Where do I start?

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Where do I start?
You need to create as much traffic through your website as possible in order to rank highly in Google and other search engines.

Linking all the accounts together and ensuring you share as much information from your website - that acts as the digital hub of your organisation - means you maximise users visiting your site.

  1. Use the checklist below to ensure you have all the most important things in place.

  2. Run a Social Media Audit using the form in this pack.

  3. Do some research on relevant organisations to register and partner up with, for this campaign. Use the practical exercise in this pack, don’t forget to research relevant #’s

  4. Design your campaign posts/tweets, agree a start date and run it.

  5. Keep to the plan of action for the week of the campaign, sharing/retweeting, liking and commenting on as many of your network’s posts as possible. Use your organisations pages/twitter [and your personal accounts if you feel comfortable, ensure you have followed the ‘keeping your facebook profile private’ handout]

  6. Check your analytics/stats after the campaign time is expired, to see how effective it was and work out what can be tweaked for the next time, you can use the SM audit form.

  7. Write a report using the last page on the SM Audit form, for your organisation [don’t forget to share your successes back out to your SM accs] or fundraising applications and funders reports.

  8. Start the process again.


We are trying to get everyone to COMMENT/SHARE/RETWEET/LIKE your posts/tweets, as this interaction [not just passive viewing] will improve your reach.

Our Website

  • Static Info [except front page which should be dynamic, could have blog feed for this]

  • Blog that is used for news/events

  • Links out to all orgs SM accounts

  • Sharing buttons on all pages and blog posts [makes it easier to share out to Social Media Accs]

  • Call to action button [eg phone org or donate, these can be made to link straight to a mobile phone action or a fundraising page etc]

  • Small video on front page [shareable] with subtitles as people watch on their feeds with the sound down

  • Register with google places, so you can insert a google map with directions and people can find you when they are looking for you on their mobiles/laptops [Register the business address, receive postcard with code, verify on google, process can take about 5 days]

  • Ensure there is a search on your front page

  • Make sure you have analytics set up on your web server [ask your web designer]

  • NB ensure you have the logins, usernames and passwords for your site admin, web hosting [ftp details] and domain names – get from anyone who has carried out work for your site. You are entitled to have this information and it is vital that you are not left without it, just in case the web design company ceases to exist [this is a very common issues, please beware]

NB If you do not have a site, use the local directories see ‘directories’ section below

Facebook Page [Public]

  • Security settings approved and actioned re SM policy

  • Link back to all SM accs and site [check an existing links work]

  • Choose to tweet and post on FB at the same time [be aware that some people who use twitter don’t use FB, so links back to FB will be redundant]

  • Use #’s where relevant

  • Link account to Instagram so you can share to and from these accs

  • Activate your FB reviews, if your SM policy allows it [Page settings>edit page>bottom of page> ‘add a tab’> reviews]

  • Create a FB place for check ins [Go to check in, write your place if it doesn’t appear and click add, then follow the procedure to claim it as yours. If you have a number of places already created by others, claim them all and delete the ones you don’t want]

NB You may decide against check ins as your service users may be vulnerable people

  • Personal Privacy: Do I want to like, comment and share as myself to help the reach of the organisation [*maybe just for this exercise]

  • Check you understand how your insights [statistics] work, find our what your popular post content is. Access through the insights tab at the top of your page.

  • Learn more about your audience and local/relevant demographics by going through the FB ad process [you don’t have to pay until the end]

  • Get a facebook website address [get this in the page edit section]

  • Like other organisations pages as your page [click the … button on the page you want to like’s home page and choose ‘like as page’]

  • See the posts from the pages you have liked in your pages feed [Right hand side of your pages home page] this makes it easier to like/share and comment on them

  • You can post to another page as your page, it will have to be reposted by the page admin to reach all their likers

  • Similarly you have to repost any posts to your page

Facebook Group [Secret or public]

  • Security settings approved an actioned re SM policy

  • Link back to all SM accs and site [check an existing links work]

  • Build community and share to page [NB you cannot share posts if secret byprotecting vulnerable people]

  • Ensure administrators of the group are protected in their personal profiles [*see the 10 steps to make your profile private]


Ensure all SM and Site links are working and clearly in place


Register with as many relevant local and national directories as possible, this will make you ‘findable’ within your field and the community and voluntary sector in general.

  • Register with the Community Works directory

  • Submit your events to the Community Works calendar through their ‘add an event’ button [Libby will share out events]

  • Register with LinkedIn

  • Check all links work on existing entries


  • Put a site link on your home page [check the existing link works]

  • Use researched relevant #’s

  • Create lists to get relevant information and share to relevant orgs in your network

  • Tweet using relevant @’s [eg @bh_cw - community works] to expand your reach

  • Check your Twitter Stats are turned on [Twitter profile pic> drop down menu> analytics


Use for Business to Business, ensure you have a page so people know you are there.

SM management and scheduled posts/tweets

Use the free SM management tools available to you to schedule posts/tweets;

  • Hootsuite: for Facebook Pages/group, Twitter

  • Facebook linked to Twitter and Instagram

  • Twitter linked to Facebook

  • Twitter scheduled tweets through ads.twitter.com [*https://blog.kissmetrics.com/twitter-announces-scheduled-tweets/]

  • Internal facebook scheduler [doesn’t work with shares, only posts from page]

NB use the right ‘language’ for the right platform?

Eg Facebook posts and tweets are very different but you can make them similar. Instagram posts can be shared back to facebook (the photo title becomes the post content)

#’s work on most platforms
Domain Names

This is often overlooked and not properly understood, it is separate from your website and web server logins;

  • Ensure you know who your domain names are registered with, and that you have the relevant Usernames and passwords.

  • Ensure they are registered in your organisations name and not the person who registered them for you.

  • Obtain .co.uk, .org, .org.uk and .com if you can afford it. There are some new top level domain names that might be relevant to you too; .community .coops .group .social .website

Facebook Ads

To pay or not to pay?

Paying for adverts on facebook can be very effective and doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can greatly improve your reach by spending approx £4 on a post that can be promoted at various intervals over a weekend period.

Link to fb and twitter so you can share insta posts

Tag relevant orgs into photos

Use relevant #’s

SM Campaign

Reach more people by starting a strategic campaign with the other people in the ‘network’ of relevant organisations you have researched in the SM Audit

  • Design a post to promote yourselves [event/fundraising/general information] Purpose; to let your community know about your services

  • Create a network of orgs participating in the campaign, to promote what they do to your community , by joining together and reciprocating, comments/shares/retweets/likes

  • Reach more potential service users/funders/community supporters

  • Create a report about out what works for your org and how to adapt your next campaign to make SM work better for your org


You can use the evidence from your SM stats and website analytics to attract funders.

  • Use FB insights, Twitter analytics, Mailchimp analytics and your orgs website analytics

Other tips

  • Community works will share any volunteering opportunities your org has, so make sure they are following all your SM accs

  • Look for as much original content as possible when sharing – bring people back to your accounts and site

The Social Media pack and other relevant handouts can be found at http://www.wayoutmedia.com/creative/training-2/social-media-group/

Social Strategy Workshop: Community Works 21.05.17: Trainer Helen Goss Handouts available wayoutmedia.com>training

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