Dear lovers of Mathematics Greetings from i-serve

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Dear lovers of Mathematics

Greetings from I-SERVE

We hope, you are aware of the International Mathematics Congress at Hyderabad, India, during 19th to 27th August, 2010.

An enthused I-SERVE is bringing out a wonderful volume “Ancient Indian Mathematicians” and wants to gift it to all the delegates of the congress, to draw their attention to the contributions of ancient India to the word of mathematics!!
I-SERVE seeks your financial support for this noble cause!!!
The enclosed brochure gives you all details!
Please contribute liberally by way of advertisements & donations!!!
You can also book your advance copy of this wonderful volume by donating Rs. 1000/- for Indian dispatch and $30 for foreign dispatch!!!
You can wire transfer your contributions to us as per the following details-



Payments should be made – CHASE MANHATTAN BANK

                                                         (SWIFT: CHASUS33)   





For credit to                                      0011407376        

                                                          AXIS BANK LTD (SWIFT – AXISINBB)




For further credit to                          AXIS BANK LTD


                                                          SWIFT: AXISINBB008


Ultimate Beneficiary                   A/c no. 909010039494633

                                                    Name:  Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas


                                                     Address : 279, Road No. 8, Alakapuri,

         Hyderabad – 500035

         Phone: 91-40-24035013


About us:-

I-SERVE (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas) is an Institution dedicated to research on sciences hidden in ancient Indian literature, including Vedas. You are well aware that we have been conducting various research activities, for the benefit of the society. We are recognized by DSIR as a SIRO. The I.T. Department also recognized us as a scientific research institute and approved us U/s. 35(1) (ii) of the I.T. act.
IMPACT (Institute of Memory Power and Calculation Techniques) is another voluntary scientific organization, based at Hyderabad, and working intensively to spread the techniques of Vedic Mathematics for quick calculations and memory techniques, through out the world.

About Mathematics Congress:-

We are very much enthused by the mammoth scientific event, viz., “International Mathematics Congress” which is scheduled to take place at Hyderabad during 19th to 27th August 2010. It is very great that this prestigious scientific event has come to India, for the first time – that too to Hyderabad, where our research activities are centered. It is learnt that more than 2000 foreign delegates have already paid their fees and registered themselves as delegates to the international event. Around 2000 Indian delegates are already registered, the number is expected to go up to 3000
Free gift to World Mathematicians:-

In view of the above unprecedented gathering of mathematical giants from all over the world, I-SERVE and IMPACT have come together and decided to publish a souvenir volume by name “ ANCIENT INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS ” and gift it to every delegate of the Mathematics Congress. This volume will consist of standard articles on twenty giant ancient Indian mathematicians like Lagadha (1300 B.C) Sulba Sutraas (800 B.C) Pingala (2nd Century B.C), Aryabhatta (1st Century A.D) , Varahamihira (6th Century A.D), Bhaskara I & II, Brahmagupta, Sridhara, Nilakantha , Madhava and so on.

Each article will focus on the great mathematical achievements of each stalwart and their scientific status when compared to their contemporary counter parts, world over. Each paper will be of an average length of 10 pages in A 4 size, making the volume around 200 pages strong.

The authors who consented to send the papers include –

Prof. V. Kannan, Pro Vice Chancellor, Central University, Hyderabad

Prof. K. Rama Subramanian, I.I.T, Mumbai ( Maharastra )

Prof. S. Balachandra Rao, Member, INSA, Bangalore (Karnataka)

Prof. Anant Vyawahare, Professor Emiratus, P.G. College, Nagpur

Prof. Madhavan, Trivendrum, ( Kerala)

Prof. Kailash Viswakarma, Associate Professor, P.G. College, Rath ( U.P.) and others.

Since such a big number of foreign mathematician are gathering at Hyderabad along with their Indian counter parts, I-SERVE & IMPACT thought it fit to bring the achievements of ancient Indian Mathematicians, to their notice. For that noble cause, we want to gift this volume free of cost to each and every delegate of the congress. This project involves a cost around Rs. 3.0 – Rs. 3.5 Lakhs.


This being a noble cause, which strives to spread the scientific glory of our pious land, we seek patronage and support from all the Philanthropists, Business people, Industrialists and Intellectuals, in this regard. We appeal to them to support the souvenir by way of their liberal contributions and advertisements to be inserted in the volume. To facilitate the process of donations for this purpose, the following payment structure is designed-

(i) Silver Donors : Those who donate Rs. 50,000/- and above

(ii) Golden Donors : Those who donate Rs. 75,000/- and above

(iii) Platinum Donors : Those who donate Rs. 1,00,000/ and above
Facilities to the donors

  1. The names of the above types of donors will be specially acknowledge in the souvenir.

  2. One page color advertisement will be inserted in the volume, if they opt for it.

  3. Their name will be prominently displayed in the hall, where the Vedic Mathematics classes are going to be conducted by us during 20th, 21st & 22nd August 2010 (in Keshav Memorial School), to coincide with the “International Mathematics Congress”


(i) Full page - 4 color Rs. 10,000/-

(ii) ½ page - 4 color Rs. 5,000/-

(iii) 2nd & 3rd cover page –4 color Rs. 15,000/-

(iv) Back cover page - 4 color Rs. 25,000/-

(all pages in A4 size)

Note: Please send your drafts / Cheques / Cash in favour of “I-SERVE” on any Bank at Hyderabad, along with full details of your advertisement matter. For the convenience of the donors, a format is attached herewith, which shall be filled and sent to I-SERVE, Hyderabad, along with necessary attachments.
Special Note:
Please note that the donations made to I-SERVE are exempted U/s. 35(1)(ii) of I.T. act vide their notification No. 90/2009 dated 26.11.2009. This section provides an additional weightage upto 125% to the donors of I-SERVE.
Advertisement receipts will be covered U/s. 80(G) of I.T. act.
Soliciting inspiring cooperation from all donors,

Yours sincerely,

B.Saikiran K.V. Krishna Murty Director, IMPACT Chairman, I-SERVE



The Managing Trustee

Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE)

No. 11-13-279, Road No. 8,


Hyderabad – 500035

In appreciation of your research activities in the field of Vedic sciences, we herewith send you a DD / Cheque No:………………. Dated…………………… for Rs………………………………………………………………………………. only) on ……………………. Bank , favouring I- SERVE for the purpose of one page / full page / Cover page Colour matter to be printed in your forth coming Souvenir (Tick up which ever is relevant). We are herewith enclosing a CD containing the exact format of our advertisement along with a printed copy of the same. Please do the needful and send us your official receipt.

Wishing you a great success for the research on Vedic Sciences,

From (Donor)

Yours sincerely


( )

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