Hey Stranger, she said. You are on No Mans Land. Let´s go Down to the River, get all Wet and Take a Breather Before the Devil

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A twisted lovestory about a Drop Dead Gorgeous woman Text: Monica Mattsson (ATN)

Hey Stranger, she said. You are on No Mans Land. Let´s go Down to the River, get all Wet and Take a Breather Before the Devil comes to get you. Maybe you would like to be A thousand miles from here at this moment. But Just a Minute and I will tell you a story, It´s a country Thing.

My Mama Maria was a Gypsy Queen who used to dance at Locklin´s Bar drivning the young men insane. She had this heart, a real Corazon Diamante. One day, she met this man, The Fighter. He came from nowhere, like a Skyrider. Instantly he fell in love and wanted to Marry that Girl. But she was really a Tough Love, messing with Black Magic, often on the Wrong side of the Road.

The Fighter decided to Save the day and Try Everything Until the End, whising that Everything will Change and that someone should Bring on the Good Times.

Then one day, Mama Maria met Alvaro, who was a Busking Ballader, a real Raggle Tagge Gypsy O, and he said: Let´s Make Love. I have looked for Somebody like You, so now I can Tell the World I´ve succeded. Don´t hesitate, We only live once and We are who we are so let´s do it. A Femme Like U give me the Andrenaline Rush.

Heaven Help Us! Now, there are two men who wants a Sexy Night with Mama Maria!

It´s time to choose her Dear Future Husband. She gets ready with Lipstick, Powder and Paint and starts to find her Funky Love.

She begins to ask the Fighter; Will you Tango with me Darling? And Dig your Heels in the dirt and get on your Funly Sole. Don´t be a Tin Man and hold me in Your loving Arms and let us flow - Wave on Wave and dance on the River of Dreams. But remember to Hold Back the Ocean, because Good Girls Don´t.

Oh, you are so Beautiful in my Eyes he said, and you have a Heart of an Angel, but something tells me that I´m the Second Hand Heart and that you will not be my Rock ´n´ Roll Bride. Is it so?

Then Mama Maria went to Alvaro and invited him to a PicNic Polka. Don´t go Anywhere and don´t lie, it´s better to be honest. Remember that I´m only Human After All. Come Dance with me and remember that I´m Better when I´m dancing, so Shut up and Dance with me. It´s Gotta Be You Alvaro said. Our life togheter will be Starting Now - or Maybee Tomorrow. If we Just Add Moonlight we can Fly High and Build a Bridge between our families.

The Fighter, who lost his love, got sad and said: I will have my love Written in Scars as I drift in the Water under the Bridge. I may not be a Rainmaker or your Guardian Angel but I´m a good man, and I Ain´t Misbehavin. Maria, I hope you Find it together with Alvaro. You know it´s all About Feelings and allowing you to follow your heart in an Electric Slide.

The End

Yüklə 4,86 Kb.

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