Falko Loewenherz Change-Management and Coaching

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Falko Loewenherz

Change-Management and Coaching

Falko has tackled implementation challenges first hand for over 20 years in organizational transformations. He has experienced the ups and downs and has learned from successes and failures.

As a result, Falko is not just coaching and consulting from the side- line but has a proven implementation track-record in companies such as Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile International, Lufthansa and Daimler Benz/DASA.

As a Business Leader and top executive with global responsibility, hand in hand with the C-suite, he accomplished major transformations in Strategy Reforms, Mergers, Restructuring, Cost Savings as well as in Rebranding, Culture & Behaviour Change and Service Excellence.

Over the last years, Digital Transformation and Game Changer are his main topics. As an Executive and Team Coach he saw many of the transformations unfolding via both, agile teams and top executives who grew into their roles, shaped organizations and developed into outstanding game changers and leaders.

For the last 6 years Falko is fully based in Asia, working mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. He continues his passion to transform, develop and grow organizations, teams and individuals as a Facilitator, Consultant, Executive & Team Coach. Falko strives for accelerated deep and lasting change. He provides his experience, passion and hands-on strategies to create measurable shifts. Enrolling teams and key stakeholders behind compelling and measurable goals, finding quick wins, creating a suitable working environment and adapting crucial behavior and structural changes are only some of the elements for success. He reshapes the way managers and teams lead in transformations and he supports individuals and teams to align themselves fully with their company’s ambition, purpose and goals.

Currently, Falko consults , facilitates and coaches mainly in traditional organizations who strive to change their business model in their core to become digital. For this to be successful, a huge mind-set, capability and collaboration shift has to go hand in hand with the strategic shifts to make use of its full potential.

Besides all the practical experience Falko also has a Certification in Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith (No.1 Executive Leadership Coaching Network), a Masters by Anthony Robbins, an International Masters in Practicing Management by INSEAD and McGill as well as an European Bachelor in Business.
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