1. Main Hello everyone my name is Kim hayeon. The title is ‘five senses in Seoul’ Let me start my presentation. Index

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1. Main

Hello everyone. my name is Kim hayeon. The title is ‘five senses in Seoul’

Let me start my presentation.

2. Index

I’m going to deal with 6 categories in this presentation.

Concept, team member, budget, production schedules, website & video, and Evaluation.

3. Concept

My concept is ‘five senses’. We nomally have five senses such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

And this senses allow us to do everything.

So my concept could create a specific formular that is FIVE SENSES + SEOUL TOUR = ‘FIVE SENSES IN SEOUL’

4. Team member

This is my team member. My team has four members Including me and consist of one web designer, one photographer and one programmer.

Everyone highly contributed to making a website.

5. Budget

Hear is the budget plan. this is total budget. Includes materials, equipment, people, marketing, studio and others.

6. Time management

This is the Time management. We planed and research on the project in February.

and we did editing video and building a website in March.

7. Website

This is main page. And those buttons are connected with each pages Home, sight, hearing, smell& taste and touch.

In the main page, it shows you some pictures about bukchon and insa-dong with gallery widget. I attached the map. because easily know and find where it is. I intend to recommend foreigners some places where they can experience the traditional and modern of Seoul, Korea.

8. Video

This is intro page. It includes the video. I used premiere program to make it.

Actually, It was really difficult to make the video from the beginning.

but we could get lots of helps from premiere program for completing it.

9. Evaluation

In addition, I could learn many thing from this project.

This is my evaluation. There are Good work and bad work on the project.

First, I think good work could be that I tried to interview foreigners. In ordinary time,

I couldn’t imagine how I tried to interview foreigners. But through this project,

I was able to do it. And I could meet the deadline.

Second, I think bad work could be that I didn’t follow the story board. But my website became better than before.

This project was very hard for me. But I could learn how to make a website, how to make a plan and importance of time management and personal relations.

10. Q & A

Do you have any questions about the presentation?

1. Witch your 'five senses' favorite?

I like 'hearing' because I enjoy listening to music. when people are stressed out they usually listen to music. so my favorite senses is hearing

2. What was the difficult thing about this project?

I’m not organized person. But this project seems to need a lot of plans and trying to them.

So planning was one of the most difficult things for me.

11. Thank you for listening.

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