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DVD 335.43 Com

The Communist Challenge : The reality of life in "people's" democracies of the 20th century. Madison, Wisconsin : Hawkhill Associates, Inc, c2006.
Content supports National Standards for Social Studies Teachers and Project 2061's Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

DVD 338 Cru

A Crude Awakening : The Oil Crash. Lava Productions, c2006.
Investigate the argument that the era of cheap oil is in the past. Explore the uncomfortable realities of a world that is both addicted to fossil fuels and blissfully unaware of the looming "peak oil" crisis.

DVD 338 Cru

Crude impact. San Francisco, CA : Video Project, 2006.
Crude Impact unravels the complex entaglement of our fierce devotion to oil with the fate of indigenous cultures, human rights, our global economy and the planet itself.

DVD 338.9 Rea

Real world economics : Simple supply & demand. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2007.
Using examples from vegetable and sheep farming, this programs shows how to plot simple supply and demand curves. It explores the various factors which influence the equilibrium price, and how government intervention may also affect it. Re-scripted, re-narrated, re-edited for North American classroom use.

DVD 338.9 Rea

Real world economics : Elasticity of demand. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2007.
Using examples of a competitive seafood market and a monopolistic ferry service, this program shows the difference between elastic and inelastic demand. It also plots the graphs that quantify the relative gain or loss in revenue from price increases or decreases in each situation.

DVD 338.9 Rea

Real world economics : Market structure. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2007.
Includes material on what is meant by the term "market," competition, how an auction market sets price and what monopolies, oligopoly, price wars, cartels and government interventions are.

DVD 338.9 Rea

Real world economics : The global economy. Chicago, IIllinois : New Dimension Media, c 2007.
Covers the reasons for international trade and includes the major components of international commerce : trading models, balance of payments issues, advantages and disadvantages of interantional trade, tariffs, subsidies, quotas, trading blocks and the GATT treaty.

DVD 338.9 Rea

Real world economics : What is scarcity? Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2007.
Includes material on natural resources, needs and wants, economic scarcity, free goods, resource use, factors of production, producer goods and consumer goods, rationing by vouchers, and examples of opportunity cost.

DVD 338.91 Wor

The World Economy : Global interdependence. Disney Educational Productions, c2006.
Probe the myriad connections between fiscal policies and global markets: How might the World Bank and the IMF best assist developing countries? What is the impact of U.S. trade barriers on Vietnam and Cuba, and NAFTA on Canadian Businesses? See how global economic stability has been affected by factors ranging from runaway inflation in Brazil to the creation of the euro.

DVD 338.92 Sci

Science and Democracy : Science is necessary for democracy. Madison, Wisconsin : Hawkhill Associates, Inc, c2009.
Content supports National Standards for Social Studies Teachers and Project 2061's Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

DVD 342 Bil

United States : Bill of Rights and Constitutional amendments. Thousand Oaks, CA : Goldhil Video, c2004.
The essential human rights, granted to all Americans, are laid out in easy-to-understand language with comments from noted Americans political science experts from major universities who helped interpret the language of the Bill of Rights.

DVD 342 Con

United States : Constitution. Thousand Oaks, CA : Goldhil Video, c2004.
This production combines the insight of American political science experts on the interpretation of the Constitution with live action and documentary photography to explain and amplify the mot important document we have in American society.

DVD 344 Can

Can the Gulf Survive. United States : Vivendi Entertainment, c2010.
National Geographic investigates what happened to the 4.9 million barrels of oil that poured from the sea floor in one of the worst environmental disasters of all time. From the front lines of the cleanup efforts, National Geographic follows the first two months after the spill, tracking cleanup efforts as experts seek to learn the ongoing effects and BP battles the spill and the public's outcry.

DVD 363 Geo

Geography for Students : Environment & Society. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
The main interaction between the environment and society is our reliance on the Earth's renewable, nonrenewable and flow resources. Explore how society uses the Earth's resources to meet our most basic needs and those same resources influence how and where we live. See how we impact the world around us through our use and misuse of technology, and how the forces of the ever-changing Earth shape our lives as well. Consider critical environmental issues related to our use of energy resources and learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of Earth's systems.

DVD 363.12 Col

Columbia : space shuttle disaster. South Burlington, Vt. : WGBH, c2009.
Gives viewers a new look at the Columbia tragedy and NASA through interviews with astronauts, NASA personnel, and members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

DVD 363.7 Env

Core biology : Environmental science. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.

DVD 392.2 Rob

The adventures of Robin Hood. United States : Warner Bros. Pictures, 1938.
Based upon ancient Robin Hood legends. Errol Flynn, Olivia deHavilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Patric Knowles, Eugene Pallette, Alan Hale, Melville Cooper, Ian Hunter, Una O'Connor.

DVD 425 How

Sentence structure : Fight for a good clause! United States : Teacher's Video Company, c2003.
Examine the five basic sentence structures by identifying : transitive, intransitive, and linking verbs; direct and indirect objects; and subject and object complements. Modify sentences with many types of phrases and clauses, from compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. This program features step-by-step instruction and attention-grabbing quiz segments.

DVD 509.2 Geo

The George Washington Carver Project. Bill Landry Productions, c2003.
The story of a simple, humble man who was born a slave, without even a name, and grew up to become a friend to Ghandi and Henry Ford. An entertaining, educational, and inspirational tale of the struggle, life, and work of a great creative scientists and humanitarian who influenced the history of our country.

DVD 510 Mat

Story of math. Athena, 2008.
Meet the men and women who conceived major mathemathical breakthroughs and explored the farthest frontiers of abstract thought, often with tragic results. Learn how their discoveries still drive technology, science, and even philosophy.


Bill Nye's Solving for X. : variables, balancing equations, dimensional analysis & linear equations. Classroom ed. Elk Grove Village, IL : Disney Educational Productions, c2009.
Bill Nye. Includes variables, balancing equations, dimensional analysis, and linear equations.


Bill Nye's solving for X. : infinite fractions, exponents, signed numbers & proportional reasoning. Classroom ed. Elk Grove Village, IL : Disney Educational Productions, c2009.
Bill Nye. Includes infinite fractions, exponents, signed numbers and proportional reasoning.

DVD 522 Mod

Modern marvels : Ovservatories : Stonehenge to the Hubble Telescope. A&E Televison Networks, c1997.

DVD 523 Pla

The Planet : Different worlds & terra firma. A & E Entertainment, 1999.
Different Worlds - - A richly detailed introductin to the creation, composition and alien landscapes of the planets. Terra Firma - - Relive the thrill the first glimpses of otherworldy terrain as you join the early quest to discover the true nature of our planetary neighbors. Narrated by Samuel West.

DVD 523 Pla

The planets : Giants & moon. A & E Entertainment, 1999.
Giants - - Take a close look at the planetary behemoths from the pioneering days of Galileo's dogma-shattering discovery of the Jupiter moons, to NASA's billion-mile sojourns to Saturn and Neptune, the conclusion is timeless. Moon - - Join the search for the answer to one of the solar system's most baffling mysteries, from Cold Warrior scientists racing to be first on the moon, to current theories and remarkable computer-generated visions of the moon's explosive creation. Narrator Samuel West.

DVD 523 Pla

The planets : Life beyond the sun & destiny. A&E Network, 1999.
Life Beyond the Sun - - Early planetary researchers learn that conditions on our neighboring planets may be too hostile to support life and discover how recent findings hint there may be alien life "hiding out" in places we've overlooked. Destiny - - Watch as chilly Mars experiences a sultry heat wave, Mercury and Venus melt down and gas giants undergo a startling cosmic change. Narrator Samuel West.

DVD 523 Pla

The planets : Star & atmosphere. A&E Entertainment, 1999.
Star - - Plunge into the center of the Sun to woitness the reactions driving its primordial atomic pulse and observe the spectacle of massive solar flares capable of engulfing entire planets. Atmosphere - - Explore otherworldly weather that reveals the surprising variety and force of atmospheric activity throughout the solar system. Narrator Samuel West.

DVD 523 Spa

Space adventures : The sun. Learning Media of America.

DVD 523.1 COS

The cosmos : a beginner's guide. [Widescreen format]. Silver Spring, MD : Athena Learning, c2010.
Presented by Adam Hart-Davis. Shows how scientists are using sophisticated technology to explore and understand the nature of the universe.

DVD 523.1 INT

Into the universe with Stephen Hawking. [Widescreen format]. [Boulder, Colo.] : Gaiam, c2011.
Aliens -- Time travel -- The story of everything -- Hawking 101 (bonus). Stephen Hawking. British physicist Stephen Hawking explores the mysteries of the universe, discussing the possibility of aliens, time travel, and how the universe began.

DVD 523.1 Mon

Monster of the Milky Way : a supermassive black hole. South Burlington, VT : WGBH Boston Video, c2007.
Narrator, Liev Schreiber. Astronomers and astrophysicists discuss a supermassive black hole that has been discovered in the Milky Way galaxy.

DVD 525 Geo

Geography for Students : Places & Regions. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Understand the physical and human characteristics that combine to form the areas that we create to interpret our planet's complexity. Explore the ever-evolving natural and cultural features that influence our perceptions of various regions, and reflect on modern issues related to some of the world's most interesting locations.

DVD 530 Eve

Everyday physics. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Communications, Inc. :, c2006.
Examine the principles of physics behind activities of ordinary life, including climbing a ladder, riding a swing, and stacking dominoes to start an interesting chain reaction.

DVD 531 For

Forces & motion. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Communications, c2004.
Narrated by Nancy Calo, Terry MacDonald. Demonstrates the laws of force and motion through different examples.

DVD 551 Cli

Core meteorology : Climate. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.
Chapters : What are climates ; Climates and people ; Measuring global temperatures and precipitation ; Climates and weather extremes ; Climate types ; Climates and biomes ; Climate change and biomes. This program defines climates,and presents the relationships between climates and biomes, climates and people, and describes the six major climate types. Weather extremes and how they play a major role in each climate is also discussed.

DVD 551 Geo

Geography for Students : Physical Systems. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Explore the nature of the planet's four main physical systems - the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere - and discover that what happens in one system has vast repercussions on the others.

DVD 551. Wea

Core meteorology : Weather. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.
Chapters : Introduction (What Is Weather), Measuring Weather Variables, What Causes Weather, Moisture, Weather Forecasting, Hazardous Weather, Global Warming and Weather.

DVD 551.5 SIX

Six degrees could change the world. [Widescreen format]. [Washington, D.C.] : National Geographic ;, c2008.
A warmer world -- CO2, the hidden price -- Plus one degree -- Carbon footprint -- Plus two degrees -- Accumulating loss of polar ice -- Plus three degrees -- Forecasting our climate -- New generation of super storms -- Plus four degrees -- Impact of rising sea levels -- Plus five degrees -- Plus six degrees -- Looking for solutions -- Alternate sources of energy. Narrator, Alec Baldwin. Discusses why many scientists believe that the Earth's average temperature could rise by as much as six degrees Celsius by 2100, explores the consequences of global warming, and illustrates how it has already affected the reefs of Australia, the ice fields of Greenland, and the Amazonian rain forest.

DVD 570 Bio

Biology. Silver Spring, MD : Discovery Education, c2005.
An overview of the most important discoveries in the history of biology, including: microorganisms, how cells form new life, the conversion of food into energy, neurotransmission, hormones, photosynthesis, and ecosystems.

DVD 571 Cel

The Cell Division : Mitosis & the Cell Cycle. iKnow Digital Media, c2007.
The capillary ; cell signals ; physiology of the eye.

DVD 571.6 Cel

Cells : the building blocks of life. Lawrenceville, NJ : Cambridge Educational, 2005.
Takes a close-up look at the lowest common denominator of all life: the cell.

DVD 572.42 Pho

Photosynthesis. Plainview, NY : Sunburst Visual Media.

DVD 572.86 Cra

Nova : Cracking the code of life. Clear Blue Sky Productions, 2001.
Race to decode the human genome. ABC correspondent Robert Krulwich.

DVD 574

The Beauty of Mitosis : (University Version). University Version. Waheeb K. Heneen, c2010.
Explore the fundamental process of nuclear division that mediates the transmission of exact copies of the nuclear hereditary material of a mother cell to its two daughter cells.

DVD 574 Bea

The Beauty of Mitosis. School Version. Waheeb K. Heneen, c2010.
Explore the fundamental process of nuclear division that mediates the transmission of exact copies of the nuclear heredity material of a mother cell to its two daughter cells.

DVD 574.87 Cel

Cell division : Mitosis & cytokinesis. United States : Allied Video Corporation, c2004.
Lesson One : provided information about the three types of cell division and relates these processes to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. Lesson Two : explains that mitosis is part of the eukaryotic life cycle. Lesson Three : details the four phases of mitosis and cytokinesis.

DVD 576.8 Dar

Darwin's dangerous idea. Burlington, VT : WGBH Boston Video, c2001.
Interweaves the drama in key moments of Darwin's life with documentary sequences of current research, linking past to present and introducing major concepts of evolutionary theory.

DVD 577 Lan

Land of the Inuit. Silver Spring, MD : Discovery School, 2005, c2003.
Narration, David Suzuki, Leyna Juliet Weber. Examines how global changes are affecting not only the Inuit environment, but also their traditions and future.

DVD 609 Bur

Connections I : Distant voices and faith in numbers. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
Volume 3 : Distant Voices - Telecommunications exist because the Normans wore stirrups at the Battle of Hastings - a simple advance that caused a revolution in the increasingly expensive science of warfare. Europe turned its attention to making money to wage wars. As mine shafts were dug deepter, they became flooded, stimulating scientists list Galileo to investigate vacuums, air pressure and other natural laws to mine deeper silver. Volume 4 : Faith in Numbers - Ecah development in the organization of systems - political, economic, mechanical, electronic-influences the next, by logic, by genius, by change, or by utterly unforseen events. The transition from the Middle Agest to the Renaissance was influenced by the rise of commercialism, a sudden change in climate, famine and the Black Death, which set the stage for the invention of the printing press.

DVD 609 Bur

Connections I : The trigger effect and death in the morning. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
Volume 1 : The Trigger Effect - Both the beginning and the end are here. The end is our present dependence on complex technological networks illustrated by the NYC power blackouts. Life came almost to a standstill; support systems taken for granted failed. How did we become so helpless? Volume 2 : Death in the Morning - How did the test of gold's purity revolutionize the world 2500 years ago and lead to the atomic bomb? Standardizing precious metal in coins stimulated trade from Greece to Persia, causing the construction of a huge commercial center and library at Alexandria. This wealth of nautical knowledge aided navigators fourteen centuries later.

DVD 609 Con

Connections 2 : Disc 1. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2003.
Disc 1 : Revolutions ; Sentimental Journeys ; Getting It Together ; WhoDunit?. Explore the fascinating links between technological invention, social history, and economics.

DVD 609 Con

Connections 2 : Disc 2. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2003.
Disc 2 - Something for nothing ; Echoes of the past ; Photo finish ; Separate ways.

DVD 609 Con

Connections 2 : Disc 3. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2003.
Disc 3 : High times ; Deja Vu ; New harmony ; Hot pickle.

DVD 609 Con

Connections 2 : Disc 4. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2003.
Disc 4 : The big spin ; Bright ideas ; Making waves ; Routes.

DVD 609 Con

Connections 2 : Disc 5. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2003.
Disc 5 : One word ; Sign here ; Better than the real thing ; Flexible response.

DVD 609 Con

Connections I : Countdown and yesterday, tomorrow and you. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
Volume 9 : Countdown - What happens when you combine a carbon arc light, a billiard ball coating, a spoked wheel and consecutive image? Motion pictures! Complex and sometimes incredible events led to Thomas Edison's remarkable invention; the beginnings of limelight on an Irish mountain; George Eastman's production of celluloid from the slightly explosive gun cotton; the "magic lantern" of an Austrian ballistics teacher. Volume 10 : Yesterday, Tomorrow, and You - "Why did we do it this way?" Essential moments from the previous programs are reviewed to illustrate the common factors that make for change. Will they go on operating to affect our futures? And if so, can be recognize them?.

DVD 609 Con

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