Committee Reports

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The October 24th meeting of the NDSU Saddle and Sirloin Club was called to order by President Jenna Schmidt. The secretary’s report was approved as read. The treasurer’s report read a balance of $2,135.71.
Committee Reports

B&B-Megan and Brianna talked about how their trip to nationals went and the activities they took part in. We got 4th in chapter activities as a club.
Recreation-Coed VB won POG-Cameron

Coed BB won 51-32 POG-Dusty

Womens BB won 41-23 POG-Beth

Mens BB is tomorrow night at 6

Sunday Monday and Tuesday we play again at 8
Philanthropy-Dance marathon is on December 1st. Signup is going around. The club needs to raise $150 altogether. Meet under horse after this meeting if interested.
New Member-had a game where some members become pretty close after they were done licked peanut butter from opposite sides of a pie pan.
Assistant treasurer-Halloween dance is next Wednesday. $5 per person. Prizes for best costumes. It will be at the American Courtyard by Marriot in Moorhead. Signup if you are bringing a guest.
Turkey Sales-Order forms were passed out. $22 for a 12-14 lb. turkey. NDSU meats lab is smoking them. The 7th is the last day to sell them. 450 were ordered.
Old Business: None

New Business:Quad is on November 13th and 14th-the winning team goes to Ames Iowa in the spring. Talk to Kim V. if you’re interested.
Little “I”


Ad Sales-$2,190 so far. Next Wednesday is that last day to get ads in to Megan. Lindsey won the $10 again this week-great job Lindsey! Please sell ads!!!!
Fundraising-Next week they should have order forms for clothing. Talked about ordering mugs for the club.
Royalty nominations re-opened:

Kim Halls

Allison Gibbs

Kayla Skunberg

Calli Wold

KaSondra Klein

Heidi Jo Hughs

Karin Sorgard

Lacey Holen

Nominations close on Novem 31. Interview on the 6th and elections on the 14th.

Cover design nominations reopened:

Kate M

Kolby C

Abby F

Sharnae F

Tom C

Nominations closed
Color nominations:

Yellow turquoise white

Brown blue

Brown turquoise white**

Light blue green white

Green yellow black

Yellow turquoise black

Green yellow white

Black turquoise

Light blue brown white

Show signups went out tonight. Each species and chair talked about their requirements. Get your sheets in ASAP because spots fill up fast.
Ag of the year will open next week. You will be responsible for the interview process if you nominate someone.
Anthem singer opens next week.

-Thursday November 8th is Miss NDSU-buy tickets from Courtney.

-Lacey needs help with Club Calf Sale which is December 1st during the North Star Show

-NDSU IHSA show is Nov. 17-18. We will talk about purchasing an ad next week.

-Sigma Alpha sorority recruitment is next week.

-Calli talked about NBAC down in New Orleans

-Horse Judging went to Columbus Ohio last week and got 5th in halter and 7th overall.

-Livestock Judging was at American Royal last week. Got 14th out of 23 teams and 8th in swine. Mark was 23rd.

-Rodeo team has shirts and sweatshirts for sale-last weekend was their rodeo-the team did very well-thanks to all who showed up and to Riston for announcing.

-Ron mentioned the swine scholarship again-no applications were in as of yet-due on the 1st.

Zimmies-Courtney stepped on a rake this weekend and it came back and smacked her on the forehead. Later she was in the washrack and hit her head on a bar went she bent down, and later hit it again on the drying machine.
Poll of the week: Who’s cooler? Luke or Jenna? Jenna said neither and Luke claims he won by 4.
Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Calli Jo Wold

2007-2008 S/S Secretary

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