lunatis remaining crew decided to do a kamikaze.

The crews of the Lacus withdraw, knowing that the Royal Army and the Alien haven’t forgotten them yet.

Mission 5:

The Lucas visits a raider port to finish its deal with the raider, and demand to be able to dock at the port from now on.


Suddenly, 3 ships from the Royal Army arrive at the port, and begin attacking everything. The raiders would rather run away than counter this superior force. The “mad” captain of the Lacus shoots down 1 ship, and finally the Lacus kamikazes another one. You and the Raider port work together to destroy the other ship.

In the end, the last Centauri ship is destroyed. But 2 other Drakh ships jump out and destroy the Raider port. You are killed in the process.

Campaign ends. You die.
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