1. Family name: stankova ninova first names: Katerina

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Katerina Stankova Ninova Curriculum Vitae


1.Family name: STANKOVA NINOVA

2.First names: Katerina

3.Date of birth: 21.12.1962

4.Nationality: Macedonian

5.Civil status: Married, one child

6.Present position:

Obstetrician-gynecologist, owner of the private gynecology office “INA”

7.Years within the firm: 9 months

8.Key qualifications:

  • Specialist in Fetal-Maternal Medicine (Prenatal Diagnosis, including invasive procedures -Amniocenthesis, CVS, Cordocenthesis).

  • Extensive experience in colposcopy and treatment of precancerous cervical lesions

  • Extensive experience in Delivery Unit management

  • Extensive experience in performing and training Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

  • Ability to focus on impact and results, experienced in project management, drafting and reporting

  • Strong IT and interpersonal skills, and capacity to lead and manage complex and diverse teams

  • Before leaving to Mexico, provided obstetrical and gynecological services at Re Medika for some of the foreign diplomatic institutions in Macedonia, including the Embassy of the USA.

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