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Dr. Anjana Nanchahal


Assistant Professor




Address (Official)

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany,

Kalindi College (University of Delhi)

East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, INDIA-110008








M.Sc. (Botany)

Meerut University, Meerut


Dissertation: “Flora of Faridabad”

Ph.D. (Botany)

University of Delhi, Delhi


Thesis: Histochemical Investigation on Ovule and Embryo Sac Development with Emphasis on Antipodal Cells in Same Angiosperms.

Senior Diploma Dance (Kathak)




Career Profile





Department of Botany,

Kalindi College (University of Delhi),

Delhi, INDIA-110008

Associate Professor

July, 1982-June 1988 (Ad-hoc)

(Regular)July 1988-Present

Department of Botany, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007


Jan, 1982-March, 1982

  • Taught Bryophytes and Embryology

Department of Botany,

Miranda House College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007


Jan 1981-March1981

July 1981-Sept 1981

  • Taught Plant Physiology and Bryophytes.

Department of Botany


Sept 1980-Nov1980

Taught-Embryology and Anatomy

Research Interests/Specialization

  • Histochemical investigation of Angiosperms

  • Flora of Faridabad

Administrative Assignments / Contribution to corporate life

Participation at college level Convener

  • Orientation Programme 2014

  • Katha-kahani (Lehren), Rangoli, Poster Making + Collage Making several times

  • Annual Prize Distribution 1994 , 1995

  • Semester Mode Examination

  • Garden Committee (several years)

  • Stage decoration (several years)

  • Environmental Studies (Compulsory core course ) 2014, 2015

  • Admission Committee (for two years )

  • ECO-Club (several years )

  • Installation of CCTV inside the College Campus in 2011


  • Admission Committee (two years)

  • Judge for Fashion Show, Rangoli, Poster Making, Collage Making, Solo Dance at Lehren

  • Compereing Lehren, Orientation Programme and Alumini Meet (several times )

  • Two days (26& 27, Oct 2009 ) Multi-Skilled Training to the ‘D’ Non –matric employees of the college was conducted in the Botany Department of the college

  • Teacher-Incharge of Zoology Department for two years after the retirement of Dr. Arun Malhotra, Associate Professor, Zoology Department of Kalindi College.

  • Beautification of the Theme Park, Saraswati Park, Buddha Park and August Kranti Park of the college

  • Establishment of Herbal Garden and Rose Garden of the college

  • Plantation drive was conducte in the college on 4th September 2015 in collobaration with NGO Indraprasth Sanjeevni

Participation at the Delhi University Level

  • Member Faculty of Science

  • Member Moderation Committee ( for B.Sc. Life Applied Life Science for Several years)

  • Paper Setter for B.Sc. Life Science + Applied Life Science for Several years

  • Member Courses of Committee for B.Sc. (H) Botany under FYUP, B.Sc. Life Science + B.Sc. Applied Life Science.

Participation at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)

  • Member Courses of Committee

  • Moderation of Papers (B.Sc.)

  • Paper Setter for B.Sc.

Year of Publication


Journal (Name of the journal. Vol Issue ISSN)



Exercise 11- Cereals and Millet, Page 241 – 258

Exercise 12-Spices and Condiments Page 259-282

Exercise 19-Fat and Oil Source Plants page 385-408

Exercise 20-Sugar – Yielding Plants Page 409-416

Exercise 21-Starch producing plants page 417-428

5 Chapter Published in Practical Manual (LSE-14 (L) ) Plant Diversity – Lab, Economic Botany 2A2 School of Science, Indra Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.


Role of Antipodal Cells in Poppy

Cryologia 40:195-200

Prof. R.N. Kapil


Functions of Antipodals in Poppy

In 3rd International Congress on Cell Biology Tokyo, Japan

Prof. R.N. Kapil


Perisperm and seed coat of Daphiphyllum himalayense Muell Arg

Contemp. Trends in Plant Sciences

Prof. A.K. Bhatnagar and Prof. R.N. Kapil


Antipodasin in Funaria-A histochemical study

Phytomorphology 27:347-350

S.C. Tiwari

Seminar/Workshop/Conferences Presentation/Organisation

  • Participated in Third International Congress on Cell Biology, Tokyo, Japan, August 26-30 1984.

  • Workshop on Environmental Science for Delhi University College Teachers (6-10 December, 1984), Organized by School of Environmental Sciences Jawachar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi – 110067.

  • All India Conference on Biology at Chandigarh India 1986.

  • “Non-Convential Energy Educational Curriculum” March 19-24, 1990, Organised jointly by Eco-Transformation Centre and Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, University of Delhi.

  • Workshop on ‘Solar Cooking’ at Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, from April 19, 1997, April 26, 1997 Sponsored by: Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources. Organized by: Delhi University Energy and Environmental group, Centre for Science Education and Communication, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007.

  • Seminar on ‘Transportation and Environmental Management in Delhi Challenger A Head’ On 24th March, 1998.

Organised by: Hindu Institute of Management Sonepart- 131001 in Collaboration with Government of NCTR, Delhi.

  • Conference on ‘Mustars oil, Crisis, Why, How and What Next’ Organised by: Mustard Research & Promotion Consortium New Delhi, by Eco-Transformation Centre, New Delhi at Indian National Science Academy New Delhi on 21 April, 1999.

  • Seminar on Students Accommodation in the University System-Emerging Trends and Solution on 23rd October 2002, Organized by Delhi University Committee World University Service C/o Department of Geology, University Of Delhi at AG. Jhingram Seminar Hall Department of Geology, Chhatra Marg, Universtiy of Delhi, Delhi – 110007.

  • ‘National Seminar on Climate Change in India and its Impact on Plant Diversity and Productivity’ on December 22-23, 2003 at Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi.

  • International Conference on ‘Chemistry, Biology Interface Synergistic New Frontiers’ at Vigyan Bhawan 21-26 November 2004.

  • International Conference on ‘Environment and Development: Challenges and Opportunities (ICEDCO-2005)’ at School of Environmental Studies, North Campus, University of Delhi, March 04-06-2005.

  • National Seminar on ‘Gentically Modified Organisms Biosafety Aspects’ Organised by Delhi University Botanical Society at Indian National Academy, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg , New Delhi ,March 10.11.2005.

  • National Seminar on ‘Pesticides in Environmental, Risks and Management’ –February 14-15, 2006 at Kalind- College, University & Delhi, Delhi.

  • Workshop on the ‘Essentials of Biology Foundation Course Paper’ at Delhi University Guest-House, University Of Delhi, March 5-6, 2005.

Workshop for Capacity Building of Delhi University faculty organized

  • Paper on Perisperm and Seed Coat of Daphaniphyllum Himalayase Muell, Arg. 40-41 In symp. On “Current Research in Plant Sciences” Punjab Uniersity, Chandigarh.

  • Poster Presentation at Third International Congress on Cell Biology Tokyo, Japan, August 26-30, 1984.

  • Paper on “Water Pollution” in the Orientation Programme for N.SS Student’s Leader (East and West Zone) September 27.2003 Organized by the University of Delhi, Kalindi College.

  • Talk on to non-teaching staff of the College, January 30,2004.

  • Tall on Water Pollution at Ramjas College, University Of Delhi 2004.

  • Expert Committee Meeting of the Laboratory Course LSE-14 (L) Part B, February 27, 1997 at Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Gandhi, New Delhi – 110068.

  • Course – Written Meeting on March 10, 1999 at IGNOU.

  • Special Invitee for the Meeting on the course, of Committee January 22, 2001, in Botany Department University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007.

  • Meeting of Zoology and Botany teacher on 8th Feb, 2008 in Department of Zoology, University of Delhi for the revision of B.Sc Life Science and Environmental Science Syllabus.

  • Discussions on Woman Development Issues on All India Radio Urdu Channel.

  • Refresher Course, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education. (University of Delhi, Delhi – 1100001).

  • Orientation Programme (Code-013) May 4-31, 1989, C.PDHE, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007.

Awards & Distinctions

  • Fellowship JRF-CAS Botany

  • Fellowship SRF-CSIR

Professional Societies Memberships

Life Member

  • International Society & Plant Morphologists Department & Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

  • Botanica, Botanical Society: Department of Botany University Of Delhi, Delhi – 110007


  • Eco-Transformation Centre for Environment and Rural Up liftmen A-36/2, West Vinod Delhi-110092

  • Delhi University Energy and Environmental group Centre for Science Education Communication 10 cavalry liner, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

  • National Forum for Academic Valves

Projects(Major Grants/ Collaborations)


Other Details

  • 5 years Kathak Dance Course from Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad.

  • Qualified Physical Efficiency test- (juniors) 1963-64 and awarded ‘Onestar’ Merit Certificate Organized Government of India, Ministry of Education.

  • Best Student (Junior) Prize in Dramatis at School Level.

  • Best All Rounder (Junior) Prize at School Level.

  • Dance Performances.

  • Acted in Dramas.

  • Recitations of Self compose Poems.

  • Programs on TV and Radio

Financial Assistance: To attend 3rd International Congress on Cell Biology, Tokyo, August 26-30, 1984 from Department of Science & Technology and CSIR New Delhi.

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