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To Be Completed By Human Resources

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Michigan Public Health Institute

Position Description

Title: Financial Specialist- Newborn Screening

Employee Name: TBD
Supervisor: Janice Bach, Manager, Genomics and Genetic Disorders Section
Purpose: This position is based in Lansing and works with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Newborn Screening (NBS) Follow-up and Michigan BioTrust for Health Programs in the Lifecourse Epidemiology & Genomics Division (LEGD). The position is responsible for advising and assisting the NBS and BioTrust program managers with budget development and spending plans; developing and implementing grant monitoring policies and procedures; and managing grant agreements for newborn screening follow-up coordinating centers, federal grants and other subcontracts or purchase orders for special projects and research studies. Duties include developing NBS and BioTrust budgets; monitoring expenditures; analyzing accounts and monitoring subrecipient costs; preparing and reviewing budgets and related forms for grant agreements; preparing reports; and performing other tasks as requested.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with LEGD director and section managers to participate in budget development and oversee NBS Follow-up and BioTrust Program spending

      • Work with MDHHS budget and accounting personnel to ascertain expenditures and monitor spending

      • Initiate action as needed to align charges with the proper funding sources

      • Prepare quarterly financial reports that summarize current and long term financial trends

    • Serve as contract manager for NBS contractual agreements

      • Solicit and evaluate budgets and budget narratives from NBS follow-up coordinating centers or other contracted agencies; and process related documents for grant agreements, purchase orders, federal grants and other NBS or BioTrust related contracts

      • Work with section managers and staff, MDHHS grants and purchasing personnel and NBS coordinating centers to initiate, monitor and amend contractual agreements through the EGrAMS system

      • Conduct compliance reviews of subrecipient financial and operational records and data to determine effectiveness of internal controls and adherence to applicable procedures and policies

      • Troubleshoot inaccuracies in reporting and projected over- or underspending

      • Review annual financial audits and single audits, as available

      • Determine additional audit strategies, programs and procedures for specific assignments

      • Recommend improvements and alternatives to section/division manager and subrecipients

    • Process NBS and BioTrust revenue agreements

      • Serve as liaison to MDHHS grants and purchasing personnel to establish contracts and issue invoices for payment

    • Participate in program evaluation and provide guidance on business/financial assessment processes (such as SWOT analysis, strategic plan development, action planning) as requested

Education: Possession of a bachelor’s degree with at least 24 semester (36 term) credits in accounting.

Experience: Minimum three years of professional experience preparing budgets, performing systematic audits of budget and accounting data, preparing financial reports and/or managing federal or subrecipient contracts.

  • Important Skills and Characteristics: Considerable knowledge of fiscal planning and management, including knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, budgeting, and auditing standards, principles, methods and practices. Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and accuracy working with numbers; ability to collect and organize accounting data, interpret significance of data and prepare accurate financial reports; ability to solve complex accounting and related financial problems; knowledge of federal grant procedures and reporting. Ability to motivate and lead others in the accomplishment of a task. Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Excel; ability to input, maintain and retrieve data from computer systems; ability to maintain records and prepare reports and correspondence related to the work; ability to work independently, use sound judgment, maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion concerning sensitive information; ability to communicate effectively with others; ability to maintain favorable public relations. Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, treating program information as confidential

Maintain a positive, strong, credible, professional and interpersonal relationship with all parties relevant to MPHI projects, and represent the best interest of MPHI at all times.
Work Environment and Physical Requirements: Standard office environment. Job may require moderate physical effort such as lifting or transporting a laptop computer. Involves significant computer related activity including keyboarding and viewing a computer screen, in addition to communication by telephone. Requires valid vehicle operator’s license and occasional travel to other areas of the state to conduct audits or meet with grantee personnel.

This position is responsible for assuring efficient flow of the program’s budgeting and contracting processes for incoming grant revenue and outgoing expenditures. It plays a critical role in optimizing fiscal accountability of the Newborn Screening Follow-up Program and Michigan BioTrust for Health by reviewing spending patterns and monitoring contractual agreements.

Contact Person/Group



1. GGD and NBS Section Managers

Daily to weekly

Receive direction and guidance

2. Other NBS/BioTrust Team members/LEGD staff

Daily to weekly

Share information and problem solve

3. LEGD Director

Weekly to monthly

Share information and receive direction

4. MDHHS budget/ accounting/purchasing staff

As needed

Provide or request information

5. Contract agency staff

As needed

Share information and provide consultation

“For purposes of employment standards, this classification is exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

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Employee Signature

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Signature________________________________________ Date_________________


MPHI is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer
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