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European Virtual Institute for Thermal Metrology EVITHERM

  • Project Overview

      • Background
      • Objectives
      • Work package structure
      • Management & Coordination
      • Presented by Robert Angus
      • National Physical Laboratory

EVITHERM – How did we get to this point?

  • April 2001 – NPL submits Expression of Interest to develop EVITHERM in EC FP5 Growth Programme

  • October 2001 – EC issues EVITHERM dedicated call

  • February 2002 - Collaborative proposal submitted to develop EVITHERM involving 34 member institutions from 12 European nations.

  • December 2002 – EVITHERM contract signed by EC

  • January 2003 – EVITHERM 3-year development project starts

EVITHERM participants

Why is thermal metrology important ?

  • Over 60% of processes in manufacturing industry in Europe rely on accurate temperature measurement and control and thermal properties of materials.

  • Wide range of industrial sectors affected from steel production to aerospace and food production

  • Key factor affecting safe operation, process efficiency, environmental impact and product quality

  • Regulatory drivers - food storage, transport and processing; combustion and incineration; air quality; global warming

EVITHERM – Why is it required?

  • Industry requires up to date authoritative thermal data, technology, advice and training to optimise manufacturing processes and increase skills

  • BUT

  • Fragmented and geographically scattered information and expertise – difficult to locate and access most appropriate information – different regional or sectoral requirements

  • Variable quality and depth of information and expertise – is the information correct or appropriate? – How to choose ?


  • Barrier to industrial advancement and competitiveness – particularly to SMEs and developing countries

  • European economic issue - because of impact of measurement on industrial efficiency

EVITHERM – Objectives

  • To develop a coordinated internet based infrastructure that will be established as an information and knowledge transfer focal point for European organisations working in the thermal metrology field

  • Infrastructure will be based on the expressed technology and knowledge transfer needs of the end-user, particularly SMEs

  • Self supporting legal entity at the end of 3-year EC project

EVITHERM – user benefits

  • EVITHERM will provide information and links on:


  • Member capabilities

  • Thermal events, activities/capabilities of NMIs, universities and other centres of excellence, equipment suppliers, trade organisations

  • Latest science/technology developments

  • Validated property databases and specialised thermal databases

  • Good practice guides, E-training, standards

  • Reports, papers, presentations and reviews from meetings


EVITHERM – user benefits

  • EVITHERM will enable members to interact with each other to facilitate:

  • Meetings, conferences, workshops and training events

  • Problem solving

  • Consultancy

  • Industrial round-robin comparisons – invitations to participate or see results

  • Finding partners for collaborative research, exploitation of research outputs & other projects


EVITHERM – Work packages

  • 3 Management, Marketing and Communication Work Packages

  • WP1 – Coordinating the project, establishing EVITHERM as a business and coordinating the technical content – leader NPL

  • WP2 – Creating, developing and marketing the EVITHERM web site – leader PLG

  • WP3 – Enabling EVITHERM to transfer knowledge to meet the needs of industry and to communicate effectively to different regions in Europe – leaders IMGC and PTB

EVITHERM – Work packages

  • Six Technical Work Packages

  • Providing authoritative technical data which is appropriate to industry needs

  • WP4 -Thermal conductivity and diffusivity -leader IKE

  • WP5 -Thermal expansivity and density - leader ARC

  • WP6 - Emissivity and other IR-optical properties - leader IMGC

  • WP7 -Thermal analysis and calorimetry - leader TC

  • WP8 - Contact thermometry - leader LNE

  • WP9 - Non-contact thermometry - leader PTB

EVITHERM – User Interface

  • Ease of access to the data generated by the Technical WPs is critical to success of project

  • Technical data from all WPs will be searchable by a wide range of categories including:

  • Industry sector (metals, building, medical etc)

  • Thermal parameter

  • Material

  • Research institution

  • Resource( equipment, technique, expertise)

  • Supplier

  • Technical subject

Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

  • An important issue affecting all data generated by EVITHERM participants

  • An IPR agreement will be generated for review and signature by all existing and new participants

EVITHERM – Project management

  • Project management carried out via Steering Group (SG) comprising 8 WP leaders and selected new industrial members (to be identified).

  • Scope of SG activities defined by Project Management Agreement

  • WP leaders, under direction of SG, to manage individual technical work packages and activities of associated members

EVITHERM – Principal Contractors (CRs)

  • 5 CRs signed contracts with the Commission to jointly and severally carry out project.

    • Technically and financially responsible for their Members
    • Intermediaries between their Members and the Coordinator
    • Transfer payments to their Members for the work carried out in accordance with conditions of Membership agreements
  • CRs also WP leaders

EVITHERM – Project Coordinator (NPL)

  • Principal Contractor with additional responsibilities

  • In charge of scientific, financial and administrative coordination of the project

  • Intermediary between CRs and the Commission

    • Transfer all documents and correspondence relating to project to Commission
    • Transfer all payments to CRs received from Commission
    • Inform Commission of transfers in budgets
    • Inform all contracting parties of events or changes in circumstances liable to substantially affect project

EVITHERM – Members

  • Sign Membership agreements with specified Principal Contractors

    • Carry out work in compliance with Annex I to contract
    • Cooperate with Principal Contractor and WP leader to ensure efficient management of project
  • Target to get all Membership agreements to Commission by 1st week Feb latest – absolute deadline end March

  • 3 Members also WP leaders

EVITHERM – Principal Contractor/Member linkages

EVITHERM – The way forward

  • We are ALL involved in a learning process as we make plans to develop EVITHERM

  • We need your ideas, expertise and experience

  • Please use this meeting

  • to raise issues and share your ideas so that we can turn EVITHERM into a successful reality

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