We love to take pictures of our children

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Insha and Obaid Khan

10404 Major Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73120

(405) 295-5426




We respect your right to decide for what purposes your child may be photographed. We use photos of the children for crafts, for our website, for the daycare’s bulletin board, for an album to show prospective clients, for a client newsletter, etc. Your child will always be identified with first name only, if at all. If you would like examples of how photography and videos are used in our daycare, please view our Facebook page and our website (homechildcareokc.com). Then please complete the section below that gives or declines your permission to photograph your child for various purposes.
Child’s Full Name ____________________________________________________ DOB: ___________________________
I give permission for Home Away From Home Childcare to photograph my child (listed above) for the following purposes:

Type of Use:

(Please check one)

Grant Permission

Decline Permission

Still photographs:

Display in childcare’s scrapbook or bulletin board

Display on childcare’s website

Display in promotional materials such as newsletters


Display video on childcare’s website

Use videos in promotional materials

I understand that if I no longer wish to authorize one or more of the above uses, it is my responsibility to update this form.

Father/Guardian’s Signature


Printed Name

Mother/Guardian’s Signature


Printed Name

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