Patricia bueno sigüenza g. I. S. Analyst / geographer

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First name(s) / Surname(s) Patricia Bueno Sigüenza

Address(es) 99, Monte Perdido 28018 Madrid, Spain

Telephone(s) Mobile: +34 617248195


Nationality Spanish Gender Female Date of birth July, 3rd 1980


GEOGRAPHY DEGREE. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 1999 to 2004

Master in “Territory, environment and society” 2004 to 2006

Advanced Studies Diploma: “Cartographic research: town boundaries and administrative boundaries”

Work experience


February-March (1month .Productivity needs contract)

Adaptation mapping and implementing quality control process.
INSA for IBM; Planex Project (Telefónica)

G.I.S. ANALYST- Technical Support department

May 2010 to May 2012 (2 years)

I worked during two years in ''Planex project'' for Telefónica Compañy . Planex is a project design to manage telecommunication network in Spain.

The tool design to manage this cartography is called “Network Engineeer” and it is a ArcGIS development. My responsibilities in the project were:

• To analyse the Geographical Information System and technical supporting for “Network Engineer” users

• Designing cartography for networks (Arcgis and Microstation softwares)

• Certifying GIS products: Dynamic tests on BETA versions, mainly integration tests

• Performance Tests

• Drafting Tool testing protocols

• Incident Management : Reporting , classification and managing technical incidents, requests, problems and changes

• Usability studies and error detection tools

Training users

ACTISEVILLA E.T.T. for IPTS (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies)ECCET department (Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport)


November 2009 to March 2010 (5 months, maternity leave replacement)

I worked in the “Institute for Prospective Technological Studies”(European Commision Institute) at ECCET department (Economics of Climate

Change, Energy and Transport). I was the GIS Analyst and my responsibilities were to manage the geographical data through "Geodatabases"

(ArcGIS Software) and Maintaining and updating Oracle spatial database.

I published maps with "Geoserver" /”MapServer” and I developed thematic Cartography through ArcGIS software, mainly for transport models. I created a metadata catalogue based on Inspire normative.

ARELANCE for Indra Sistemas


May 2008 to August 2009 (1 year and 3 months)

I worked in three projects:

- ‘SIGRA’ Project: Managing Cartographic data for AENA(Spanish airports and aerial navigation) and offering technical assistance to establish a new

procedure for AENA G.I.S.

-“Intelligent Network” Project: Managing geographical data and creating a water supply network GIS using the ‘Geometric Network’ extension of ArcGIS.

- “AENA environment” Project: Digitalization and control quality for geographic data and alphanumeric data.

Technological environment used in all projects was: ArcGIS 9.1 and 9.2, Toad for Oracle 8.5, Autocad 2004 and 2007, ArcSDE.

ESRI Spain

GIS Technical Support

April 2007 to May 2008 (1 year and 1 month)

I worked in Technical support department for ESRI and ERDAS software’s. I solved the incidents related with both softwares. I tested Beta versions.

Research fellowship

October 2005 to March 2007 (1 year and 5 months)

I worked at Cartography Service in Autónoma University of Madrid. My responsibilities were:

. Writing Advanced Studies Diploma. It is a research called “Cartographic research: ‘Town boundaries and administrative boundaries’

· Geographical data processing, digitalization, georeferencing data, quality processes, developing thematic cartography.

· Geobase Project: Project Developer for properties managements.

· Collaboration in the Digital Elevation Models elaboration for Cantabria province


July 2005 to August 2005 (one month)

Collaboration in "Inventory of railway tunnels in Spain." publication .Conducting fieldwork, inventorying and photographing the railroad tunnels of Leon-Ferrol by analog mapping and GPS


February 2005 to May 2005 ( 4 months)

Classifying and managing paper and digital cartography resources

Cartographic operator - Photo interpreter

February 2004 to March 2005 (1 year 1 month)

I worked in ‘SIGPAC’ Project: It is a Cartography project designed to manage the agricultural lands and properties in Spain. It is an Agricultural Minister project. I worked Classifying and interpreting aerial photos to establish agricultural boundaries by digitizing through a specific GIS (DINAMAP G.I.S)
Computer skills and competences

Expert in Geographical information Systems:

· ESRI Software: ArcView 3.x, ArcGIS 9.x, ArcGIS 10, ArcInfo Workstation 9.x, ArcSDE, Network Engineer

· OPENSOURCE: GVsig, Kosmo, MapServer, Geoserver (wms/wfs), GeoNetwork, Catmdedit (Metadata editor).

· Others: Idrisi, DinaMap, GeoBase, Erdas Imagine Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools (Word™, Excel™ and powerPoint™)

Graphic design: Autocad and Microstation.

Databases: Microsoft Access, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS.

Database manager: Toad for Oracle. SQL Developer, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Languages: XML and SQL·
Training courses

  • Database administrator 665 h. (Serprofés school) Studying

  • Geographer court expert. 6 h. (Association of Geographers). Dec. 2012

  • Photogrammetric restitution with Ortosky. 16 h. (SRM Consulting). November2012

  • Access 2007 (advanced). 40 h (CEIM) 2012

  • Managing Databases: MySQL. 40 h. (San Roman School) October 2012

  • XML. 20 h. (CEIM). October 2012 • Access 2007 Advanced. (Ceim) 40 hours. July 2012

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI-E) Theoretical-practical course: Deployment OGC Services for Open Source IDE Technologies' 28 h. UPM.(University) . 2009.

  • Working with ArcGIS Schematics. 16 h. ESRI Spain. 2007

  • ArcGIS 9. 24 h. ESRI Spain. 2007

  • Introducing to Programming with VBA ArcObjets. 20 h. ESRI Spain. 2007

  • Modifying 2D and 3D with Autocad. 180 h. (ASALMA School). 2007

  • Teacher Training Course at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 250h. 2004-2005 (University)

  • Technical Digital Cartography and Remote Sensing. 150 h. UAM.(University) 2003-2004


Advanced English Course (Finance Center and steps from the CAM). 110 hours.2012

Business English Course (San Roman School) 150 hours. . 2009
Skills and competences

I have Artistic sensibility related to graphic design and sense of the organization

I am interested in the environment conservation.

I have ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with people different national and cultural backgrounds

I am willing to travel and I have category B driving license and own car
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