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Benton Keith Hair was born February 7, 1932 in Logan, Utah. He was the second child of William Warburton Hair and Jessie Marie Schaub. Benton granduated from Pocatello High School in 1950. He went to Idaho State College one year and then served in the U.S. Marines from 1951 to 1953. He attended ISC another year followed by one year at Brigham Young University.

He married Barbara Ruth Tree October 25, 1957 in Syracuse, Davis County, Utah. Barbara was born January 11, 1937 in Ogden, Weber County, Utah. They were sealed March 1, 1966 in the Idaho Falls Temple. Benton and Barbara have three children, Brian Keith born May 19, 1959, Burkley Todd, born February 4, 1961 and Kimberly born April 18, 1964 all born at Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho.

Benton worked with his father in the Spudnut Shop and on the farm in Downey until 1965. He took over the Ace Rubber Stamp Company and is employed by the United States Post Office as a clerk. He is active in the Latter-Day Saint Church and Scout work. He enjoys relaxing on the golf course.


Rulon Dean Hair was born July 26, 1912 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. He was the third son and seventh child of Benjamin Hair and Ann Eliza Van Wagoner.

When four years old, Rulon moved with his parents and family to Provo, Utah. At the age of six, Rulon's mother passed away from complication from the "flu". Rulon was next to the youngest, and was a very lonely little boy. When he took the cows to the pasture he would stay away for hours - something he never did when his mother was living.

After graduated from Provo High School, Rulon took a business training course at Henegar's Business College. It was at this time he met Mildred Egbert. They were married February 14, 1936. Mildred was born March 5, 1916 in West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah. She was the daughter of William LeFayette Egbert and Clara Jane Farmer.

Rulon served in the Merchant Marines, worked as a salesman, then was employed in the Spudnut business by Al Pelton. Soon he built his own shop in Pocatello and had the State of Idaho as his territory. Soon afterwards his brother Wm. W. hair (Burton) went into partnership with him in Pocatello. Later Rulon was offered the State of Washington and he and his family moved to Lake City in Seattle, Washington. Later they purchased a home at Kirkland where Rulon and Mildred served as Activity Counselors in the M.I.A. Later they built a lovely home on the Lake Front and Rulon served as Financial Clerk in the Branch. For many years they operated Spudnut Shops throughout Washington. The last few years Rulon has been working in the Real Estate Business.

Rulon and Mildred had one daughter of their own. Burdene was born March 16, 1937. They enjoyed this happy little girl for eleven years. She suffered a tragic accident while vacationing with friends in Portland, Oregon. She died June 14, 1948.

They feel so fortunate to have been able to adopt two lovely children: Ronda Jean was born March 16, 1951 in Seattle, Washington, and Ronald Dean born January 12, 1954 in Seattle, Washington.


Luella Bell Hair Whyte, daughter of Ann Eliza Van Wagoner and Benjamin Hair, was born 12 August 1915 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She attended Provo High School and the LDS Business College, Salt Lake City. Her favorite hobbies are sewing, gardening and knitting. Her Recreation is family outings. I must say here, Luella has an infectious laugh and loveof people.

She was married to Andrew Whyte, Jr. 21 January 1939 in the Salt Lake City, Utah, where they made their home. They have one son and two daughters.

Activities to keep her busy besides her home and family are Credit Manager and Bookkeeper in a Medical Center. Editor of her Ward paper also she is Editor of the John Van Wagoner Family organization Newsletter. Luella has a special interest in genealogy. She was baptized a member of the LDS Church 19 August 1923.

Stephen A. Whyte was born on February 11, 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah the first child of Andrew and Luella Bell Hair Whyte. Stephen was educated in the Salt Lake Public School System. He graduated from Highland High School in May of 1964. After graduating with a B.S. in Business and Industrial Management in May of 1968 from University of Utah, Stephen expects to continue his education in the Masters Program. He will receive his Masters of Business Administration in June of 19--.

Stephen has been employed by Kennecott Copper Corp. while he completed his education.

When taping books at the blind center, Stephen met his future wife. Margaret Ellen (Peggy) McReynolds and Stephen were married on July 29th, 1967 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Peggy was born January 2, 1945 to John and Ilah McReynolds in Moline, Illinois. Peggy and her family moved to Salt Lake City in 1945. She graduated from East High School and attended the University of Utah. Presently she is helping with the finances while Steve finishes his schooling, working for the Federal Civil Service Comm.

Steve is an Elder in the Granite Park Ward. Peggy is a member of the First Presbyterian Church.

William L. Van Wagoner was born in Midway, Utah, on the 25th of May 1879 to John Van Wagoner and Margaret Fausett Van Wagoner. He was 5th of 14 children, thirteen of whom lived to adulthood, and were active in church and civic affairs.

The love and unity of this family was outstanding. The fine training they received from their beloved and respected parents is now being reflected in the many families that comprise their numerous posterity.

The boyhood days of William (or Will as he was called) were spent in Midway. He attended grammar school there and later attended the Brigham Young University at Provo, where he took a course in business. For several years he worked with his father, brothers and two uncles (Bill and Henry) making brick, burning lime, and helping build. Many of the homes in Midway and Wasatch County were constructed from the brick and lime processed by the Van Wagoner Family.

In the spring of 1900, William met the girl who was later to become his life companion. Charlotte Sharp was the daughter of Jonathon and Annie Jowett Sharp. She was born in Heber, Utah the 18th of January 1882. They were married September 19, 1900 at Midway, Utah by Patriarch Nymphus Mordock. That evening they were honored with a reception at the Old Van Wagoner Hall. They were endowed at the Salt Lake Temple May 1, 1901.

In the fall of 1901, William received a call to go on a mission to the Eastern States. This was about a week before Arthur, their first child was born. This was difficult decision for them to make since they were without finances, and faced with unhappy prospects of being separated for two years of their young marriage. They prayed about it, and talked it over with the family and friends who encouraged them and promised help. Will left for his mission in November 1901 and returned November 1903. He kept a daily journal while on his mission which is filled with many interesting and faith promoting incidences.

During his life he was always active in church and civic affairs. He served as president of his deacons quorum, Supt. Of the Young Men's M.I.A. and later as Supt. Of the Sunday School for several years. For nine years he served as counselor to Bishop Frankum and Bishop Henry T. Coleman. He served on the High Council under President Joseph Murdock and David A. Broadbent for 16 years. He served as Stake Missionary for several years and was also Chairman of the Stake Genealogical Comm. He taught the adult class in Sunday School for many years.

He was active and progressive in civic affairs. He was a trustee for the Midway town for severral years and was on the Wasatch County School Board. He was elected to the State Legislature for three terms; and sponsored the bill that divided Wasatch County and made Duchesne County.

Will was extremely proud of Lottie (his wife) and his family. Charlotte Sharp was a wonderful home maker and extremely devoted as a wife and mother. She was noted for her cooking ability and wonderful hospitality. Friends, relatives and Will's business associates were always welcome to sit at her table. The neighborhood children called her Aunt Lottie and loved to be in her home. She taught M.I.A. and served in the Primary. For many years she served as a Relief Society visiting teacher - a calling she loved. The family enjoyed many activities during the years the children were growing up. One of their favorite was the trips they would take out to Strawberry, to fish and camp. Will was a great fisherman. He loved to fish on the Provo River where he enjoyed the quiet and beauty of the valley in the early mornings and evenings. He always said that it was the perfect time to meditate and feel the presence of his Heavenly Father.

Ten children were born to Will and Lottie: Arthur William, Lester Hyrum, Mable Ann, Paul Halma, Ammon, Belva, Ezra Earl, Grant, Virginia and Joseph Alfred.

One of the most important, and rewarding experiences was his association as a business partner with his brother John. It was while they were in a retail grocery and meat business that John went on a mission to California. Later Will and John built the Drug store and picture show house now standing in Midway. At one time they owned the fish hatchery and the adjoining "Nelson" farm which they ran for years. Later they built a picture show building and furniture store in Pleasant Grove, which they lost in 1929 due to the depression. Will never acquired wealth but he built a constructive and happy life for himself, his wife, his family and many others. He was a gifted speaker and was called many times to speak to church services and especially at funerals.

Will was a realtor most of his life and a successful one. He was appointed as U.S> land appraisor in preparation for the Deer Creek Dam project on the Provo River.

Perhaps his greatest project and one of his great loves was missionary work. He kept four sons on missions (three of them in the 30’s during the depression). Arthur went to the Southern States, Paul to the California Mission, Ammon to the California Mission and Ezra to the Central States Mission. Paul went on a second mission for six months to California. Will and Lottie was very proud of them, they all served with credit and honor. Joseph did not have the privilege of a mission because of the army.

Arthur Van Wagoner, born 14 September 1901 Midway, Utah to William L. Van Wagoner and Charlotte (Lottie) Sharp. I attended grade school in Midway, High School in Heber and Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I served a mission to Ohio from November 1921 to February 1924. I worked at a variety of jobs, Mines in Park City, a carpenters helper in Phoenix, Arizona, on the Los Angeles Examiner Newspaper, and with the Nevada Construction Company on the Mt. Carmel Tunnel at Zion Park;

It was here I met my wife, Winnie Jones. From there I went to Los Angeles in 1928 to work for a Dairy Produce Company, Winnie and I were married in the St. George Temple, 15 February 1929. We lived in Los Angeles intermittenly seven years, coming home to Utah for a short period because of illness and operations. We moved back to Utah in 1936. Our sons Drew and Richard were born in Midway, Utah; Our daughter Joan in Glendale, California.

I have worked at various jobs since that time, six years in the mines, a dairy in Salt Lake, at the Steel plant in Utah County. Itel McCullough Radio Tube Plant at Tooele, The Navy at Clearfield, Utah, then for the Granite School district until June 1967.

My church assignments have been varied, teaching, Sunday School Supt. several times, Bishop and High Councilman.

Winnie Jones was born in Hinckley, Millard County, Utah, 5 March 1911 to Annie Laura Stout and Philetus Jones. She attended Dixie College, St George, Utah and BAC Cedar City, Utah. She has served in many church positions, to name some: MIA and Primary President and Counselor in Relief Society. At present Winnie and I are teaching the Gospel Doctrine Class in Sunday School. She is active in daughters of the Pioneers.

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