Fys 101 Instagram Reflection Assignment

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FYS 101

Instagram Reflection Assignment

This assignment requires students to attend two different campus activities or events and then post a picture and brief reflection of positive feedback on Instagram. We have a specific Instagram account set up for this class for all students in this class to access.

The assignment will be worth 10 points total, 5 points per post, and will be graded according to the rubric on the syllabus.

Obviously, since the requirement is for positive feedback, students should choose an event or activity at which they had a positive experience. Any campus sponsored event or activity will be fine; however, they must be different types of events, so you couldn’t post about two concerts or two athletic events, for example. Possible options include but are not limited to the following: campus programming; an arts event including a concert, musical presentation, or a play or film; athletic events/games; various campus “fairs” including job fairs or activity fairs; Greek events; a lecture; an open house; or an exhibit.

Your reflections should include where/what the event is and a brief post of positive feedback regarding the event. Language should be appropriate for any audience. The pictures should be appropriate as well and should not depict any activity which would violate University of Tennessee policy. Please refer to Hilltopics for more information.

Since all of our class members will be using the same account, you will need to include your name with your posts to receive credit. The account will be for group access only for members of this class. Please do not share the password with anyone else.

Here is the account access information: Username: xxxxx Password: xxxxx

Please contact Katie, our Peer Mentor, if you need assistance with your posts.

Your pictures may or may not include people. If they do, though, you must have consent from the subjects for individual or small group shots. This is most likely not necessary for crowd shots. If photography is prohibited at a given event, do not violate the policy. You could, perhaps, take a picture outside the venue, etc.

Both posts must be submitted before class on November 7th, and we will discuss them as a group on this day.

Please see your instructor or peer mentor with questions or concerns about this assignment.

Sample Early Opportunities:

  • Part-Time Job Fair

Wednesday, August 24th


Thompson-Boling Arena Concourse

  • UT Farmers’ Market

Every Wednesday


UT Gardens, off Neyland Drive (Ag Campus)

  • Lecture: “Knoxville Unearthed: Archaeology in the Heart of the Valley

Tuesday, September 20th, 7p—8:30p

McClung Museum

  • Home Athletic Events in August and September

Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Golf, Football

See www.utsports.com

Go to www.utk.edu/events to search for more options.

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