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1 Boymurodov's exersices gr 170-19
1 Boymurodov's exersices gr 170-19

Home tasks

I) translate into English

1. I will be 18 years old.

2An examination wil begin on 7 th February.

3. I perhaps they will come tomorrow.

4. I think A play will be interesting

5. When will your doughter to graduate from the University?

6. He will be at home at 10 o’clock? No, he will not

7. Don’t phone me tonight. I will be busy

II) Complete the sentences with I’ll + suitable verb .

  1. I’m too tired to walk home . I think I will get a taxi .

  2. “It’s a bit cold in this room .” “Is it? I will turn on the heating then .”

  3. “ We haven’t got any milk .” “ Oh , haven’t we ? I will buy and get some”

  4. “Do you want me to do the washing up ?” “No it’s all right I will wash it”

  5. “I don’t know how to use this computer” “Ok , I will teach you”

  6. “ Would you like tea or coffee?” “ I will want to Coffee please.”

  7. “Goodbye ! Have a nice holiday.” “Thanks I will send to you a postcard .”

  8. Thank you for lending me your camera . I will give it back to you on Monday , OK?

  9. “Are you coming with us ?” “No I think I will be here”

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