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पोत परिवहन मंत्रालय / MINISTRY OF SHIPPING


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Ô-´Öê»Ö: dgship@dgshipping.com कांजुर मार्ग (पूर्व) / KANJUR MARG (EAST) E-mail: dgship@dgshipping.com

¾Öê²Ö : www.dgshipping.gov.in मुंबई 400 042 / MUMBAI – 400 042 Web: www.dgshipping.gov.in

F. No. 3(15)-CR/2006 Dated: 14.10.13

Merchant Shipping Notice No.24 of 2013

(Corrigendum to the M.S. Notice No.14 of 2013.)
Sub.:- Endorsement & on Continuous Discharge Certificates as per the

requirements of the ILO Convention No. 108-reg.

The procedure for obtaining the International Labour Organization (ILO) prescribed stamping on the Indian Continuous Discharge Certificates (CDCs) were introduced vide this office M.S. Notice No.13 of 2006 [F.No.3(15)/CR/2006] dated 21.09.06. This procedure was subsequently streamlined vide this office M.S. Notice No.14 of 2013 [F.No.3 (15)/CR/2006] dated 30.05.13. The seafarers were advised to approach the jurisdictional Government Shipping Offices (Shipping Masters offices) in person to get the said ILO Stamping and endorsement affixed on their Indian CDCS.

2. The above procedure is reportedly leading to some hardship for seafarers who are constrained to travel to the locational Shipping Master’s Office in order to affix the ILO stamping in their CDCs. Hence, in order to mitigate this hardship, and to facilitate the seafarers to get such endorsements / stamping at the earliest, the seafarers are hereby informed that they can get the said ILO stampings affixed on their CDCs immediately from any of the three Shipping Master’s Offices, henceforth ,i.e. at Chennai/Kolkata/Mumbai.

3. However, if any irregularity on producing an in proper document by the seafarer, in this regard, is detected, at any point of time, the same shall be dealt as per the provisions of the M.S. Act., 1958 and M.S. CDC (Rules), 2001, as amended.


A Shipping Master, who may affix ILO stamping on a CDC not issued from his jurisdictional office, shall intimate the location Shipping Master concerned (i.e. the one from who’s office the given CDC was issued) of the details of the CDCs on which ILO stampings have been affixed for enabling the jurisdictional Shipping Master official to cross check & update his records. Such intimation shall be in sent in batches every fortnight at least. Similarly at the receiving end, the Shipping Master concerned shall cause verifications of such endorsed CDCs with reference to the corresponding particulars there in as may be available on his official records. In the event of any discrepancy therein being noticed by the latter Shipping Masters, he shall inform his counterpart concerned immediately. Due and prompt action should be taken by the original CDC issuing Shipping Masters, for uploading the details of such fake fraudulent CDC (s) on the CDC checker, on the official website of the D.G. Shipping through the DDG (e-Gov) of the D.G.S headquarters Simultaneously action for the suspension/ cancellation of such irregular CDCs may be taken as per the law inforce under due procedures.

4. All other conditions and procedures promulgated contextually in the said M.S. Notice 14 of 2013 remain unchanged, mutatis – mutandis

5. These instructions / procedures shall be effective from the of date the issue of this Order.

6. This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & ex-officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India.


Deputy Director General of Shipping (Crew)


  1. Shipping Master Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, for an information and necessary action.

II. Copy forwarded for information to:

  1. RPS Agents

  2. All Principal Officers, MMDs.

  3. All Surveyors In-Charge, MMDs.


  5. Directors, Seamens Employment Offices, Mumbai / Kolkata / Chennai.

  6. NUSI / MUI

  7. IMU, Chennai LBS College, Mumbai.

  8. Nautical Brach / Training Branch / Engineering Branch, DGS

  9. Hindi Branch (for translation)

  10. Computer Branch for uploading on the web.

III. Copy submitted for information to the Secretary to the Govt. Of India, Ministry of Shipping, Transport Bhavan, 1 Parliament Street, New Delhi.


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