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Aberlady Primary School PTA AGM – Minutes

Wednesday 26th November 2014

Held in Staff room, Aberlady Primary School



ATTENDEES: Catriona Easson (Chair), Joanna Ratcliffe (Secretary), Kirsty Usher (Treasurer), Jen MacPherson, Rianna Anderson, Sandra Bowdler, Louise Brown, Allison Wardrope, Isla Perry, Emma Bouglet, Carn Peaston (Principle Teacher), Patsy I’Anson (Head Teacher)
APOLOGIES: Kat Selby, Kathy Allan, Gaynor Blacklock, Clare De Mowbray


Catriona ran through items relating to previous AGM Minutes:

  • Kiltwalk – The Kilkwalk funds of £3100.00 were received into PTA Account at start of November and will therefore make up part of the 2013/14 accounting year end. £1500.00 of this will go towards Trim Trail installation and remaining funds are yet to be assigned to an outdoor activity based project by the School.

  • £1000 is being held back for a Dragons Den event in the New Year.

  • Accounts for 2012/13 have been signed off.

  • Flyers have been sent out for Easyfundraising and Microscooters school wide and via Facebook. Continue to send these out.

  • A Newsletter / Flyer will need to go out in the near future to update school forum on PTA matters.

  • Mynametags cheque has not yet been received and will need to be chased. This money will therefore fall into next year’s accounts.

  • Community Donation – agreed to hold off on this until more information is received about the Community Defibrillator.

2013/2014 Minutes were signed off.



  • 2013 Christmas teas were well attended. A donation box was put in place together with a Tombola table. Not aimed as a fundraiser but still brought in £82.00.

  • Beetle Drive – Thanks were given to Sandra Lothian and Rianna Anderson for organising and serving refreshments.

  • SPTC forms had not come in in June and had to be chased. Cheque was sent for 2014/15 membership.

  • Name Tags – Still awaiting a cheque from February for £45.00. £76.98 for this year is still due.

  • Cash4Coins – Bucket weighed 5kg and was emptied after Easter Break. £81.75 was received.

  • Easyfundraising – A total of £529.19 was received this year with 45 users. Constant reminders are needed to keep people using this.

  • Parent Consultations (March / October 2014) – Both were successfully led by Jen. A £1 door charge was put in place and a total of £140.10 was raised. This money will go towards admin costs and crèche supplies.

  • Edinburgh Kilt Walk – A team of 20 took part raising a fantastic total of £3100.00. This was a one off event and there is no plan to do this again in the coming year.

  • Freeze-pop Fridays – This was successfully led by Rianna. Money made was slightly down this year due to increased costs. Total profit was £254.34.

  • Transition day Talk – Talk on PTA given by Jo. This was well received and uniform was also on sale.

  • Sports Day Refreshments and Uniform Sales – Refreshment sales were up on last year with good levels of baking donations. Bottles of water and pop sold well and will need more of these next year. Due to good weather freeze pops were also sold towards the end of the afternoon.

  • Autumn Fair – This year had a good turnout. Advertising was increased and both Raffle and Tombola were significantly up on last year. A separate de-brief meeting was held to highlight what needs to be done for next year. Date has provisionally been booked for next year.

  • Fireworks Night – This was successfully led by Sandra Bowdler. The PTA was responsible for marketing, ticket sales, provision of Mulled Wine and volunteers to sell on the night. The night was a success and the PTA received £700.00 from the profits.

  • Bingo Afternoon – This was led by Jo. The event was new and well received with lots of good feedback. A profit of £923.80 was made. A de-brief meeting took place to improve event for this coming year. The Bingo machine was purchased for £20.00, this is held with Jo.

  • ELC Food Hygiene Course – Jo attended this course and will be responsible for food preparation at future PTA events.

  • Risk Assessments – these have been drawn up for all events except for Bingo. (Jo to do).

Catriona concluded that this has been a very successful year and without taking into account the Kiltwalk funds we reached our target of £6000.00 with £3000.00 already handed over for the provision of the whiteboard for the Nursery.



  • Kirsty ran through this year’s figures. In summary, the PTA made a profit of around £9000.00.

  • Two cheques were handed over to Mrs I’Anson. One for £3000.00 for annual school costs such as trip subsidisation and the other for £1500.00 to pay for the installation of the Trim Trail.

  • £1200.00 is being held back for further outdoor activity requirements. Mrs I’Anson will advise on this.

  • £1000.00 is being held back for a Dragons Den event in the New Year.

  • Steve Lissaman signed off last year’s accounts but will not be available to do it again. Catriona has said that Neil Easson will be able to audit the accounts next year.



  • Mrs I’Anson thanked the PTA for their continued financial support, time and energy to the school. She explained that she had recently attended a Quality Assessment session with other local schools and used the funding that is provided out of PTA money to staff the Teacher / Pupil Consultation Sessions as an example of great PTA support.

  • The school has used last year’s PTA money to help pay for school trips, the P7 leavers event and Heinemann Maths annual subscription.

  • The school also wanted to give their thanks for the practical help received from the PTA, especially the running of the Parent Consultation crèche which allows nearly 100% parental attendance at Consultations.

  • Plaques are going to be put up to show that the PTA had supported the Nursery Interactive Whiteboard and the Trim Trail Installation.

  • Mrs I’Anson would like to set a date for the Dragons Den event. This will be discussed at the next planning meeting.

  • A decision will be made soon about what the remaining £1200.00 of the Kiltwalk money will be spent on. The school are looking at getting new playground markings and activity based equipment.



  • CHAIRPERSON - Catriona Easson stepped down as chair. Catriona and Jo nominated Jen MacPherson as new chair.

  • SECRETARY – Jo Ratcliffe will stay on as secretary.

  • TREASURER – Kirsty Usher will stay on as secretary.

  • Rianna Anderson and Kathy Allan have stepped down from the committee.

  • Allison Wardrope, Emma Bouglet, Louise Brown, Isla Perry and Alison Walker have signed up as new committee members.



  • The committee and school thanked Catriona Easson for her hard work over the last three years as chair. Thanks was also given to Rianna and Kathy.

  • Mrs I’Anson put forward the idea of the PTA funding the laying of a new school path to the Owl’s Nest using bricks with all of the present school children’s names on. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting: Planning Meeting, 14th January, 8pm. Venue to be arranged.

PTA Minutes 26th November 2014 |

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