Vincent claux

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Vincent CLAUX -

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33 year old

French Nationality

Clean Driving licence

Free from military liabilities

Noumea, New Caledonia

Industrial Computing & Electronics Engineer

Skills -


- Digital / analogue electronic schematic and PCB design

- Microcontroller, ASIC/FPGA circuits and Télémécanique automations programming

- Building electric wiring


- Programming: Assembly, C, C++, VHDL, VBasic, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, ActivX, PL/SQL

- Networking: TCP/IP, ISDN, Microsoft Windows 95/NT and UNIX LAN, Internet/Intranet security

- Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 95/NT/2000/XP, Linux Slackware

- Specialised software: Orcad, EDA Client, Workbench, Autocad, Pack Office, PhotoShop, PL7/2


- Current French (mother tongue)

- Fluent English (United kingdom resident from 2000 to 2003)

- Smattering of Spanish

Education -


University of Glamorgan (United kingdom)

Full time student in Meng - Computer Systems Engineering Final year

Taught program : System architecture, ASIC and FPGA design, Windows (C++) programming, networking, Digital Telecom, Data Base, web design, Internet security, management, marketing...


University of Rennes (France)

Obtaining of French DUT GEII, BSc equivalent in IT and electronics


INSA of Rennes (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) – First year of preparatory classe

June 1997

BAC S, A level equivalent in industrial technologies and mathematics (obtained with distinction)

Experiences -

Since 2006

6 years

CEO, XL Programmation Micro SARL (New Caledonia,

- Managing of a computing company with staff of 8 people, 1M€ of annual income

- Sales director, managing of relationship with supplyers ans partners, developping strategy

- Management of a web based salary service, and telecom oriented services for entreprises

2003 - 2006

3 years

Middleware Engineer, FREEBOX SA (R&D of Iliad Group, Paris, France,

- VHDL software design for Xilinx FPGA and CPLD on Freebox ADSL CPE and DSLAM equipments

- Embedded linux C software design for 32 bit microcontroler on Freebox ADSL CPE

- System admin of ISP Free web sites ( and


9 months


Industrial Project - University of Glamorgan

Test bench design to validate and debug of a VHDL synthesis of a microcontroller core in order to guarantee its integration within an FPGA. The test benches being programmed in VHDL and Assembly.

Summer ’01

3 months

Consultant for CEPE (Centre for Electronic Product and Engineering) – Pontypridd, United Kingdom

Product design (High accuracy industrial thermometer) involving hardware and software designs


2 months

Industrial placement at Thomson Broadcast Systems – Rennes, France

C++ (Visual Borland) programming of a debugging and validation tool (using MPEG-2 stream analysis). This tool being used by the Validation Service at the Thomson Broadcast Systems Research & Development department.

Leisure activities -


10 years photography experience, member of the Pontypridd Camera Club (B&W works)

All king of device repair (electronic and mechanical)


Bicycle, Climbing, Archery

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