History of Women Reel Listing Abailard, Pierre, 1079-1142

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History of Women

Reel Listing

Abailard, Pierre, 1079-1142.

Letters of Abelard and Heloise.

London, Printed for J. Watts. 1743

Item identification number 1; To which is prefix'd a particular account of their lives, amours, and misfortunes: extracted chiefly from Monsieur Bayle. Translated from the French by the late John Hughes, esq. 7th ed.

Reel: 1
Adams, Hannah, 1755-1832.

An alphabetical compendium of the various sects which have appeared in the world from the beginning of the Christian æ ra to the present day.

Boston, Printed by B. Edes & sons. 1784

Item identification number 3; with an appendix, containing a brief account of the different schemes of religion now embraced among mankind. The whole collected from the best authors, ancient and modern.

Reel: 1
Adams, Hannah, 1755-1832.

A summary history of New-England, from the first settlement at Plymouth, to the acceptance of the federal Constitution.

Dedham [Mass.] Printed for the author, by H. Mann & J. H. Adams. 1799

Item identification number 4; Comprehending a general sketch of the American war.

Reel: 1
[Adams, John], 1750-1814.


London, Printed for G. Kearsley. 1790

Item identification number 5; Sketches of the history, genius, disposition accomplishments, employments, customs and importance of the fair sex, in all parts of the world. Interspersed with many singular and entertaining anecdotes. by a friend to the sex.

Reel: 1
An Address to the ladies, shewing how hazardous matrimony is found to enter upon at this time.

London, Printed by T. and J. W. Pasham. 1767

Item identification number 5.1; by a young batchelor.

Reel: 1
Advice from a lady of quality to her children, in the last stage of a lingering illness.

Boston, Printed and sold by S. Hall. 1796

Item identification number 6; Translated from the French by S. Glasse.

Reel: 1
Agrippa, von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.

The glory of women; or, A treatise declaring the excellency and preheminence of women above men, which is proved both by scripture, law, reason, and authority, divine and humane.

London, Printed for Robert Ibbitson. 1652

Item identification number 7; Written first in Latine by Henricus Cornelius Agrippa ... and now translated into English for the vertuous and beautifull female sex of the commonwealth of England. by Edvv. Fleetvvood, gent.

Reel: 1
Alberti, Marcello, b. 1714.

Istoria della donne scientiate del dotore Marcello Alberti.

In Napoli, Per Felice Mosca. 1740

Item identification number 8.

Reel: 1
Albertus Magnus, Saint, bp. of Ratisbon, 1193?-1280.

Albertus Magnus, de secretis mulierum.

Amstelodami, Apud Henricum et Theod. Boom, A. 1669

Item identification number 10; Item de virtutibus herbarum, lapidum, et animalium.

Reel: 1
Albizzi, Barbera Tigliamochi degl'.

Ascanio errante, poema della Barbera Tigliamochi degl' Albizi, gentildonna Fiorentina.

In Fiorenza, Nella Stamperia de' Landini. 1640

Item identification number 11.

Reel: 1
Archiv Fur Frauenkunde und Konstitutionsforschung.


Reel: 1
Alexander, William, d. 1783.

The history of women, from the earliest antiquity, to the present time; giving some account of almost every interesting particular concerning that sex, among all nations, ancient and modern.

London, Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell. 1779

Item identification number 12.

Reel: 2
Allacci, Leone, 1586-1669.

Leonis Allatii, de Ioanna Papissa fabula commentatio.

Romae, Ex Typographia Reu. Cam. Apost. 1630

Item identification number 12.1.

Reel: 2
[Allestree, Richard], 1619-1681, supposed author.

The ladies calling.

Oxford, Printed at the Theater. 1673

Item identification number 13; In two parts. by the author of The whole duty of man, The causes of the decay of Christian piety, and The gentlemans calling.

Reel: 2
The American spectator; or, Matrimonial preceptor.

Boston, Printed by Manning & Loring, for David West. 1797

Item identification number 14; A collection (with additions and variations) of essays, epistles, precepts, and examples relating to the married state ... Adapted to the state of society in the American Republic.

Reel: 2
[Amory, Thomas], 1691?-1788.

Memoirs: containing the lives of several ladies of Great Britain.

London, Printed for John Noon. 1755

Item identification number 15.

Reel: 2
The Amours of Messalina, late queen of Albion.

London, Printed for J. Lyford. 1689

Item identification number 16; In which are briefly couch'd, secrets of the imposture of the Cambrion prince, the Gothick league and other court intrigues of the four last years reign, not yet made publick. by a woman of quality, a late confident of Q. Messalina.

Reel: 2
Ancourt, d', abbé.

The lady's preceptor; or, A letter to a young lady of distinction upon politeness.

London, Printed for J. Watts. 1743

Item identification number 17; Taken from the French of the abbé d'Ancourt, and adapted to the religion, customs, and manners of the English nation. by a gentleman of Cambridge. The second edition.

Reel: 2
Archiv Fur Frauenkunde und Konstitutionsforschung.


Reel: 2
Andreini, Isabella, 1562-1604.

Lettre della signora Isabella Andreini Padovana, comica gelosa.

Venetia, Alla Minerua. 1647

Item identification number 18.

Reel: 3
Andreini, Isabella, 1562-1604.

Lettre et ragionamenti d'Isabelle Andreini Padovana.

Turin. 1611

Item identification number 19.

Reel: 3
Andrews, John, 1736-1809.

Remarks on the French and English ladies, in a series of letters; interspersed with various anecdotes, and additional matter, arising from the subject.

London, Printed for T. Longman, and G. Robinson. 1783

Item identification number 20.

Reel: 3
Angelica's Ladies Library; or, Parents and guardians present.

London, Hamilton. 1794

Item identification number 21; with eight elegant plates designed by A. Kauffman and H. Bunbury.

Reel: 3
Anjos, Luis dos, d. 1625.

Jardim de Portugal.

Coimbra, N. Carvalho. 1626

Item identification number 22; Em que se da noticia de alg{~u}as sanctas & outras molheres illustres em virtude, as quais nascerão, ou viverão, ou estao sepultadas neste reino & suas cõquistas. Recopilado novamente.

Reel: 3
Anthony, Susanna, 1726-1791.

The life and character of Miss Susanna Anthony.

Printed at Worcester, Mass.; Hartford: Re-printed by Hudson and Goodwin. 1799

Item identification number 23; consisting chiefly in extracts from her writings. Compiled by Samuel Hopkins, D.D.

Reel: 3
Archiv Fur Frauenkunde und Konstitutionsforschung.


Reel: 3
An Apology for Mrs. Antonia Bourignon: in four parts.

London, D. Brown [etc.]. 1699

Item identification number 24.

Reel: 4
L'apotheose du beau-sexe.

A Londres [i.e. Hollande] Chez van der Hoek. 1712

Item identification number 25.

Reel: 4
Aragona, Tullia d', 1510-1565.

Dialogo della signora Tullia D'Aragona della infinita di amore.

Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, et Fratelli. 1552

Item identification number 27.

Reel: 4
Aragona, Tullia d', 1510-1565.

Rime della S. Tullia de Aragona; et di diversi a lei, nuouamente corrette et ristampate.

In Vinegia, Appresso G. Giolito de Ferrari. 1560

Item identification number 28.

Reel: 4
Association Feminina de Camaguey Revista.

1923-July 1926

Reel: 4
[Arblay, Frances (Burney) (Mme.) d'], 1752-1840.

Camilla: or, A picture of youth.

London, T. Payne, T. Cadell, jun., and W. Davies. 1796

Item identification number 29; by the author of Evelina, and Cecilia.

Reel: 4-5
[Arblay, Frances (Burney) (Mme.) d'], 1752-1840.

Evelina; or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world.

London, Printed for T. and W. Lowndes. 1783

Item identification number 30; A new ed.

Reel: 5
Archambault (Mlle.).

Dissertation sur la question, lequel de l'homme ou de la femme est plus capable de constance?.

Paris, Chez La Veuve Pissot et J. Bullot. 1750

Item identification number 31; Ou, La cause des dames soutenue par Mlle Archambault, de Laval, BasMaine, contre M***. & M. L. L. R.

Reel: 5
La Belle Assemblee (1st series).


Reel: 5
[Arckenholtz, Johan].

Memoires concernant Christine, reine de Suede, pour servir d'eclaircissement à l'histoire de son regne et principalement de sa vie privée.

A Amsterdam et à Leipzig, P. Mortier. 1751-60

Item identification number 31.1; suivis de deux ouvrages de cette savante princesse, qui n'ont jamais été imprimés.

Reel: 6
Aristotle, pseud.

Aristotle's master-piece completed: in two parts. The first containing the secrets of generation in all parts thereof.

New York, Printed for the Company of flying stationers. 1798

Item identification number 32; The second part being a private looking glass for the female sex. Treating of the various maladies of the womb, and all other distempers incident to women.

Reel: 6
La Belle Assemblee (1st series).


Reel: 6
[Arnauld d'Andilly, Angélique de Saint Jean, Mother], 1624-1684, comp.

Memoires pour servir à l'histoire de Port-Royal, et à la vie de la Reverende Mère Marie Angélique de Sainte Magdeleine Arnauld reformatrice de ce monastère.

Utrecht. 1742

Item identification number 33.

Reel: 7
L'art de rendre les femmes fidelles: ouvrage imprimé à Paris en 1717, remis au jour & commenté avec des anecdotes tant anciennes que modernes.

Geneve, Jean-François Bastien. 1779

Item identification number 34.

Reel: 7
Astell, Mary, 1666-1731.

Reflections upon marriage.

London, Printed for R. Wilkin. 1706

Item identification number 37; The third edition. To which is added a preface, in answer to some objections.

Reel: 7
[Astell, Mary], 1666-1731.

An essay in defence of the female sex.

London, Printet for A. Roper, and R. Clavel, and E. Wilkinson. 1696

Item identification number 35; In which are inserted the characters of a pedant, a squire, a beau, a vertuoso, a poetaster, a city-critick, &c. in a letter to a lady. Written by a lady.

Reel: 7
[Astell, Mary], 1668-1731, supposed author.

A farther essay relating to the female-sex.

London, Printed for A. Roper and E. Wilkinson. 1696

Item identification number 36.

Reel: 7
La Belle Assemblee (new series 2nd).


Reel: 7
[Astell, Mary], 1666-1731.

A serious proposal to the ladies, for the advancement of their true and greatest interest.

London, Printed for R. Wilkin. 1695

Item identification number 38; by a lover of her sex. The second edition corrected.

Reel: 8
[Aubin, Nicolas] b. ca. 1655.

Histoire des diables de Loudun; ou, De la possession des religieuses Ursulines, et de la condamnation & du suplice d'Urbain Grandier.

Amsterdam, A. Wolfgang. 1693

Item identification number 39.

Reel: 8
Aulnoy, Marie Catherine (Jumelle de Berneville) comtesse d', d. 1705.

The lady's travels into Spain; or, A genuine relation of the religion, laws, commerce, customs and manners of the country.

London, Printed for T. Davis. 1774

Item identification number 41; Written by the Countess of Danois, in a series of letters to a friend at Paris. A new ed., improved. To which is added, A description of the present King of Spain ... &c. ... [from Mr. Baretti's travels through Spain].

Reel: 8
Austin, William, 1587-1634.

Haec Homo: Wherein the excellency of the creation of women is described: by way of an essay.

London, Fussell. 1639

Item identification number 42; [3d ed.].

Reel: 8
Authentic trial at large of Marie Antoinette.

London, Chapman and co. 1793

Item identification number 42.1; October 15, 1793.

Reel: 8
[Aylmer, John] bp. of London, 1521-1594.

An harborovve for faithfvll and trevve svbiectes, agaynst the late blowne blaste, concerninge the gouernment of vvemen.

[London, Printed by John Day]. [1559]

Item identification number 43; with a breife exhortation to obedience. Anno M.D. lix ... At Strasborowe the 26 of Aprill.

Reel: 8
Bailey, Nathan, d. 1742.

Dictionarium domesticum, being a new and compleat houshold dictionary for the use both of city and country.

London, Printed for C. Hitch. 1736

Item identification number 44.

Reel: 8
[Baillie, Joanna], 1762-1851.

A series of plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind.

London, T. Cadell and W. Davies. 1798

Item identification number 44.1.

Reel: 8
La Belle Assemblee (new series 2nd).


Reel: 8
Balemann, Heinrich, fl. 1756.

Dissertatio inavgvralis jvridica de foemina ex antiqvitatibvs legibvsqve Romanis Germanicis et praesertim Lvbecensibvs.

Altorfii, Typis Ioh. Georgii Meyeri, acad. typogr. [1756]

Item identification number 45.

Reel: 9
Ballard, George, 1706-1755.

Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain who have been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned languages, arts and sciences.

Oxford, Printed by W. Jackson, for the author. 1752

Item identification number 46.

Reel: 9
Barbaro, Francesco, ca. 1398-1454.

Prvdentissimi et gravi docvmenti circa la elettion della moglie; dello eccellente & dottissimo M. Francesco Barbaro, gentilhvomo venitiano al molto magnifico et magnanimo M. Lorenzo de Medici, cittadin florentino: muouamente dal Latino tradotti per M. Alberto Lollio, Ferrarese.

Ferrari, G. Giolito. 1548

Item identification number 47.

Reel: 9
Barnard, Thomas, 1685-1750.

An historical character relating to the holy and exemplary life of the Right Honorable the Lady Elizabeth Hastings: to which are added.

Leedes, Printed by J. Lister for J. Swale. 1742

Item identification number 48.

Reel: 9
Baron and feme.

[London] In the Savoy, Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling (assigns of E. Sayer) for T. Waller. 1738

Item identification number 49; A treatise of law and quity, concerning husbands and wives ... The 3d ed.; in which are added many cases in law and equity, from the best books of reports.

Reel: 9
Barth, Gottfried, 1650-1728.

Ausführlicher Bericht von der Gerade, so wohl insgeheim, als auch insonderheit von fürstlicher, gräflicher, auch anderer Herren Standes und derer von Ritters-Art Wittben fräulichen Gerechtigkeiten [etc.] Nebst einem doppelten Appendice.

Leipzig, bey T. Fritschen. 1721

Item identification number 50.

Reel: 9
La Belle Assemblee (new series 2nd).


Reel: 9
Bartholin, Thomas, 1616-1680.

Questiones nuptiales auspicatissimis nuptiis, illustris viri D. Petri Schumacheri.

Hafniae, H. Godiani. 1670

Item identification number 51; consecratae.

Reel: 10
Bartolini, Baldo, ca. 1408-1490.

De dotibus et dotatis mulieribus et earum iuribus et puilegiis.

[Perugia, Johann Vydenast]. ca. 1479

Item identification number 52.

Reel: 10
Baudouin, Benoìt, d. 1632.

B. Balduinus De calceo antiquo, et Jul Nigronus De caliga veterum.

Lipsiae, Apud Joh. Georg. Loewium. 1733

Item identification number 53; Accesserunt ex Q. Sept. Fl. Tertulliani, Cl. Salmasi, & Alb. Rvbeni scriptis plurima ejusdem argumenti. In his scriptores veteres Quamplurimi explicantur, & emendantur, nec non res ipsae adjectis aeneis figuris illustrantur.

Reel: 10
[Beaumont, Francis], 1584-1616.

The woman hater.

London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley. 1648

Item identification number 54; As it hath beene acted by his Majesties servants with great applause. Written by John Fletcher Gent.

Reel: 10
Beauty's triumph; or, the superiority of the fair sex invincibly proved.

London, J. Robinson. 1751

Item identification number 54.1.

Reel: 10
[Bedacier, Catherine (Durand)] d. ca. 1712.

Les belles grecques; ou, L'Histoire des plus fameuses courtisanes de la Grece.

Paris, La veuve de Guillaume Saugrain, & Pierre Prault. 1712

Item identification number 55; Et dialogues nouveaux des galantes modernes.

Reel: 10
La Belle Assemblee (new series 2nd).


Reel: 10
[Bellamy, Daniel] b. 1687.

The young ladies miscellany; or, Youth's innocent and rational amusement.

London, Printed by E. Say, for the author. 1723

Item identification number 57; Prefixed, a short essay on the art of pronunciation, and the great advantage arising from an early practice of it in publick.

Reel: 11
Bellamy, George Anne, 1731?-1788.

An apology for the life of George Anne Bellamy, late of Covent Garden Theatre.

London, The author, sold by J. Bell. 1785

Item identification number 56.

Reel: 11
[Bellamy, George Anne], 1731?-1788.

Memoirs of George Anne Bellamy, including all her intriques; with genuine anecdotes of all her public and private connections.

London, Printed for J. Walker. 1785

Item identification number 57.1; by a gentleman.

Reel: 11
La Belle Assemblee (new series 2nd).


Reel: 11
Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de, 1648-1734.

The letters of Monsieur l'Abbe de Bellegarde, to a lady of the court of France, on some curious and usefull subjects.

London, Printed for G. Strahan. 1705

Item identification number 58; Done in English. with a preface, by the translator giving an account of the author.

Reel: 11
[Bellet, Isaac] d. 1778.

Letters, on the force of imagination in pregnant women.

London, Printed for W. Griffin. 1765

Item identification number 60; Wherein it is proved, by incontestible arguments, drawn from both reason and experience, that it is a rediculous prejudice.

Reel: 11
La Belle Assemblee (3rd series).


Reel: 12
Bennett, John, curate of St. Mary's, Manchester.

Letters to a young lady, on a variety of useful and interesting subjects.

Warrington, Printed by W. Eyres, for the author. 1789

Item identification number 63; Calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners and enlighten the understanding.

Reel: 12
[Bennett, John, curate of St. Mary's, Manchester].

Strictures on female education; chiefly as it relates to the culture of the heart, in four essays.

London, Printed for the author, and sold by T. Cadell [etc.]. [1787?]

Item identification number 64; by a clergyman of the Church of England.

Reel: 12
Bentley, Thomas, fl. 1852, comp.

The monvment of matrones: conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises.

[London] Printed by H. Denham. [1581]

Item identification number 65; compiled ... out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors.

Reel: 12
La Belle Assemblee (3rd series).


Reel: 13
Beretta, Francesco.

Principj di filosofia cristiana sopra lo stato nuziale ad uso delle donzelle nobili.

Padova, Giuseppe Comino. 1730

Item identification number 66.

Reel: 13
Bermúdez, José Manuel, 1764-1830.

Sermon panegirico de la admirable virgen Santa Rosa de Santa Maria.

Lima, Impr. de los Huérfanos. 1782

Item identification number 67; Predicado en la solemnidad de una profesion religiosa que se celebró en su monasterio de esta ciudad el dia XXX. de agosto de M. DCC. LXXXI. por el D.D. Joseph Manuel Bermudez.

Reel: 13
Bersano, Bartolommeo, 1668-1707.

... Tractatus de viduis earumque privilegiis et juribus activis et passivis, tum etiam de viduis secundo nubentibus & poenis ellarum.

Lugduni, Sumptibus Cramer & Perachon. 1699

Item identification number 68.

Reel: 13
Bertolini, Serafino.

La rosa peruana; ouero, Vita di Santa Rosa, nativa della citta' di Lima nel regno del Perù, del terz' Ordine di S. Domenico.

In Pado Padoua, Per Pietro Maria Frambotto. 1671

Item identification number 69; Canonizata dalla Santità di N.S. Clemente X, adi 12, Aprile MDCLXXI ... terza impressione.

Reel: 13
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.

Tractatio de repvdiis et divortiis: in qva pleræ qve de causis matrimonialibus (quas vocant) incidentes controuersiæ ex verbe Dei deciduntur.

Genevæ, Apud Iohannem Vignon. 1610

Item identification number 71; Additur Iuris ciuilis Romanorum, & veterum his de rebus canonum examen, ad eiusdem verbi Dei, & æ quitatis norman.

Reel: 13
Bverwijck, Jan van, 1594-1647.

Ioh. van Bevervviick van de wtnementheyt des vrouwelicken geslachts.

Tot Dordrecht, Gedruckt by Hendrick van Esch, voor Jasper Gorissz. 1643

Item identification number 70; Verçiert met historyen, ende kopere platen; als cock Lat{:y}nsche, ende Nederlantsche verssen van Mr. Corn. Boy.

Reel: 13
Bibliothek der Frauenfrage.


Reel: 14
Billardon de Sauvigny, Edmé Louis, 1736-1812.

Histoire amoureuse de Pierre Le Long, et de sa tréshonorée dame Blanche Bazu.

Londres. 1768

Item identification number 72; Nouv. éd. Précédée d'un discours sur la langue Françoise.

Reel: 14
Billon, François de, 16th century.

Le fort inexpvgnable de l'honnevr dv sexe femenin, construit par Francoys de Billon secrétaire.

Paris, J. d'Allyer. 1555

Item identification number 74.

Reel: 14
Bingham, Caleb, 1757-1817.

The young lady's accidence; or, A short and easy introduction to English grammar.

Boston, Printed by I. Thomas & E. T. Andrews. 1791

Item identification number 74.1; Designed, principally, for the use of young learners, more especially those of the fair sex, though proper for either ... 5th ed., corr.

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