Gaybullayevnaning Theme: Lesson 5 Seasons and weather

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25.04stormy weather

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Theme: Lesson 5 Seasons and weather.



Type and methods of
the lesson


- to learn how to express their feelings about weather.
- to enable pupils to express their feelings about weather.
- to raise awareness of ex­pressing their feelings.

Learning outcomes for English
competence C1, C2, C3
At the
end of the lesson pupils will be able:
- ex­press their feelings about weather;
- give reasons for feelings.

Type of the lesson: nonstandart
Methods of the lesson:
game, pair work

DVD, Textbook,
distributive materials.

I. Organizational part:
- greeting
- checking up the register
Optional warm-up activity. Play “CRISS CROSS GAME!”
Objective: to practice a conversation idea or vocabulary set.
1. All the students stand up. Teacher asks a question. The student who wants to answer raises his/her hand. If they get the question right then all the kids in their row of desks (i.e. all kids to the left and right of them) sits down. Ask a question. The student who wants to answer raises his/her hand. This time if they get it correct all the students in the column they are in (all the kids in front and behind them) sit down. Repeat until only one kid is left standing. Remember to tell them that losing doesn’t mean losing, it really means they have another chance to try again!
II. Checking up the homework
.III. Introducing of the new theme
Activity 1 Listen and sing.
Objectives: to warm up by singing the song; to check homework
STEP 1: Play the DVD. Ask the pupils to listen to the song and sing it. Look at Unit 12 Lesson 1 Activity 1 for the DVD script.
STEP 2: Checking homework. Ask the pupils to read their sentences to each other.
Activity 2a Match the words. Write the meaning.
Objective: to present new vocabulary
Ask the pupils to match the words and pictures. They can check their answers in the Wordlist. Explain that “hail” is a verb like “rain” and “snow”. We say “It hails” or “It’s hailing.” Tell the pupils to check their answers with their partners.

Answer key: 1f; 2c; 3b; 4e; 5a; 6d; 7g
Activity 2b Listen, repeat and read. 3 min Objective: to practise pronunciation
Play the DVD and ask the pupils to repeat. Then ask them to read the words aloud in chorus. See Pupil’s book for the DVD script.
Activity 2c Chain Drill.
Objective: to practise new vocabulary
Ask the pupils to ask and answer in chain.
Activity 3a, 3b
Objective: to practise expressing feelings about the weather
Explain the new phrase I feel... Ask them how they feel now. Each pupil should say a sentence in a chain.
Activity 3c Listen and complete the sentences.
Objective: to practise listening for specific information
Ask the pupils to listen to the DVD and say how the children are feeling.
DVD script:
Boy: Oh, it’s hailing! How nice! We can collect hailstones. Be quick! It’s stopping. (There is a noise of hailing in the background and giggling of the children).
Girl: Uhh! It’s raining. I again can’t go out. I don’t like that rain. It’s boring.
Answer key: The boy feels happy because he likes hailstorm. The girl feels sad because she doesn’t like rain.
IV. Consolidation.
Optional activity. Play “Word Ball”
Objective: to motivate pupils to learn more words.
The children stand at their seats. As the ball is thrown from child to child, following an order previously made clear to the children by the leader, each catcher has to name a word. The words all belong to a category; they could be related by topic, part of speech, or ending. Whoever drops the ball or can’t think of a word within a few seconds must sit down. The last child standing is the winner.
Activity 4 Work in pairs. Look and speak about the people in the pictures. Objective: to practise expressing feelings about weather 5 min
Ask the pupils to look at the pictures and ask their partner how the people in the pictures are feeling.
Activity 5 Read and say the season.
Objective: to read for gist
Ask the pupils to read the text and say what season it is. Ask them to explain their answers.
V. Conclusion
1. Giving homework
Ask the pupils to look at the homework on Page 120. Check that everybody understands what to do with the tasks. If necessary, explain them.
2. Evaluation: giving marks
3. The results of the lesson
Deputy director on educational affairs: _________
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