Biographical Resume of Professor Rana Pratap Singh

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Biographical Resume of Professor Rana Pratap Singh

Present position held: Professor & Ex-Dean,

School for Environmental Sciences,

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (A Central) University,

Rae Bareilly Road, Lucknow-226025 (India)

Phone:+919889121823 (M), 0522-2995605 (O)



Date of Birth and Place

  • Born on at 1st Feb, 1959 at Kushinagar (UP) India

Personal Details

  • Father-Late Shri Vikram Singh and Mother-Shrimati Shaingari Singh, Married, Wife - Mrs. Sheela Singh, Daughter-Archana Singh, Sons-Tarun Sainger and Manish Sainger

  • Present Residence: H. No. 247, Sec-2, Udya-2, Eldeco, Rai Bareily Road Lucknow-226025

  • Phone:+919889121823 (M)

  • Category-General

Academic, Trainings, Contributions and Achievements: At a Glance
Academic and Research Training

  • Graduated from Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur (presently DDU Gorakhpur University), in 1979 with M.Sc. First Class in Botany. Awarded Ph.D. on, “Assimilation of Inorganic Nitrogen and Primary Amination Reactions in Maize Leaves” by Devi Ahilya University, Indore in Life Sciences (Plant Biochemistry)

  • Got training in protein biochemistry at Department of Biochemistry Aligarh Muslin University, Aligarh and All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi on Short Assignments in 1989 and 1992.

  • Visited University of Guelph Ontario, Canada twice in 1994 and 1996 on a short term UNESCO and NESERC Biotech Fellowships and Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming, PR China in 2002.

  • 3 Senegalese (South Africa) Scientist visited my laboratory at MD University, Rohtak in 2002 for about 15 days for some collaborative work.

Specializations/Area of Interest

  • Environmental Biotechnology, Stress Biology, Bioremediation, Organic Farming Science Communication/ Children's Writing, Poetry

Teaching experience

  • Over 26 years of PG teaching for M. Sc. Courses in Plant Science, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences at MD University Rohtak (1986-2005) and BBA (Central) University, Lucknow (2005-at present)

Research experience

  • Over 31 years of research as JRF, SRF, Scientific officer, Post Doc and faculty member in University departments and Research Institutes on various aspects of Functional Plant Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences

Publications: Detailed list follows
Academic Books from Indian and Foreign publishers-16

Research Publications (Total) : 113

  • Total Impact Factor of 13 Review Articles: ISI=15.886; NAAS=54.99

  • Total Impact Factor of 76 Research Papers: ISI=71.878; NAAS=359.0

  • Total Impact Factor of 89 Research Publications: ISI=87.764;

  • NAAS=413.99

Number of Book Chapters : 24

Citation of Research papers : More than 947

Popular Books for Children and neoliterates-05

  • Pahele Murgi Ayee Ya Unda?: Published in 5 Editions

  • Ek Tha Sooraj Ek Tha Ped: Published in 5 Editions and Awarded with Haryana Sahitya Academy First Prize Parkhanali me Paudha

  • Bharat Ram Ki Poli

  • Shushila Ka Peehar

Children Books Transcreated from Malyalam through English

  • Anda aur Danda (Author: S. Siva Das)

  • Kabhi na Khatm Hone Wali Kahani (Author: S. Siva Das)

Own books and articles transcreated in other languages

  • Ek Tha Sooraj Ek Tha Ped: Transcreated in Telgu

  • Article on Nigra fall transcreated in Malyalam and published in famous children magazine Eureka

  • Several Articles in Social and Scientific Issues and poems have been published in various news papers and magazines like Dharam Yug, Saptahik Hindustan and Kadmbari, etc.


  • Book Hasiye Per Lage Nisan; Awarded with Haryana Sahitya Academy First Prize

  • A PDF file (Poems) loaded on (Free assess available).

Editing Work

  • Editor-in-Chief of quaternary (biannual up to 2005) International Research Journal Physiology & Molecular Biology of Plants ( and ) from 2001 (Currently associated with an International reputed Publisher "Springer" and a Scientific Society PHSS Foundation for Science and Society Lucknow as co-publishers).

  • Executive Editor of the journal “Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability” Co-published by The Society “Science of Climate Change and Sustainable Environment” ( and “Indian Journals” (

  • Working as Editorial board member for other five research journals i.e. "Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology ( )", "Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health (earlier Proceeding of Academy of Environmental Biology India)", "Brassica", "Plant Achieves" and "Medicinal Plants (, “International Journal of Environmental Science” (

Three Book Series and Two individual Books

  • Nitrogen in Relation to Plants (5 Books)

  • Plant Genetic Engineering (7 Books)

  • Legumes genetics (2 Books)

  • Two individual titles

(Published by Studium Press, LLC, USA; Kluwer Academic Publishers The Netherlands and USA; CAB International UK and USA; Oxford and IBH, New Delhi and Science Publishers Enfield, USA,

  • Editor of monthly Hindi magazines like 'Haryana Science Bulletin' (1991-1995) and Parasmani (Children Science Magazine) (1996-1998).

Honors and Awards

Name of Award


Awarding Agency

AEB Honor


The Academy of Environmental Biology, India, Lucknow

Scientist of Excellence Award
R. D. Asana Medal


Society for Plant Research, Meerut

Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi

JEB Young Scientist Award


Academy of Environmental Biology India, Lucknow

INSA Visiting Fellowship


INSA, New Delhi, India

UNESCO ST Biotech Fellowship


UNESCO, Paris, France

NSERC Biotech Visiting Fellowship


University of Guelph, Canada

Haryana Sahitya Academy First prize on Poetry Book


Haryana Sahitya Academy,


Haryana Sahitya Academy First prize on Children’s Books on Science


Haryana Sahitya Academy,


Number of Research Projects Completed/Ongoing
Completed-11 and Ongoing-1
Number of Ph.D. Student guided and working presently : 20+8
Number of M. Phil Student guided: 03
Number of M.Sc. Student guided and working presently: over 50+4
Administrative Experience

  • Worked as Head Department of Environmental Science, BBA University, Lucknow during 2006-2009

  • Worked as Procter of the, BBA University, Lucknow during 2005-2007

  • Working as Dean School for Environmental Science, BBA University,

  • Worked as Controller of Examination, BBA University, Lucknow (Additional Charge) during 19 Sept, 2010- 7 Dec, 2011.

  • Member State Expert Appraisal committee, Directorate of Environment,

Government of Uttar Pradesh (Oct. 2010- Oct, 2013)

  • Worked as acting Registrar BBA University in 2007 for some times.

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