Haunted places

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Haunted places

  • Back before the sanatorium was ever thought of, the land was purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. Major Hays needed a school for his daughters to go to, so he started a one room school house down on pages lane and hired a woman whose name was Lizzie Lee Harris as the teacher. Miss Harris loved her tiny school nestling against the hillside, and remembered her fondness for Scott’s Waverley novels, so she named her little school house “Waverley School.” Major Hays liked the peaceful sounding name so he named his property “Waverley Hill” and the Board of Tuberculosis Hospital kept the name when they bought the land and opened the sanatorium.

Other treatments were less pleasant --- and much bloodier. Balloons would be surgically implanted in the lungs and then filled with air to expand them. Needless to say, this often had disastrous results, as did operations where muscles and ribs were removed from a patient’s chest to allow the lungs to expand further and let in more oxygen. This blood-soaked procedure was seen as a “last resort” and few of the patients survived it.

One of the most talked about and famous aspects of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is the Body Chute or Death Tunnel. The Body Chute is the preferred name. The Body Chute was once used to transport the bodies of deceased TB patients from the hospital to the bottom of the hill to waiting hearses or trains.

Even after the reports of abuse and neglect Pennhurst continued to operate until 1986 and a court order issued it to close its doors. The court found enough evidence of physical and mental abuse and neglect to support having residents and patients to be either discharged or transferred to other facilities. The findings demonstrated that the patients in most cases had deteriorated in their conditions. It was alleged that there was cruel and unusual punishments, unsanitary and inhuman treatment of the people that resided there.

  • Penn Hurst insane asylum

This institution as many did have financial problems that continued to lead them to take in more patients than they had room for. For example, in one building in an area that there should have been no more than 16 individuals there were 75 in that one space. With all of the overcrowding sanitary conditions just continued to deteriorate. This was found to be true throughout the history of Pennhurst.

Written by a scientist I have never encountered a more malevolent or destructive case than that which I experienced at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky. Doug Hensley, in "Hell's Gate", has taken on the formidable and dangerous task of telling the story. Through his eyes can be seen the images of the dark side of human nature and how collective Evil insidiously breaks down the spiritual protection of those who challenge it naively. This is a very convincing story, but more than that it is a nightmare of the real."

  • Bobby Mackeys

"Bobby Mackey's Music World was one of the scariest ghost busting jobs I've ever been on. Johana tried pushing me down a very steep stairway. I saw a ghost named Pearl holding her head and repeating over and over "Oh, my head. Oh, my head." There was a male ghost named Scott repeatedly yelling at her that it was her fault he and his friend, Alonzo, were dead. There were ghosts in the bathroom, on stage, in the caretaker's apartment, near the bucking bronco, and in the main bar. They were everywhere. The story of 'Hell's Gate' is compelling, and true."

Hill view manor

Hill View Manor closed in 2005. Most of the rooms are empty except for some old equipment...or are they? Did everyone leave when the doors were shut? Candy Braniff, Paranormal Investigator, doesn't think so. "We've had everything from audible voices that you hear with your ears, EVPs, full body aberrations, things being moved, hearing footsteps coming from down a hall, and no one being there."

The End

  • I got all of my info from these guys they have a show called ghost adventures

  • http://www.hauntedhillview.com/

  • http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com/

  • http://bobbymackey.com/hellsgate.html

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