Cary-Grove Cheerleading Constitution

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Cary-Grove Cheerleading Constitution


The Cary-Grove Cheerleading Program is committed to promoting school spirit among students throughout the CG school and community, as well as displaying a positive attitude regarding school events, supporting sportsmanship in athletics, and developing skilled athletes.  The CG Cheerleading Program participates in football and basketball sideline cheerleading as well as IHSA Competitive Cheerleading.  If chosen as a member of the Cary-Grove Cheerleading Program, all cheerleaders and parents are expected to assume specific responsibilities in order to maintain membership in the program.  All expectations are outlined in this Cary-Grove Cheerleading Constitution and must be read and fully agreed to in order to become a member of the CGHS cheerleading program.


  1. To create and promote school spirit among students throughout Cary-Grove High School and the Cary/ Fox River Grove Community and to grow as a team through maintaining a TEAM FIRST Attitude and developing goal setting skills.

  1. To enhance and develop core skills essential to competition such as jumps, motions, running tumbling, standing tumbling, stunting, dance, and showmanship in order to succeed as a team in competitions.

How a cheerleader is perceived at practice, events, and competitions is representative of the CGHS Community.
A Cary-Grove Cheerleader should exhibit PRIDE at all times. Having pride comes with the following qualities…
Positive attitude
If any cheerleader does not exhibit the appropriate attitude at practices, events, competitions, or events within and outside of the school day, the following consequences/discipline action will be instilled.

  1. Warning- Talk with coaches about behavior, reasoning, and how to fix it.

  2. Parent phone call- Possibly benched

  3. Parent-Student-Coach Meeting

  4. Dropped from the squad

Having a Team First Attitude is a key component for this season to be successful!


The Varsity Squad competes in five competitions a year and the JV Squad competes in 5 competitions a year. In addition to the five competitions, Varsity will participate in the IHSA State Series.

On the Varsity team, 20 girls will compete. This is an IHSA rule based on our school size. There will be 2-4 alternates on this team. JV will compete with 20 girls and have 6-8 alternates.
To compete Cheerleaders MUST:

  • Attend a mandatory choreography practice. There are no exceptions.

  • Execute and maintain all skills that you tried out with.

    • In not, girls are subject to be moved to an alternate position or move down to competition JV squad.

  • Attend all competitions and practices.

  • Attend all practices over Thanksgiving and Winter Break. (You will be given schedules in advance).

You MUST be at practices. If you miss these practices, you may lose your spot on the competition floor.

Schedules will be given out at the beginning of the season and each cheerleader is expected to attend ALL specified practices, games, and events on this. However, cheerleaders will need to be flexible due to added or changed practice due to facilities, games, weather, competitions, pep assemblies, homecoming, and before school starts.
As stated in the athletic handbook:

Team members of all teams are expected to be at all practices and games at the time specified by their coach. The team and coaches depend on you as it is very important for the success of the team to have meaningful practices. All players are expected to be physically fit, be able to perform the necessary individual skills and know the team strategies before they will be able to perform in games. You, as an athlete, have to learn and acquire skills to improve. Above all, to be in good physical condition, takes day-to-day dedication. Your performance in practices will determine your personal success as an athlete.”

**If a cheerleader is or will be absent, an absence form must be filled out.

**An absence form is not required if a cheerleader is ill, but an e-mail must be sent.
All cheerleaders must have an attendance policy form filled out 24 hours in advance for it to count as EXCUSED. THIS WILL BE HIGHLY ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!
Unexcused Absences VS. Excused Absences

Orthodontist/Dentist (2+) Appointments Illness if not present at school (with note or email)

Doctor Appointments (2+) Family emergencies (accidents, funerals)

Chiropractor Appointments (2+) After School Academic Help

Family Gatherings Other medical

Vacations (unless cleared with coach) Approved Cary-Grove events

Illness when present in school



Dance lessons or recitals


Hair Appointments

Jr. Trojans competitions and practices
Unexcused Absences:

  1. 1st Unexcused absence- the cheerleader will receive a verbal warning about her attendance.

  2. 2nd unexcused absence- the coaches will call home.

  3. 3rd unexcused absence- the cheerleader, parents and coaches will set up a meeting to discuss the cheerleader’s attendance issue.

  4. In the event the cheerleader has 4 unexcused absences, it may result in the cheerleader being dropped from the sport.

Excused Absences:

After four excused absences we will invoke the same policy for unexcused absences.

The following are consequences for over 4 excused absences…

  1. On a cheerleader’s fifth absence, the cheerleader will receive a verbal warning about her attendance.

  2. On the sixth absence, the coaches will call home.

  3. On the seventh absence the cheerleader, parents and coaches will set up a meeting to discuss the cheerleader’s attendance issue.

  4. In the event the cheerleader is absent from eight practices, it may result in the cheerleader being dropped from the sport.

Attendance Circumstances
**In the event that you are absent (excused or unexcused) during the week of a special event or competition, you may be ineligible to participate in that special event/competition.
As stated in the athletic handbook, more than two unexcused absences may result in the athlete being dropped from the team. If an athlete has an unexcused absence from a game, she may be dropped immediately.

When in doubt, communicate with the coaches. Communication is key to making this program successful!
Cheerleading is a major time commitment.
All CGHS cheerleaders are required to be present at practice!

The 4 P’s= Prompt, prepared, polite, and pumped!!

  • Shoes and practice clothes on, hair up, jewelry off

  • On-time-In the café or practice area by 3

  • Mats out by 3:15

  • SMILES on Faces and any issues from school, personal, or last practice are left at the door!

*Attendance will be taken daily.

*Unexcused Practices= Not cheering at the game/Pre game on Friday. You will be required to be present, in the stands, in full uniform, for the designated length of time. 4 Strike Policy.
*Excused Practices= 7 Strike Policy
*All absences will be considered unexcused if your coach does not receive an absence form, phone call, note in her mailbox, or email by 3:00 pm.
*If you leave practice early or arrive to practice or a game late, you will be ineligible to cheer in the next game for the same amount of time that you were not at practice. You will be required to be present, in the stands, in full uniform for the designated length of time.
***Once you make the team, all practices/camps are mandatory. We will NOT work around work or individual schedules. NO EXCUSES!

Uniforms and Appearance

Be in Full Uniform

Hair pulled back in pony tail (bangs included)

NO JEWLERY including watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, belly button rings, and any other piercings

NO GLITTER including lotions, make-up etc. containing glitter

NO ACRYLICS/FAKE NAILS this goes for any school dances, etc. Nails should be trimmed to an athletic length, not beyond the fingertips.

NO GUM is allowed during practices or games


…. And any additional IHSA mandated rules

** There is a $20 uniform rental fee. This must be paid PRIOR to receiving your uniform.
** Each member will be given a uniform and must properly maintain that uniform according to the directions given.
**At the end of their season, the cheerleader will have 10 days to turn in their uniform. After the 10-day period, cheerleaders will be charged a late fee.
**If the uniforms are not properly maintained throughout the season or turned in damaged, the cheerleader will be charged for that uniform.
Academic Eligibility

1. We are all here to learn- so keep up your grades at all time!

2. We expect all cheerleaders to maintain the CG rules for eligibility set forth by the IHSA throughout the entire season.

3. All members are required to follow the academic eligibility rules as stated in

the Athletic Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook.

1. Minor infractions may include jewelry, gum, swearing, nails, hair, or any other action the coaches consider inappropriate.

a. Discipline for minor infractions include, but are not limited to:

Running laps or other activity

Benched from practice, game or event
2. Major infractions include: attitude, attendance, participation, breaking a school

or IHSA rule, cutting class, grades or any other action the coaches consider a major


  • Discipline for major infractions include, but are not limited to:

    1. Speaking with Coach after practice

    2. Parent Phone Call- Benched from practice, game or event

    3. Meeting with coaches, parents, Athletic Director, etc.

    4. Cheerleader dropped from the sport

Cheerleaders/ parents are responsible for paying for cheer merchandise BEFORE she can obtain the merchandise.
All bills must be paid on time and in full.
If you have an outstanding balance from the season before, it must be paid in full in order to tryout. All uniforms from the year before must be returned before you can tryout.

If a cheerleader quits, she will be responsible to pay for any pre ordered items and/or outstanding balances. There are no refunds for any camps/ clinics, clothing, and or anything else ordered and not received.

*** If a cheerleader needs to set up on a payment plan they must sign an agreement with the Coach.

It is mandatory that all cheerleaders ride the bus to and from all away competitions and other school events related to cheerleading. Cheerleaders are not allowed to ride with parents and/or friends to or from away competitions/events. Not riding the bus will result in an unexcused absence. Two unexcused absences results in dismissal from her cheerleading position.

If there is an extenuating circumstance, a parent must fill out the proper paperwork with the Dean to drive a cheerleader to or from one competition. This paperwork must be filled out at least two school days before the event and must be sent to the head coach in addition to that. In addition, when a cheerleader leaves or arrives with these circumstances, the coach must be personally contacted at the event/competition by the parent to release the cheerleader.

Safety is a primary concern of the coaches. It is necessary that all cheerleaders are safe during practices, events, and competitions. This means that stunting will only be done under the coaches supervision with multiple spotters. This also means that cheerleaders should appropriately stretch out before practice and cool down after practice. It is each cheerleader’s responsibility to take care or her own body and knows what she/he need in regards to warming up and taping. It is also necessary that cheerleaders are serious and focused during practice to ensure other’s safety. Excessive absences may result in a safety risk to other cheerleaders on the team. A cheerleader may be benched for excessive absences, which is ultimately a safety hazard.

Fundraisers and Volunteer Work

As a part of the CG Cheerleading program, each member will actively participate in fundraisers and volunteer work throughout the year.

Car Wash

Kids Camps

Yankee Candle

Any other deemed as necessary

Parent Involvement

As you all know, cheerleading has so many components to it throughout the season such as fundraising, team dinners/parties, homecoming, holiday parties, competitions, community service projects, spirit signs, etc. In order to make this season successful, I need parent volunteers to sign up for different committees to help organize the various activities/elements crucial to making CG cheer a success.


We cannot stress how important communicating with one another is!


However, if cheerleaders have an issue, concern, or suggestion, THEY should contact their coach directly in person, by email or phone to discuss this!!

Please avoid lengthy emails full of concerns and/or negatives. We all prefer talking directly with students/parents regarding concerns and issues.

Remember there is always a solution to every situation!!

Rules and guidelines of Cary-Grove Cheerleading are subject to change. We will notify cheerleaders and parents of these changes, if and when they occur.
Thank you for participating in Cary-Grove Cheerleading this year. We look forward to a successful season. If you have any questions during the season or need to speak to us, please contact the school at (847) 639-3825 or email your coach. If any concerns arise during the season, please contact your coach, before the Head Coach, Athletic Director or any other third parties.

Jamie Reiche Brittany Dammeier Amanda Smith

Head Coach Assistant Coach Frosh/Soph Coach

(847) 639-3825 ext. 4201

Voicemail ext. 4415

I have read the Cary Grove High School Cheerleading Constitution and understand the responsibility and commitment it takes to be a CG Cheerleader. I will follow the procedures and rules as stated, and that may come up during the year.

Parent/guardian ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Date ____________________________________________________________________________
Cheerleader ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________________________________________________

***Please return this sheet signed to Ms. Reiche with your tryout packet by July 30th.

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