Unit 6 Lesson 33. Family Business Reading the text: a tv guide Vocabulary

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Unit 6 Lesson 6C Family Business

Unit 6 Lesson 33. Family Business
Reading the text: a TV guide
Vocabulary: prefixes and opposites of adjectives un-, in-, am-, dis-
Review: character adjectives; past tenses; will and might
Listening: a radio drama ; help with Listening missing words

Soap update : Family Business
In the popular radio drama Family Business, things aren’t looking good for the Blake family. They own The Full Moon restaurant, but a new restaurant called The Angel is taking all their customers. The Full Moon also has serious money problems and relationships between the family members are getting worse every week. For new listeners here’s our guide to the main characters in radio's most popular drama.

Lydia Blake and her husband Clive own The Full Moon restaurant. Lydia is bright and extremely stubborn, and she’s very worried about the restaurant. She want? to borrow some money from the bank - if she can’t, The Full Moon might have to close

Clive Blake is the chef at The Full Moon - but being married to Lydia isn't easy. He thinks she’s impatient and inconsiderate and would like to ask her for a divorce. But if he does, what will happen to the restaurant he loves?
Darren is the oldest of Lydia and Clive's three children (their other son, Nick, left the programme a year age) Darren works as a waiter | in his parents' restaurant - when he’s not stealing cars or staying out all night. The most dishonest and unreliable member of the family, he's the one we love to hate!
Trudy is Lydia and Clive s youngest child. Nineteen-year-old Trudy is unemployed and she can't keep a job for more than two weeks. Is this because she’s immature, moody and unhelpful, perhaps7
Kathy is Darren's lovely wife and mother of three- month-old Elizabeth. Kathy is quiet, easy­going and unselfish - but does she have a secret past?
Eve King is the owner of The Angel restaurant, which opened in the same street as The Full Moon last month, Eve is attractive, ambitious - and single!

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