Unit a chapter 1 Prophets and Messengers

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Unit A

Chapter 1
Prophets and Messengers
Q.1 Name fifteen Prophets.


Q.2 Name five Messengers.

A.2 Nuh, Ibraheem,Musa,Isa,Muhammad.

Q.3 What is the Arabic word for Prophet and Prophets?

A.3 Nabi one prophet and anbiya’ more than one.

Q.4 What is the Arabic word for messenger and messenger?

A.4 Rasool one messenger, Rusul more than one messengers.

Q.5 Why did Allah sent prophets?

A.5 Allah sent prophets to teach how to :

  • worship Him.

  • have a good character.

  • live happily in this life.

  • win Jannah in the next life.

Q.6 Why do you think people kept forgetting the message that bought to them by the prophets.

A.6 People kept forgetting the message that was brought to them because they began to follow their own desires which then led them to follow Shaytan.

Q.7 Why do you think Allah kept reminding people about the message?

A.7 Allah kept reminding people about the message because he loves them and out of His mercy He wants people to obey and worship Him so they will live happy in this life and win Jannah in the next one.

Unit A

Chapter 1

Prophets and Messengers
World Watch


Arabic word for Prophet


Arabic word for more than one prophets


Arabic word for messenger


Arabic word for more than one messenger


Rewards given by Allah to whoever does good deeds


The belief that there is only one true God to be worshiped Allah

Healthy Habits 1

  • Always show love and respect for all the Prophets of Allah.

  • Always follow the Sunnah and manners of Prophet Mohammed (saw).

  • Say “Salla-Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam” or “Alay-his-Salam” whenever you hear or say the name of Prophet Mohammed (saw) or other Prophet.



Unit A

Chapter 2

Yawm-ul-Qiyamah-The Day of Judgment

Q.1 Describe what is Yawmul-Qiyamah?

A.1 The Day of judgment is when all will stand in front of Allah to account for their deeds.

Q.2 Explain Why is it important to believe in Yawmul-Qiyamah?

A.2 First, it is important to believe in the Day of Judgment because Allah promises it will take place. Next, knowing about this day help us to remember to ask Allah for forgiveness because we understand that all we do will be judged. Also, we will be motivated to do more good deeds that are pleasing to Allah Insha Allah. All this will make us better people.

Q.3 What should a Muslim do when he or she makes a mistake?

A.3 A Muslim should ask for forgiveness as soon as he/she makes a mistake. We should also sincerely ask Allah to help us to do good deeds that are pleasing to him. This will help us on the Day of Judgment, Insha Allah.

Q.4 What is the name of the angel who will below the trumpet on the Day of Judgment?

A.4 His name is Israfeel.

Q.5 What is the Book of Deeds?

A.5 The book of Deeds is all of our actions spoken, unspoken, seen and unseen written by our “honorable written angels”. It will be shown on that day for all to see, while we are judged by Allah. Good people get their books of deeds with their right hands while bad people receive them with their left hands.

Q.6 Define the following Names of Allah; Al-Khafid and Ar-Rafi. Explain how the meanings of these names, describe what will happen on the Day of Judgment?

A.6 Al-Khafid: The one who can bring high things down and make powerful people weak.

Ar-Rafi: The one who can raise low things up and make weak people powerful.

The meanings of these names express what Allah will do to those who are in positions of power and abuse others. It also explains what he will do to those who are victims of the powerful people. They will find ultimate justice in the end and become powerful because they were patient.
Unit A



YAWM-UL-QIYAMAH يوم القيامة


DAY OF JUDGMENT يوم الحساب


BOOK OF DEEDS كتاب الاعمال
-What should we do if we make a mistake?

When we make a mistake towards others:

  • Admit it.

  • Make istighfar ( استغفر الله )and seek forgiveness from Allah.

  • Seek the forgiveness of the person whom you hurt.

  • Try not to make a same mistake again.

Remember that we all make mistakes, and Allah is kind and forgiving.

We just have to ask his forgiveness. Let’s keep our books of deeds free from bad deeds.

Unit A

Chapter 3

Al Qadar: Fate (Destiny)
Critical Thinking/ Study Questions:
Q.1 What does Al-Qadar mean?

A.2 Al-Qadar means Fate. It is what Allah permitted to happen to people and the universe in the future.

Q.2 Do humans control whole universe?

A.2 No, because we are only creation of Allah.

Q.3 Who controls the universe?

A.3 Allah controls the entire universe.

Q.4 Give three examples of things that Allah desides in our lives?


  • Allah decides our life span (Al-Ajal), when we are born, when we born, when we die.

  • Our wealth (Ar-Rizq), how much we will have in this life.

  • Our health (As-Sihhah), when we get sick and when he recover.

Q.5 Do people have choice to do good deeds and bad deeds?

A.5 Yes, we have a choice to do either one. If we choose to live our lives doing good deeds Allah promises to protect from evil. If we choose the other path then Allah will try us with hardship so that we may reflect on our behavior and life style and return to him.

Q.6 Can anyone or anything benefit or harm you without Allah’s permission?

A.6 No, Allah is the Benefactor (An-Nafi’), and the Afflicter (Ad-Dar), But Allah permits it. People, animals or things may hurt us.

Q.7 Why is it important to believe in Al-Qadar?

A.7 It is important to believe in Al-Qadar because it reminds us that the only way we can be successful in this life is to submit ourselves to Allah.By submitting ourselves to him he puts the love of what he loves in our heart and the hate of what he hates(all evil deeds) in our hearts. This is truly the only successful way of life.

Al Qadar: Fate(Destiny)

World Watch


Fate (Destiny): Allah is in control of everything that happens in the universe.


Asking for forgiveness from Allah.


Our life span. Allah is in control of how long we live and when we will die.


Our wealth. Allah is in control of how much we get.


Our health. Allah is in control of when we get sick and when we recover.

Life quality:

Allah is in control of our life; whether it will be a happy life or one with struggle.
Al-Qadar: What does Al-Qadar mean?
Al-Qadar means Fate (Destiny).

This means Allah controls the fate of people and the whole universe. Everything happens with His knowledge and permission. He knows everything that happened in the past, He knows everything that happens now, and He knows everything that will happen in the future. Nothing happens in this world without His permission.

Allah is An-Nafi’ النافع
)The Benefactor(
Allah is Ad-Daarr الضار
)The Afflicter(

Unit B

Chapter 1
Prophet Ibraheem’s Children:The Story of Prophet Isma’eel
Write a brief note on the story of Prophet Ibraheem and Isma’eel.

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