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Kindergarten Newsletter
Ms. Griffith Ranger Elementary School

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A Peek at the Week March 27, 2017

K2 Literacy Centers

Unit 3-Construction-week 6

Dramatization – continued: the children will research (watch videos and look at books) different types of dance and then choreograph their own dance

Library/Listening –continued: all of our read aloud books from this unit along with construction videos will be available for children to listen to/watch on tablets in addition to our basket of construction books

Art Studio – the children will work in groups to begin building, using our collection of Beautiful Stuff, their ideas for how to make RI a better place

Writing/Drawing- the children will work on writing books

Blocks-continued: Lego structures

STEM/Science – the children will set up obstacles and program the robot mouse to maneuver around the board

Word Work – using construction tools (hammer and nails, screws and screwdrivers, levels) construction puzzles, building nonsense words, building sentences, using playdoh to make word wall words

Special Center- sandbox construction site work

Tablets: the children will (hopefully) begin work on a programming site, Code.org

English/Language Arts Block

The children will listen and respond to Koala Lou.

Word Wall Words

a, am, and, as, as, are, be, can, do, go, here, his, has, have, he, in, is, I like, my, me, no, out, play, see, she, they, to, this, the, up, we, with, was, yes

Kid Writing crowns

the bike of ‘like’, the fly of ‘my’, the hand of ‘and’, the wiz of ‘is’, the shoe of ‘to’, the star of ‘are’, the king of ‘ing’, the ham of ‘am’, the king of ‘ing’, the hay of ‘they’, the fuzz of ‘was’, the kiss of ‘this’

FUNdations Phonics

Unit 4-This is a four week unit. In this unit, the children will learn that the digraphs wh, ch, sh, th and ck ‘stick together’ to form one sound. When tapping to segment words, digraphs will get only one tap (math is /m/ /a/ /th/). The wh will only be used at the beginning of words while the ck will only be used at the end of a word/syllable right after a short vowel.

Kid Writing/Being a Writer

We will continue our informative/nonfiction writing unit. This week, we will learn about koalas. Next week, we will write a nonfiction book. The students will pick an animal to research and write an informative book that includes a front cover, contents page, fact pages with illustrations, a diagram and a glossary page.

WOW/M-Working on Words and Math stations

Station 1: letter/sound assessment

Station 2: Friends of Five board game (addition and subtraction within 5) and matching 10 frames

Station 3: adding our latest poem, Footsteps, to our poetry folders, playing a short vowel game and browsing book boxes

Station 4: writing number sentences with dominoes and playing with puzzles

Station 5: Lexia reading games on the tablet
Social Studies

Hello, Baby Caterpillars!

Science Topics

Physical Science-Construction

Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10

Topic A: Compositions and Decompositions of 2, 3, 4 and 5

Topic B: Decompositions of 6, 7, and 8 into Number Pairs

Topic C: Addition with Totals of 6, 7 and 8

Topic D: Subtraction from Numbers to 8*

Topic E: Decompositions of 9 and 10 into Number Pairs

Topic F: Addition with Totals of 9 and 10

Topic G: Subtraction from 9 and 10

Topic H: Patterns with Adding 0 and 1 and Making 10

**Daily homework: READ, READ, READ (picture books, chapter books, …) and ask your child to predict what the story is about based on the front cover, predict what happens next/the ending, retell the story by saying something that happened first, next and last, and talk about the characters (people/animals in the story) and setting (where the story takes place), the job of the author and illustrator. Others things to try: practice lower case and upper case letters (recognition and printing) and sounds (refer to FUNdations), count from 1 to 100 by 1s and 10s(and above), practice writing your first and last name with upper and lower case letters, read books with rhyming words, isolate the first sound in words (Mom /m/), reinforce word wall words taught to date (read/write/spell), write numbers 0-10 and make sets of objects to match, work with playdoh, puzzles, clothespins and board games in order to strengthen those muscles in the hands that are necessary for writing, start to sound out and blend CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words -real words like ‘cat’ and nonsense words like ‘zum’, be a shape detective and find circles, squares, hexagons, rectangles, triangles, cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders

**Please continue to send your child’s folder to school each day.
Odds and Ends

**Homework that supports our FUNdations phonics/printing program will be sent home on Friday. It consists of reinforcing the words be/he/she/me/we. Please have your child use Kid Writing to write the sentence (phonetic spelling of words) and return it to school in a timely fashion.

**Just a reminder…your child will be bringing home pages from our current math journal. Some of the pages are labelled as Problem Sets and some are labelled as Homework. Even though they are labelled as homework, they are not homework!! Some families have asked for work for kindergarten students to do while older siblings do their daily homework. These sheets are optional—you decide if you want to complete them with your child. They do not need to be returned to school.

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