भारत का प्रधान कोंसलावास, बाली Consulate General of India Bali

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भारत का प्रधान कोंसलावास, बाली

Consulate General of India



ASEAN-INDIA Business seminar held in Bali to commemorate
20 years of relationship

As part of the commemorative events being held in Indonesia to mark the 20th anniversary of the ASEAN-India dialogue partnership, the Embassy of India organized an India ASEAN Business Seminar in Bali on 29th October 2012 in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata (ICC), Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ( KADIN Bali), Bali Investment Agency and Bank Indonesia. The business event followed the arrival of INS Sudarshini, the Indian Navy Sail Ship, in Bali on 27th October 2012 which retraces the historic trade route among ASEAN member states.

In the inaugural session, representatives of Governor of Bali and Director General of ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, the Executive Director of Bank Indonesia and the Consul General of India spoke on the historical and cultural linkages and similarities between the two countries. It was felt that there was enormous scope for business cooperation in various sectors mainly in tourism, Infrastructure, capacity building, agro and food processing, health care and banking.

Speaking at the Seminar, Ambassador Gurjit Singh said that the Embassy will endeavor to have enhanced engagement with various regions of Indonesia; and Bali is the first amongst them. While stating that there is scope for cultural tourism between the two countries he said that the Embassy is planning to have a tourism promotion campaign next year in Bali. He pointed out that there are some challenges like direct flights between the two countries. Speaking in the context of tourism marketing, he mentioned that Bali can be used as a destination for Bollywood film makers and for holding film award ceremonies which will go a long way in further promoting Bali and other Indonesian cities as major tourist attractions.

In the business session, representatives of KADIN Bali, Bali Investment Agency, Department of Tourism, and ICC Kolkata made detailed presentations
on business opportunities in Agro and Tourism sectors in the two countries. The seminar concluded with a round of B2B meetings.

The seminar was attended by 150 participants representing trade, industry, and tourism. The Indian Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata, was also represented by a senior delegation of various sectors including tourism, agriculture, and Infrastructure.


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