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19, rue des Paradoux


(+33) 5 61 52 64 08

Date of birth: January 24, 1971


Climate Modelling

Research Engineer


July 1994

Engineer degree from the Physics Department of I.N.S.A., one of the french "grandes écoles"

Employment history

February 1999 –May 2000


December 2000 – Present

Research Engineer

Global Change and Climate Modelling group, Cerfacs (European Center for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing), Toulouse, France

  1. GCM (global circulation model) Coupling: Setting of several coupled GCMs configurations (multiprocessor communication techniques, coupling fields, interpolation, models interface) for various laboratories (C.E.R.F.A.C.S., I.P.S.L., Paris; J.P.L., Los Angeles, …).

  2. Seasonal Climate Prediction: Installation on various platforms of an ensemble seasonal forecast chain (preparation, execution and post-processing). Development of automated production procedures of oceanic-atmospheric initial conditions.

  3. Creation of basic statistic analyses and visualization toolkits.

June 2000

November 2000

Research Engineer

C.N.R.S., I.P.S.L., University of Paris VI, France

  1. Coordination of model coupling actions of atmospheric (LMD) and oceanographic (LODyC, LSCE-CEA) laboratories.

  2. Standardization of models configurations, implementation of new coupling physic routines, developed toys models, finalization of platform independent coupled models packages (sources, makefiles, execution scripts, input data tarfiles).

July 1997 –

January 1999

Software Engineer

Computing support team, Sogéclair, Gimont, France

  1. Development and partly design of a cartographic software for the French Electricity Company (Electricité de France, EDF)

  2. Assured software support for cartographic production

April 1995 –

June 1995

Engineer trainee

Ifremer, French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, Brest, France

Development of visualization tools and correlation algorithms. Investigation interactions between wind stress fields and Maud Rise Polynya extension (SSMI and ER1 satellite data)


P. Rogel, E. Maisonnave, L. Terray, S. Valcke, and C. Cassou, (2000), Use of satellite altimetry data for climate prediction studies, In XXV General Assembly of the EGS, Nice, France

P. Rogel, E. Maisonnave, L. Terray, C. Cassou, and S. Valcke, (1999), Seasonal climate hindcast experiments using a coupled model initialized with altimeter data and atmospheric analyses, In OCEANOBS99, St Raphael, France
P. Rogel, E. Maisonnave, L. Terray, and S. Valcke, (1999), Expériences couplées océan-atmosphère de prévision saisonnière initialisées par des analyses atmosphériques et par l'altimétrie., In Atelier de Modélisation de l'Atmosphère, CNRM, Météo-France, Toulouse, France

Computer Literacy


Developments and porting on supercomputers SGI Origin 2000, NEC SX5, Fujitsu VPP 700 and 5000

Operating systems

  • Strong educational background on UNIX

  • 3 years of bourne, korn and C shells programming

  • Knowledge of Windows, Ms-dos, VMS


  • Proficiency in C code development (graphic libraries, graphical user interface, event driven application)

  • Fluent in Fortran 77-90-95

  • Knowledge of C++, Ada, Pv-wave, Cgi, HTML, LaTex, Netcdf, Matlab


  • Visualization: Pv-wave, Ferret, IDL, GMT

  • GCM: Arpège (Météo-France), OPA, LMDZ (C.N.R.S.)

  • GCM Coupler: Oasis (Cerfacs)

  • Others: Oracle, Sybase (databases), CVS (Version control system)

Language skills




Educational background

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