2013 Summer Accomplishments

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2013 Summer Accomplishments

  1. 165 Non-calms participated in the summer program among 11 different classes. 15 instructors.

  2. CFJ Nationals: 12 NHYC boats, 2nd of 72 total

  3. Sir Joseph Porter: 1st-3rd A; 1st-2nd B; 2nd C1; 1st C3

  4. Summer Gold Cup: 1st A; 3rd B; 1st C2

  5. Bay Champs: ‘C’ Champs: 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place; Bay Champs- Gold- 1st & 3rd place; Bronze- 5th place; Iron- 1st place

  6. Race Week: 1st-2nd A; 2nd-5th B; 1st C1; 2nd-3rd C2; 2nd C3

  7. JO’s: 2nd 29er, 3rd CFJ, 3rd Laser Radial, 8th 420

  8. Dick Sweet: 6 NHYC sailors on team, 2nd place overall

  9. Sabot II (11 and under) Champs- 2 qualified; 1st in qualifier & 2nd Overall

  10. Gov Cup: 3 NHYC sailors on 1 boats, 9th of 12 boats total

  11. Sabot Nationals: 2nd in Gold

  12. Graduated 31 Novices to C3 sailors


Most Outstanding: J.R. Meserve


Most Outstanding: Bree Clarke

Most Improved: Cade Holden

Most Outstanding- Alex Morehead

Most Improved- Jake Olson

Most Outstanding- Emmie Barnard

Most Improved- Macey Mullane

Allie: Caroline Glessing

Gracie: Emma Peets

Brendan: Cole Kristiansen

Lindsay: Hudson Vaicek

Most Outstanding- Dutch Dietrick

Most Improved- Marbella Marlo

Greer- Louisa Buckingham

Keenan- Ian Wells

Meg- Alexandra Pierce


Most Outstanding- Grant Glessing

Most Improved- Michael Gaffney

Beka: Prescott Cook

John: Hailey Horton
Sabot B

Most Outstanding- Caden Kraus

Most Improved- Evan Tingler

Geoff- Erik Hou

Sabot A

Most Outstanding- Wills Cook

Most Improved- Reid Wiley

Perry- Ryan Potter

CFJ 1 Class

Most Outstanding- Lucy Birney

Most Improved- Betsy Calder

Reid: Clair Peck

CFJ 2 Class

Most Improved- Wells Drayton/Alexis Miller

Payson: Bobby Briggs
Laser Class

Most Outstanding- Michael Sabourin

Most Improved- Parker Warden

Bryan: Sean Dahl

Perpetual Trophies

The Commodore Potter High Point and the Audrey Nye individual Sabot class perpetual. These trophies have a great deal of calculations to determine the overall summer sailor that wins these trophies. Each winner is determined by calculating the final net scores of all regattas and invitational’s sailed during the dates of the program in specific classes. Calculations for the A, B, C1, C2 and C3 start with Race Week working backwards to the first regatta during the program (including weekend regattas). Total net points are used for each regatta finish. The overall winner by total low points and stayed within their class through the summer is awarded the perpetual.  After much calculation, this year’s recipients for each fleet are as follows:

Commodore Potter High Point Perpetual for C3Emmie Barnard

Commodore Potter High Point Perpetual for C2– Ian Wells

Commodore Potter High Point Perpetual for C1– Michael Gaffney

Audrey Nye Perpetual for excellence in the Sabot B class – Jonathan Chance

Audrey Nye Perpetual for excellence in the Sabot A class – Joseph Hou
Balboa Bay Fleet Championship- winning Gold Fleet Joseph Hou
Balboa Bay Fleet Low Point Perpetual- This trophy is determined by the least amount of points throughout every Balboa Bay Fleet race through the summer season. This year, winning every Balboa Bay Fleet series in A division, Joseph Hou.
Dick Powell Albatross Perpetual Trophy- This trophy is dedicated to the winner of a one day 5 race series in Sabots. This year the C1 & C2 class took it upon themselves to run this series. After 5 races in one day, the overall winner was Grant Glessing!

WINNER: Grant Glessing

Dr. Albert Soiland Perpetual Trophy – Dedicated to the winner of a one day, 5 race, 2 person series. This summer, the CFJ 1 class waited until the last week of the summer after much improvement to race. The top finisher after 5 races in 1 day, with a 1 point difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd was skipper Betsy Calder and crew Raleigh Garner.

WINNER: Betsy Calder/ Raleigh Garner

Richard Steele Memorial Trophy – This trophy is awarded to the Most Improved NHYC Junior Sailor. Last summer this sailor was a novice. He started this summer as a Pre-C3; he quickly moved to the C3 fleet and within a few days advanced to the Sabot C2 class. We won the BBF Iron fleet and proved to be at the top of the Sabot C2 fleet! This year’s Most Improved Junior Sailor is Ross Peck.

WINNER: Ross Peck

S/C Harold W. Pearcy Memorial –This trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Novice sailor in the Non-Calm Program with an emphasis on attitude and sportsmanship. This year it was a unanimous decision in which one sailor really stood out with her eagerness to sail, her positive attitude, and infectious smile. This young lady is as sweet as they come! All the Novice coaches were eager to coach her and she was always helpful and friendly to her peers. Congratulations to Stella Gaffney for truly deserving the Most Outstanding Novice Sailor award!

WINNER: Stella Gaffney

Trisha Steele Sabot C Perpetual – This trophy is awarded to a female Sabot C sailor who displays Corinthian Spirit both on and off the water. This young woman is as polite and kind, but also a fierce competitive on the water. She is also at the top of her C1 class and it’s only a short matter of time until she becomes a B. Congratulations to this year’s Trisha Steele Trophy, Hailey Horton.

WINNER: Hailey Horton

Rick Marsellus Sportsmanship Trophy – This is one of the most prestigious perpetual trophies the club has to offer, especially in a sport such as ours’ where self-policing and sportsmanship makes or breaks ‘the game’. This year’s winner is as honorable as they come! This sailor shows an enthusiastic effort, spirit of cooperation, unselfishness and sympathetic interest in others, expresses a happy, friendly and thoughtful attitude daily, and displays good sportsmanship in all phases of the club. This young man has been one of the top Junior Instructors all summer giving his time, knowledge, and Corinthian spirit to the younger sailors. He is eager to be at class and displays the highest level of sportsmanship on and off the water. Congratulations to this year’s receipt of the Rick Marsellus Sportsmanship trophy Wells Drayton.

WINNER: Wells Drayton

Tim Hogan Perpetual – This trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Club Flying Junior Sailor. This individual has worked hard throughout the summer to become one of the top CFJ skippers in the program. This fine sailor had a great CFJ season, he was at the top of all BBF Ocean Races and was the top Non Calm sailor in the program at CFJ Nationals. Winning the Tim Hogan perpetual is Rhodes Garner.

WINNER: Rhodes Garner

Harry Welch Perpetual – This trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Girl Junior Sailor. This young woman is more than just one of the best female CFJ sailors in the program, she is also friendly, good spirited, and dedicated to constantly improving on a daily basis. She was also extremely helpful as a Junior Instructor as all the younger sailors loved her. She is an active member of the Junior Board. She not only skippered at CFJ Junior Olympics, CFJ and Sabot Nationals, but she was also one of the top placing female skippers at each regatta; finishing 3rd at JO’s. This year’s Most Outstanding female junior sailor goes to Maddie Kraus.

WINNER: Maddie Kraus

Mark Olson Perpetual - The Non-Calm program is very important to the Olson family. The Olson family has been extremely instrumental in the organization and development of the program. This trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Boy Junior Sailor. Outstanding can be defined in so many ways, but this young man truly defines it! He is an active member on the Junior Board, volunteered as a Junior Instructor, and competitively raced in his CFJ and Laser this summer. The other sailors look up to him for help, guidance, and knowledge. He even gets asked to do private lessons with the younger kids on a regular basis. He truly is an Outstanding Non Calm and we are proud to have him representing the NHYC burgee. Congratulations to Patrick Shannon for winning the Mark Olson Perpetual.

WINNER: Patrick Shannon

James Webster Perpetual – This is the most prestigious trophy that the Non-Calm program gives out and is awarded to the Most Outstanding Non-Calm in the program. Looking at results, this young gentleman was the top NHYC Sabot A finisher in every summer Sabot regatta placing 1st at Gold Cup, 1st place BBF Invite #2, 1st at Sir Joseph Porter, 1st at Midsummer’s regatta, 1st place at Race Week, 1st place Gold Fleet at Bay Champs, and 2nd at Sabot Nationals. However, this trophy is not only about results, this young gentleman is just that, he is respectful to his coaches and peers. He is willing to help out competitors on the water and in the boatyard. He volunteered his time as a Junior Instructor this summer. This young sailor puts in endless hours on the water throughout Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sailing racing almost every event possible. For the 2nd year in a row, it is with great honor to present this year’s Most Outstanding Non-Calm sailor to Joseph Hou.

WINNER: Joseph Hou

Madigan Perpetual Trophy –Top NHYC sailor at Sabot Nationals. Placing 2nd in the Gold Division by 4 points after 6 races is Joseph Hou.
INSA Perpetuals for Sabot Nationals
Awarded to the competitor with the best combined score, with no throw-outs, in the Flight Selection Series and Championship Series
Awarded to the competitor nominated by his peers and selected by the INSA Commodore, INSA Secretary, and the Regatta Chair
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