Andijon viloyati Buloqboshi xtbga qarashli 1- umumiy o’rta talim maktabi ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Ahmadjonova Mavludaning chet tillari fan oyligi uchun” English is power” nomli tadbiridan senariy va lavhalar

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ozbekiston respublikasining til siyosati , ozbekiston respublikasining til siyosati , bmi gulnoza saidova

Andijon viloyati Buloqboshi XTBga qarashli 1- umumiy o’rta talim maktabi ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Ahmadjonova Mavludaning chet tillari fan oyligi uchun” English is power” nomli tadbiridan senariy va lavhalar.


Speaker Good afternoon dearest and nearest teachers and guests, girls, boys! We are happy to see you at our competence . Our competence is called “English is power”

Speaker : This competence was prepared by fourth fifth and also sixth grade pupils to demonstrate their ability by acting in front of you

Today is open doors day in our school. All subjects interact to English in this day. Let’sobserve some lessons together! Look, the pupils are greeting to their teachers..

this month belongs to foreign languages that’s why today is my day and also let me introduce my todays competence pupils for you.

1 participent Abduganiyeva Muslima grade 6A

2 participent Ibrohimova Rozaxon grade 5D

3 participent Ro'zimuhammedova Afruza grade 4A

4 participent Habibullayeva Oysha grade 4B

5Participent SHavkatova Ra’no grade 5A

Task I Introducing yourself .

Now form 6A ‘s girls are going to show their dance.

Task II

In this task you should find which words have mistakes: I will give you handouts.

Mr Brown was a shop keeper. In his shop there were meny apples, pears, plums, berries. Mr Brown had five little kittens in his house. Mrs Brown did not know wat todo.

Two naugty boys walking along the street, cam up to the shop and read the wods on the papr. Then they took the piec of paper, put it on the box withe the aples and run awey.

And also we have enjoyable performance for you “kelgindi kuyov”

Task III

Find the answers

  1. It is white and cold and sweet all the children like it.

  2. Five sons with one name

  3. Two brothers but they don’t see each others

  4. I have many leaves, but I’m not tree, I’m a nice thing come and read me

  5. What is without hands and without feet, without neck, and head but it can open door

  6. What word of three syllables contains twenty six letters

  7. What month has 28 days.

  8. I have wings but I’m not a bird I am small and colourful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I eat caterpillar.

  9. I’m very very big I like to eat peanuts and huy. I have four legs two big ears. My long nose is called trunk.

  10. I live in lakes and rivers. I eat fish and birds. I have four legs and long tail. I’m green. I have a lot of teeth.


1.Which vegetable do Americans use at Hallowen

2.What are two things people never eat before breakfast?

3.If you drop a white hat into the red sea, what does it become?

4.What travel around the world and stays in a corner?

5.How do you spell “hard water” with only 3 letters?

6.There is one thing in the world. But if there isn’t it in the world, nobody knows each other. What is this?

7It has got five fingers, but it hasn’t got nails.

Now my pupil Farangiz sing an English song.

Task IV.

This task is HAPPY ALPHABET.

You must find the words with this letters.(with alphabet)

Task V. Make sentences with these words

To be, uncle ,think, morning ,about, travel, in ,our


Now my pupils are going to show you their dancing. After then our competence will be end.


Thank you for your attention.
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