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HRSA Mission

VP Marketing

Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)

The HRSA’s mission is to challenge, connect and support aspiring human resources professionals throughout the progression of their careers by providing them with learning, developmental and networking opportunities.

Role Overview

The VP Marketing manages the brand and communications of the HRSA. This person leverages the vision and mission of the HRSA to create internal and external marketing material that engages the student body and the business world. From graphic design to public relations, they grow the brand equity of the HRSA.


  • Responsible for creating and implementing marketing campaigns for all HRSA events and services (i.e. posters/flyers, awareness and promotion, mass marketing to students)

  • Manage all social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, responding to inquiries and requests for information within a 48 hour period

  • Work with Directors of Marketing and Communication to create and carry out marketing initiatives

  • Ensure proper media coverage of events, securing digital collection of events (photos, videos, blogging, newspaper articles)

  • Work with Executive Vice President to prepare materials for all events (nametags, thank-you cards)

  • Work with Vice President of OBCC and Vice President of Events to develop theme and communications strategy for respective events, including coordinating ongoing communications with attendees, guest speakers, and HRM student body

  • Work with Vice President of Information Technology to update web-content


- Media creation (graphic design, photo, video) is a strong asset

- Enrolled as a Full Time student at the Ted Rogers School of Management
- Human Resources Major / Minor
- Must have above 2.0 GPA and in Clear standing
- Available for 5-10 hours a week

About the HRSA

The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is a non-profit, student run organization at the Ted Rogers School of Management, dedicated to facilitating the exchange of information between students, alumni, academics, industry experts, professional associations/designated bodies and our business partners. 

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Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)


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