Call for submission of proposals under “serb women Excellence Award”

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Call for submission of proposals under “SERB Women Excellence Award”
Applications are invited from women scientists below 40 years of age as on 31.3.2016 who have received recognition from any one or more of the following national academies such as Young Scientist Medal, Young Associate etc.

  1. Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi

  2. Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore

  3. National Academy of Science, Allahabad

  4. Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi

  5. National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

  6. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi

These women researchers will be supported with a research grant of Rs.5.00 lakh per annum for a period of 3 years. The applications (two hard copies) in the format given below be sent to the following address:

Secretary - SERB

(Attention: Dr. Doyil T Vengayil - Programme Officer,

‘SERB Women Excellence Award Scheme’)


(A statutory body of the Government of India)

5 & 5A, Vasant Square Mall

Sector-B, Pocket-5, Vasant Kunj

New Delhi-110070

A copy of the proposal (in one file in PDF) may also be sent by email to:
Women Scientists who have received the award earlier are not eligible to apply again.
The last date is April 30, 2016

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