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Chapter 1
Introduction of research


Problem of research

Importance of research

Goods of research

The scientific studies have proved the existences of biologic differences between men and women. Therefore, it shall also observe such differences when selecting the sportive activities for women. The scientific studies has revealed further that the women enjoying good health is positive to effected absolutely by participating in the physical effort, where its internal systems have enough prevention for these movements, and they recommended the necessity of interesting by women in physical fitness, through regular training in practicing sports. The important sports practice of women are positive in a regular and continuous manner, which have a positive effect on the improvement of them health and there ability to support effort and perform them duties in the live, as the men.

Hassan Ahmed Elshafiea and Suzan Ahmed Mursi (1999) stated that there are some features special to women in an anatomic and physiologic composition, i.e. physical and organic, which shall be observed in the sportive training program for them. In the observance of the women biologic composition, we found that the condition of the women sportive effort is different from that to the men, regarding the quantity and quality. The women practicing now several types of sports, which not allowed to do in the past, and which is just to the men only (19:404).

Since 50 years, only some gynecologists had declared that the sport women affect their muscles and their internal systems and to her performance of functions related to them as women. But the gynecologists point of view have changed today, and they became supporting the practice of sports by women, and the most evidence thereof is what we see today, which the practice by the women of several types of sports on local and international levels, and in the Olympic tournaments, which is not allowed to they in the past, and they have gained first scores therein. For example, in Munich Olympic tournament 1972. Women participated in the 1500m racing for the first time. The same was in Montreal tournament 1976, where the women participated in rowing and handball also for the first time. The women

Practice is not restricted in just one specific type of sports they can practice swimming, exercises, gymnastics, running with its several racings, leaping, shooting, dancing and different games (basketball – volleyball – handball – football) weapon – single fighting – Judo – Karate, But from the technical side, the Women did not practice the dangerous competition such as boxing – fighting – American Rugby. (19:405)

It is remarked that the women in age of 20 's can achieved 50% to 59% of the men ability in the sportive competitions. We found that there are differences evident clearly in some sportive activities and a convergence in some other ones. The activity, in which the differences rate between men and women converges, is diving, weapon, equestrian, cycling, and short distances swimming. In cycling sport, for example, the women achieve 90% of the men level, as well as in some athletics competitions, it may be found a convergence between them. The regular practices of sports by women have a positive effect on their health, and improve the functional performance of the heart and blood circulation. They may overcome the nervous stress and aspects of body fatigue, with positive Impacts general ability. (19:406).

The women still suffers from the issue of there desire in occupying suitable position in the society, where they faces continuously a difficulty in proving there worthiness and ability in performing the requirements of they works comes across. Existing discrimination between they and the men depends on type and specifics society, but the women still suffer from non-esteem by the society for her potentialities, even in the communities and countries developed industrially for several reasons. Despite the change happened in this view in many societies, the limited opportunities still prevent the women from proving their worthiness, despite the existence of evidences indicating the potentialities of women regarding the high performance, even in the works considered among the men monopoly.

The women in the country performs physical stressing activities like the men, and in case of wars, the women were operating the factories operated usually by men, and they have produced as the men do. In our Arab society, the women have rushed in the work field, and proved them worthiness,

Jalal Alabadi and others (1989) stated that traditional Islamic picture of the women; still pursue the picture of women in the fields of physical education and sports. The traditions inherited and social rules prevailing, with accordance of the religious doctrines, prevent the women from achieving them desire in practicing the sportive activities. There is a belief prevailing in the general class of the society that sports kill the womanhood of the women, and destroy them body and affect them internal systems. But these beliefs have no scientific base. Also, some people believe that the biological differences between the women and men bodies are enough to make the men succeeding on the women in the sportive side. Such opinions have judged not true, where the equivalent opportunities in training are enough to contradict such opinion too. (15:85).

The societies, regardless the traditions and customs prevailing therein, are dealing with the women as a creature unqualified to perform the men works. The participation of women in the sports is still limited in several societies for social, civilization, cultural and religious reasons.

Ihsae Mohamed Elhassae and Kamel Taha Alowis stated that the women in the societies looks for a real emapation with the men, with respect to training, encouraging, care and administrative works opportunities related to the sportive institutions, where the training opportunities with there counterpart the men are not equivalent, and they do not find the sufficient encouragement among the family or the society, in the lights of the official doctrines. (21:30)

Problem of research
The individual who mostiy is living in a material and social environment which is not give him absolutely all what he wish in given time. The will dealing with his given environment tries to reach condition responding himself to such environment. The social culture aspects the ability of the women in changing there behavior if the circumstances require so. The women in their continuous conditioning to their environment agree and disagree. If the women succeeded in making a harmony and a concord between them and they environment, and to be content with them self, then they said that they are agree, and if they failed then they are a weak in harmony. The weakness of harmony appears in the women incapacity in solving them daily different problems, insomuch as such incapacity increases over that expected by the others from them or by them from you. The social culture includes the women ability in changing they behavior and habituates when facing a new standing, where there will be integration between the women expression, they ambition, society expectations and requirements. Every behavior shown by women is just a type of social culture aspects with the surrounding environment in trying to reach the social harmony.

Sport as a social cultural element reflects specific traits of given living settings too. The gymnastics are distinguished by the importance of availability of physical and reactive fitness elements. Therefore, it's important that the women player have an enough amount of ability regarding the self-control which instigates the reaction to be in harmony with the performance speed and being away from rashness and foolhardiness, so that the women player may think and choose the most appropriate responses to the changeable quick standings.

Plenty Arabic and foreign studies research were raised in the field of social culture. Most thereof have confirmed its importance with respect to the different sportive activities, where a positive relationship found between the social culture aspects and the sportive success for female students. From another side, the collective games players are distinct from single games players with the feature of sociality the sportive training, in general, and in the single games in particular, affect the social culture aspects degree and the skilled performance in each of gymnastics and exercises.

With accordance of what has been above stated, it reveals the importance of the social reaction in the different activities. As a consequence the researcher saw the importance of the study of “the different of social culture aspects of female sports Gymnastics in Libya and Czech Republic in order to reach results serving the gymnastics

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